Edwards Island, Oxenfree

An ex-military base turned tourist trap, Edwards Island boasts a rich history! The island was originally used for ranching which occurred when the island was first found by Portuguese explorers. The island was later given to colonel Caleb Edwards, who rented the land out to mining companies. When Edwards died, the government took over the control for the island and converted it into a military base, intended for the island to serve as a beacon of harbour defense. Around this time, USS Kanaloa accidentally sunk by friendly fire by the USS Walter Roy.

Day 117 - Pachirisu / パチリス

Weakness, uselessness, value. Arbitrary constructs deeply ingrained in society. Strength can be an idea that’s different enough to spark interest. As we move towards a world of freedom for all beings, we find it’s the serendipitous unorthodox ideas that drive us toward peace. You are strong in your own right.