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But what am I supposed to do?

Chapter 11: the morning after

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After years of trying to forget about your fleeting romance, it had come back to hit you twice as hard. Caught between lies and feelings, you’d finally given in to the temptation that was Song Minho. And you weren’t about to lose him all over again.

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*You reach for your phone; 10:50am. You groan as the bright screen illuminates your face. A low hum coming from the TV on the wall. You scramble for the remote, cautious not to disturb the warm body sleeping next to you. You wince as the alcohol starts to wear off and a dull ache starts to radiate from your hips. Minho had definitely not disappointed last night. You smirk to yourself as you head to the bathroom, careful not to trip on the various pieces of clothing scattered across his bedroom floor.*

[MH] Y/N?

*His deep voice catches you by surprise as you slink towards the bathroom; you instantly become very aware of your exposed state. You turn sheepishly to face him; his muscular figure barely covered by the bed sheet.*

[Y/N] Ah, good morning…

*You murmur half-pressed against the wall to cover yourself. You watch as his sleepy brown eyes graze over you and a small smirk twitches at his lips.*

[MH] Good morning indeed.

*His tone makes you chuckle as he stretches his long, toned arms towards you; hands beckoning you. You peel yourself away from the wall, glad that the curtains were still drawn, and wander to the edge of the bed so you’re just out of reach.*

[MH] come here

*Minho growls at you, causing you to move just within his grasp. You feel your heart rate increase as his long fingers dig themselves into your thigh as he pulls you towards him.*

[MH] much better.

*You allow yourself to be drawn into a cuddle; warm skin against warm skin. Minho traces your side with his fingertips as he attempts to make eye contact with you. You avoid it shyly; neither of you were exactly virgins, but it had been your first time with him. You bite your lip as your mind drifts back over the nights events. The drunken argument in an alleyway leading to drunken sex at his place. It had been gentle to start with; exploring each others bodies and soft kisses. But you’d both been waiting for this moment for two years so it quickly became clumsy. An unquenchable need to be close to each other.*

[MH] Y/N?

*Minho soft tone brings you back to the present; a slight blush creeping into your cheeks.*

[MH] What are you thinking about?

[Y/N] Um… last night… you… us…

*The heat in your face grows stronger and you avoid eye contact once more. But Minho simply laughs and pulls you underneath him.*

[MH] well we can always recreate that…

*You stand there, an hour or so later, in Minho’s sleek kitchen. Dressed in nothing but his shirt, you search through his cupboards for some breakfast.*

[Y/N] How much ramen does this guy need?

*You mutter to yourself. A tall silhouette stands in the doorway to the living area, you turn to face him with a shy smirk twitching at the corners of your mouth.*

[MH] How are you feeling?

*Minho purrs as he saunters towards you, now fully dressed. You smirk as you think about his broad, tanned body moving against yours… the marks you’d left against his shoulders.*

[Y/N] Sore…

*You grin up at him; the scent of fresh cologne and clean laundry enveloping you as his frame blocks your view. Minho places a gentle kiss against your already bruised mouth; a tender apology.*

[MH] I’ve been waiting for this for so long…

*Minho’s confession leaves you feeling guilty; after all, it was you that had run away for two years. You’d left so much behind. Friends. Your dream job. Your first love. But that was in the past… You’re snapped back to reality as Minho lifts you onto the counter; the cold surface a contrast against your bare flesh.*

[MH] but we’re here now.

*You smile as he wraps his arm around your lower back; the warm of his forearm leaving tingles on your skin. Minho leans his forehead against yours.*

[Y/N] I really missed you, you know.

*You whisper looking down as his brown eyes burned into yours. Minho pulls away from you; a cold space where his forehead had been.*

[MH] I missed you too…

*Minho murmurs, fondling your hand gently in his.*

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[MH] Do you play piano anymore?

[Y/N] Hm? no… I haven’t played since…

[MH] …Since?

[Y/N] Since I left. 

[MH] You always used to look so pretty when you played piano…

*Minho murmurs warmly, cupping your face in his large hands. He kisses you softly and lowers you onto the floor. It was as if the past two years had never happened. You feel bitter; imagine if you’d never left. You both wander over to the sofa hand-in-hand.*

[Y/N] Maybe I could start playing it again?

*You suggest shyly as Minho scoops you into his arms on the sofa. He pulls a blanket over the two of you.*

[MH] Of course you should! You should come by the studio some time…

*You smile to yourself as Minho talks excitedly. You rest your head against his sturdy chest and listen to the soothing thump of his heart as he rambles on about work.*

[MH] I’d love to show you some songs I’ve been working on recently.

*You nod peacefully as your eyes droop heavily.*

[MH] what the fuck?

*You’re awoken suddenly as your head crashes against the cool leather of the sofa. You open your eyes surprised to see Minho stood up talking on the phone. The sweet daydream you’d been having shattered by the rage radiating off of Minho.*

[MH] how the fuck did that happen?

*You sit up on the sofa; an awkward silence fills the air as the person on the other end of the receiver answers Minho’s question. The tension is released as Minho grabs his jacket and heads for the door.*

[MH] I’ll be right there.

~to be continued~

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