the middle aged business man on the train in front of me with his legs wide open taking up all possible space is utterly furious that I won’t sit primly and take up as little space with my own legs as possible. i’m having none of it.

I was actually told to wear tartan to work today for the launch of the health team’s #getchecked campaign which is part of the detect cancer early push. You don’t have to ask me twice, my only problem was choosing which tartan to wear because my whole wardrobe is tartan hahahaha. Today is my last day at Scottish Government and I’m very sad about it. I like my job, I like my team and I 100% don’t wanna go back to uni. I have a lemon drizzle cake and a thank you card for my team and farewell percy pigs for the rest of the office. At least I’m going to Newcastle tomorrow, that’ll cheer me right up.

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I was thinking of second hand frustration and what made me feel like that…. you know all those “90’s kids shows” like rockos modern life, angry beavers, etc? those give me those feels. I wanna crush all of them

YES. EXACTLY THAT. altho I didnt mind angry beavers so much but like rocko’s modern life and ren & stimpy etc were just. NOPE. no no no. no.

Yall I was outside smoking and like ok I’m sitting there and staring at these lights in the sky for like 8 minutes they were just there and then I had myself convinced they were aliens and for 2 minutes I sat there scared I was about to meet aliens in sweat pants