Wish I could turn off that voice that tells me how worthless I am; how I’m not good enough.

Wish I didn’t get so affected by other’s unwarranted anger. Or, disparaging words.

I know they don’t matter. I know they’re not true. Why can my mind not ACCEPT that though? It’s so heartbreaking and painful.

a girl from hs has just had a baby and she was talking on facebook about how she had a really difficult pregnancy and that she had to spend the last 3 or so weeks before giving birth in hospital, and she was laughing about the fact that before she went in she had to prepare a month’s worth of meals for her fiance and store them, and then write him instructions on how to cook them (which p much just sounded like he needed to heat them up…) because he doesn’t know how to cook, and also had to write detailed instructions on how to use the dishwasher and bought him extra underwear and t-shirts and shit so he wouldn’t have to wash any clothes while she was away, and apparently he still rang her WHILE SHE WAS IN THE FUCKING HOSPITAL bc he was confused about how to turn oven on and didn’t know where utensils were etc.

and she was saying it as if it was so funny and ~cute. no offence but that’s just incredibly fucking pathetic

honestly victuri is the best ship because they totally fuckin played us???? we thought yuri was gonna be the blushy moe as fuck flustered little inexperienced baby who turned out to be the bIGGEST SINNAMON ROLL ™ like honestly viktor was supposed to be all smOOTH AND SEXY AND HE’S THE ONE SPIRALLING INTO A BLUSHING LOSER BY YURI??? im fucked up tbqh

Uh you okay @mini-laffytaffy…?