Losing your virginity to Roose Bolton would include :

(Woooo more prompts! OMG ROOSE 😏Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him lifting your chin to make you look at him in the eyes as he reassures you that the process will only hurt you this one time and that you’ll learn to enjoy it

-Him pressing a soft kiss to your lips and slowly taking his time to deepen it, knowing that you’ll love it

-Him pulling back to undress you carefully and admire your body with his eyes, only smirking to indicate you how pleased he is to have you

-Him leading you towards the bed and carefully laying you down before undressing himself and climbing on top of you

-Him grazing your cheek with one hand as he takes his time to kisses down your other cheek to your neck

-Him touching your body just as he believes you might like, groping your chest, waist and leaving hickeys all over

-Him fingering you and slowly adding a few more in, in hopes you’ll get used to the feeling of being filled up, making you moan

-Him setting himself in between your legs and holding onto you before carefully easing into you

-Him thrusting at a steady pace and oddly enjoying to see you wince, only to whisper his apology in your ear

-Him laying next to you and telling you how good you were to be able to handle all of it before tucking you back in bed

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okay hey wait a minute, from what ur past asks have been theorizing, could it be maybe jane the virgin (the show) IS jane's book and older mateo is reading it out loud (to an audience) or just narrating it? :o 🤔 that'd be cool i think!!

I feel like that’s the case.It’s so cool to think that all of the Narrator’s comments is from Mateo’s point of view!!


Jane The Virgin “Chapter Sixty-One” Extended promo.

Imagine - Zach asking you to sleep over at his house

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@nrowanova request: “just imagine zach’s mom and sister not being home and he asking you to come over and 👀”

You and Zach were in your bedroom helping him study for his next biology test, but Zach kept getting distracted by wanting to kiss you. “Zach, babe, we got to study for bio right now” you told him when he tried to lean in and give you a kiss again. “I know and we will, but we’ve been studying for hours, I think it’s time we take a break, don’t you?” He says with a flirty grin, planting a kiss at the base of your neck. He slowly starts peppering kisses up along your neck until he reaches past your jawline to your lips. “Zach…” You say warningly. But to no avail, Zach kisses your lips. It starts off slow and innocent, until his tongue swipes across your bottom lip demanding for entrance. You know you should stop him now and continue studying but you just can’t find the will power to do it. So you decide to give up and let Zach’s tongue have access to your mouth. He immediately plunges in, driven by a frenzy of hunger. You moan into his mouth, Zach truly is an amazing kisser, which is no surprise. He is one of the most popular guys in school, you’re sure he has kissed plenty of girls before you. But that’s not important right now, so you push the thought from your mind and concentrate on Zach. His hands are slowly trailing down your back all the way to your ass, which he cups. After a couple of minutes of making out, Zach breaks the kiss and looks you in the eyes, “I love you, you know that right (y/n)?” he says a little out of breath from your previous actions. You look and him, slightly confused where this is going, but say with a small smile and a peck on his lips, “Yea of course I do Zach, I love you too.” He smiles back at you but then looks down for a second contemplating his next words. “My mom and my sister are out for the weekend to go and visit some relatives… And I have the house to myself… So I was thinking maybe you’d like to come and sleep over, you know, spend the weekend together…?” He asks with a nervous smile. You freeze. Zach and you have never slept over at each other’s house and with the way Zach is acting right now, you know what he’s insinuating what he wants to do this weekend with you. You’ve never gone past the stage of making out, you guys haven’t done IT yet, nor have you talk about doing so. Of course you love Zach with all your heart and you do want to do it with him, but there’s one little problem. You’re a virgin. And given Zach’s social status at school and how popular he is with the girls at Liberty high, you can only assume he’s already lost his. You don’t want to disappoint him, and being it is your first time, you’re scared… Zoning back into reality, you look at Zach, he looks nervous and you feel bad for making him wait for an answer. But you’ve made up your decision now. “Sure, that’s sounds great” you say softly with a gentle smile. Zach exhales, relieved. “Awesome!” He says suddenly excited for this weekend. “I can’t wait to spend some alone time with my favourite girl” Zach says smirking. You laugh, excited, although a tad bit nervous, too. He suddenly leans in and gives you a long, passionate kiss. “This will be fun” Zach says after breaking the kiss, “trust me”. And so you and Zach return to your biology notes and continue studying. You look over at Zach, he’s concentrating hard on reading some notes, you smile softly, no longer afraid of this weekend and not fearing of disappointing Zach. He loves you, you can see that, and you love him. That’s all that really matters…


Jaime & Brienne: A Summary
By Nikolaj Coster Waldau

“There was a combination of things happening. He was captured, then suddenly he got off, he got free but he was stuck with this woman that he despised…Brienne and then of course through that journey, I think that was the first time ever he spent more than 5 minutes with another woman so suddenly he’s forced together with this woman and he meets possibly for the first time someone who doesn’t have any of the trademarks of the people he’s usually around. She’s not ironic, she’s not sarcastic, she’s just one to one. She’s very honest, she’s honorable, she has no sense of humor which is funny to him but she walks the walk and she talks the talk, right? And he gains a real respect from the unlikeliest of places. He never imagined that he would learn to respect a woman like he respects Brienne, so suddenly he finds himself risking his life for this woman.“

Interviewer: “From the bear.“
Nikolaj: “No, before the bear she’s about to get raped and then his hand is cut off.“
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