Just spreading some L.O.Λ.E.

I just wanted to say that 있다면 is just perfect. The lyrics, the vocals, JR’s rap, the chorus, everything is just so good.

I lowkey wish I didn’t Korean because I can’t listen to the song without crying but I know that even if I didn’t I would cry anyway so.

I’m so emotionally drained right now but also just eternally grateful to our boys for this perfect gift. Waiting for the best comeback~

How about we play a game?

You send me a song, a member and maybe a theme and I’ll try to make it into a moodboard? 

If it’s a character or something, let’s say actor Joshua, then I can add headcanons too. 

I’m feeling moodboardy lately. lol

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Just wondering, but is anyone following sick of me talking about my Vocaloid fanverse? I mean…I know this blog was made for the fanverse kinda, but I probably shouldn’t be reblogging things or taking asks about it here…

Does anyone see it as a problem, though? Does anyone think that I’m being too upfront about my headcanons and lore for it and stuff? The ideas are silly, I know, but…still.

If I am, please tell me, I’ll stop in the future.


So, I stumbled across this song from Lorde and it quickly got stuck in my head that I had to sing it.

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