VGC 16 Shiny Raichu Giveaway

Alright dudes and dudettes, today’s giveaway features the infamous Raichu that helped Wolfe Glicke secure a win as the 2016 Champion. If you want to know all the info and stats on it specifically then head on over to Youtube where Wolfe does a full team analysis on what he did and how he did it. You can find him with the name WolfeVGC I believe.

Anyways to get Raichu:

  • Deposit a Wurmple into the GTS. I will only take Wurmple.
  • Use the tag: Arke 026 in the message line. Wrong code, no Raichu.
  • Reblog this post if you want.
  • do not hold Pokemon.
  • You may only get one.

Alright that’s it! Go ahead and deposit!


For those of you who missed the godly pachirisu here’s the full battle x