My sister’s Christmas gift for me.

I’m not good at reviewing books but I’m going to try and write my impression about this book. I don’t really like memorizing and even though I have two voca books which I bought for TOPIK prep, I just didn’t get to use them (another reason is that the translation sucks). The first time I saw 마인맵으로 배우는 토픽 어휘 2300 at the bookstore, I remember being impressed by it.

The words are grouped by topic. One chapter a day consists of 1-3 topics. It has 80 chapters which mean 80 days.

As you can see on the image above they use ‘mind-mapping’. The main topic is divided into sub-topics and each of them is categorized.

Each word has English, Chinese and Japanese meaning underneath them. Examples are also given and I love that they don’t have any translation.

I also love this part! There are words that originated from Chinese (한자어). The words which have the same 한자 are introduced and grouped together at the end of each chapter.

Each chapter has practice questions.

And every two weeks, there’s a review test.

This book consists 47 topics. Practical words that you can use on a daily conversation are introduced. It consists 2300 words. There’s also synonyms and antonyms.

Overall, I think this is the best voca book I’ve seen so far. I like the idea of mind-map. This will be really useful for those who are having a hard time with vocabulary.^^ I recommend this if you’re an intermediate learner.

Price: 22,000won
ISBN 978-89-5518-764-9

If you’re in Korea you can get this for 19,800won on Aladin. HangulPark (한글파크) in 신촌 will also give you a discount^^
For international shipping the only site I know is TwoChois.

“Here’s a collection of vines that I haven’t seen in any vine compilations.”

[Proceeds to play Sand Guardian, five Thomas Sanders vines, Fre Sh A Voca Do, A Child, and Welcome to Bible Study]

seventeen as vines/viral videos;
  • s.coups: hey, how you doing? well i'm doing just fine i lied i'm dying inside.
  • jeonghan: i'm a bad bitch you can't kill me
  • joshua: i want a church girl that go to church and read her bible
  • jun: gay, i wouldn't fuck you-i mean unless you want to ;)
  • hoshi: i'm washing me in my clothes bitch, i'm washing me in my clothes
  • wonwoo: my mum took my ipad away because she caught me listening to fall out boy and she doesn't like the act that i'm emo
  • woozi: i don't need friends, they disappoint me
  • dk: *wii sports music*
  • mingyu: go suck a dick, suck a dick, suck a motherfuckin' dick
  • the8: two bros hilling in a hot tub, five feet apart cuz they're not gay !
  • seungkwan: fr e sh a voca do
  • vernon: hi welcome to chilli's
  • dino: what up, i'm jared. i'm 19 and i never fucking learned how to read