So, I decided to give commentated battles a try to practice for when I start streaming on Twitch. It’s definitely nowhere near as good as SqishyRina (who did an amazing job commentating this weekend at Glasgow Regionals!) but I thought it’d be worth some practice and be more entertaining than just a plain video.

I’m not the best speaker so apologies for any mistakes! I’m definitely still getting used to 2016, aha~


video game challenge:  [1/5]  heartbreaking scenes/moments  →  sully’s ‘death’

now that’s a hell of a thing…


Hey! Second giveaway tonight and we have a VGC shiny Reshiram! 

To get Reshiram:

  • Deposit a Pidove into the GTS (I will only take Pidove).
  • Use the tag: Arke 643 in the message line. Wrong code, no Reshiram.
  • Reblog this post! I have two boxes and I want to be rid of them all!

Alright! Go deposit!


Giveaway Number #9

This week we have the very popular Shinx family. Shinx has Ice Fang to use as Luxray and three other egg moves which are difficult to breed naturally.

Luxray is all about the power! With the burn Guts boost, Luxray will hit like a truck. He’s primary move will be wild charge while ice fang covers its only weakness (to ground types). Superpower is a great coverage move and volt switch, while it wont hit hard, gets it out of dodge.

To get one of these golden babies, just deposit an Illumise into the GTS with the code “Sparky 122

The Giveaway ends Sunday, January 24th at 6 PM EST!

Hey guys, don’t use event Pokemon because we want to make sure everyone has equal resources in VGC. However, if you want to teach your Smeargle moves from event only Pokemon that not everyone has equal access to then go nuts. We’ll diving into the pool of gold we’ve collected over the past 20 years if you need us
—  The Pokemon Company, totally not being hypocritical about their VGC 2016 ruleset
Here’s the other half!

So my Pokebank eventually became 100% full after doing a little organizing and I have to clear up some room for future Pokemon! So I present to you a Pokebank Clearance.


This is all you have to do to claim a Pokemon:

  • Deposit a Wurmple, Caterpie, Pidove, or Magikarp for the Pokemon you want.
  • Use the tag: orasgiveaways in the message line, it should fit. 

Wait. Please don’t send me an ask or fanmail saying you deposited, I’m trying things this way because it really spammed people’s dash and I get enough asks as it is already. I’m also afraid I would run out of posts (yeah that’s a thing, and I managed to do it one time).

Soooo here’s the Pokemon I have available (don’t worry I’ll try to do this every weekend cause I got a bunch left in my bank) Also, not all of these Pokemon are shiny:

  • 19 Shiny Lv.100 VGC Florges (named Aerith)
  • 2 Shiny Lv.41 Weavile (named Snealy)
  • 23 Shiny Lv.100 Lilligant
  • 9 Lv. 50 Cresselia (named Usagi)
  • 11 Lv.12 Ocean Pattern Vivillon (named Sonny)
  • 2 Lv.12 River Pattern Vivillon (named Brooke)
  • 4 Shiny Lv.75 Polar Pattern Vivillon (named Winter)
  • 9 Shiny Lv. 63 Absol
  • 18 Shiny Lv. 62 JPN Spiritomb
  • 16 Shiny Lv.100 Noivern (named Misophonia)
  • 2 Shiny Lv.24 SPA Togekiss
  • 6 Lv.1 Charmander (2 of them know Dragon Pulse)
  • 2 Lv.1 Squirtle
  • 27 Lv.22 Meadow Pattern FRE Vivillon (named Rose)
  • 29 Lv.12 Elegant Pattern JPN Viviilon (named Prince Henry)
  • 10 Lv.22 JPN Lickilicky
  • 4 Shiny Lv.58 Luxray
  • 4 Shiny Lv.20 Shedinja
  • 7 Shiny Lv.100 VGC Swampert (named Duckey)
  • 9 Shiny Lv.100 VGC Thundurus
  • 4 Shiny Lv.76 GER Lugia
  • 9 Lv.50 GER Regigigas (named NICHT SHLAF)
  • 6 Lv.40 Regirock

Giveaway #11

This week, as I plan to be busy, we only have one Pokemon. Zangoose is your typical glass cannon. even more so as he poisons herself using her Toxic Orb. while poisoned, her ability of Toxic Boost activates which boost the power of all moves that make contact. While poisoned, Facade’s power also doubles. Facade will be the primary STAB move to be used, coupled with Quick Attack. Knock Off is a great move that disrupts many strategies while also hitting damn near everything for at least neutral damage. Close Combat is a great coverage move while also being very powerful.

To get one of these babes, just deposit an Illumise into the GTS with the code “Toxic Lady 226

This Giveaway ends Sunday, February 7th, at 6:00 Pm EST.

omg i am so happy, so there is this card shop near my house where they host official yugioh, vanguard, mtg, buddyfight, weiss schwarz, ssb4 and pokemon vgc/tcg events — the organizer of the smash events wants me to be there on the day of bayonetta & kamui release cause they host a stream where they show off both characters and they want me to be the tester (person who first uses the character), since he knows i am like the biggest fire emblem nerd who visits and the bayonetta to zero suit similar fighting style(i am zss main), then making a 2 vs 2 tournament in which i will also take place :’)

Reasons you should give Game Freak a break, and why we didn’t get a new game this year.

Okay so lately with the anniversary on the horizon I see a lot of people going “OMG POKEMON Z IS HAPPENING” and a whole lot of speculating, complaining, etc. because we have no new main series game the past year, nor do we have any new 3DS Games coming out anytime soon.

There’s a lot of reasons for this, and I think a lot of people need to take a step back when they get furious or annoyed at the fact that we have no new game.

  • First, and most Importantly: They were forced into Gen 6. Yes, forced. They had absolutely no other choice. With Wi-Fi closing down soon, Dream World closing, and no new VGC Rewards for League Players as a result - They needed to move onto the 3DS. In order to have Worlds, they had no other option, and it was clear Nintendo wasn’t going to give them special treatment. Pokemon may be popular - but with support for their game about to be cut off, it was time to move onto X & Y. This may be why X/Y was too easy, and void of a lot of the content we were used to in B2/W2. It may also explain why there’s only a handful of new Pokemon.
  • They’re still playing around with things. This is a whole new system for them to work with, one that they were thrown right into without much time to grasp what to do. They’re still testing everything and need more time to make it work. X/Y and OR/AS were definitely the guinea pigs, and now that they’ve gotten a feel of what they need to do - they’ll focus on that.
  • Pokemon Go is going to have some compatibility with the next game. While not all of us are too keen on Go, or even excited for it - there are many of those who are. It pains me to say it but whatever happens - needs to happen when Go comes out, or after.
  • Competitive Play has become an even more important aspect of Pokemon. Ever since Black 2 and White 2, the amount of people playing the game competitively rose. This was mainly because Pokemon World Tournament was vicious and practically demanded players put out their best Pokemon. Because of it, players now had competitive Pokemon to work with. Even going to a local League Mid-Gen 5 granted you event Pokemon that had at least 1 Perfect IV.
  • OR/AS was incomplete - and they knew that. Yes it was a good game, but it was definitely not finished. The lack of a Battle Frontier, Daily Tasks/Exclusive Items, and incentive to pick up and play OR/AS on a daily basis was a sign that they were still fiddling around with Gen 6. Even leaving a sign saying “Battle Frontier - Coming Soon!” makes me feel like they still have plans left for OR/AS. Especially if competitive players are stuck with it for another year.
  • Competitive Pokemon needs a severe overhaul. Back at the end of X/Y, Junichi Masuda commented that he felt the overwhelming presence of Kangaskhan and Aegislash really took away from the whole “use the Pokemon you love” aspect of the game. He showed interest in completely restructuring VGC because he wanted much more diversity. This definitely didn’t happen in OR/AS, and the situation was much worse in OR/AS than it was in X/Y. They played around a lot with special rules, even allowing transferable Pokemon be allowed. It’s very clear they’re trying to restructure all the Pokemon and make a majority of them usable without making things one-sided. There’s plenty of Transfer-Only moves Pokemon can learn that can turn the tide of battle. Numbers can range up to 30 or even higher. If Pokemon in this gen had access to moves they could have had in previous generations, it would be amazing. OR/AS clearly played around with that “what if” by using the Move Tutors. They don’t want the game to become stale, they want it to be fresh.
  • Like X/Y and OR/AS - They most likely don’t want to pump out another incomplete game. Let’s face it, they’ve had enough. You folks will have to live with not having another main series game this year.  Honestly though? That’s perfect. They are putting a lot more focus on whatever is next.  Pokemon doesn’t need a new main series game every year, it just needs something to keep you entertained with the same game while they work on making the next one just as good, or even better.

In short: Game Freak doesn’t need to rush a game out the door, and that’s exactly how it should be. They’re trying to give us quality, not a game that makes us go “Well that was nice, when’s the next game?” Because putting pressure on them to give us the next game already, will just give us another game that will make us want another soon after.


Hey y’all I’ve been meaning to give away Charizard for a while now, I actually have a draft of a normal Charizard that I meant to give away a while ago but never did. This Charizard is male, lvl. 100, and in a dream ball.

To get Charizard:

  • Deposit a Pidove into the GTS.
  • Use the code: Arke 006 in the message line. Wrong code, no Charizard.
  • I don’t do holds.
  • Reblog! Dream ball Charizard is pretty nifty right?

Alright go deposit!