'dunkirk' facts:

· i did not cry but neither did i breathe for 1h 45min.
· this movie definitely needs to be rewatched at least twice for better appreciation.
· christopher nolan is a genious in case you still aren’t aware.
· this is by far the best war movie i have seen in my life. war films should neither romanticize wars nor shove overly patriotic heroes in our faces, and “dunkirk” does a great job of portraying war as a complete disaster.
· harry. styles. is. good. very much indeed. i didn’t expect anything and now i’m really wondering whether he’s planning on acting in the future. i’d love to see more of him.

I might have to pick a different object for Chalo’s “send to target” – one with less of a history of me encouraging him to tell hilarious dog jokes. (I do so love his jokes, though.)