If some of you have seen a previous post where I mentioned some screenplay ideas that I had and I thank those that responded really positively! So if you don’t know, I want to go into my masters into screenwriting. In comparison with the music training I have, I have almost no official screenwriting training (besides a couple of classes). I know one of the best ways to get better at writing in general is to ask people to read your script. However, since I know everyone is busy (and I’m really bad at asking people because I’m an anxious piece of shit)  I know not everyone is up for this. However, it would help a lot if a couple of people would read it over and tell me if you would watch this on your TV or in the theaters. You don’t have to edit my writing skills (which is much appreciated though!) you just need to tell me if you would watch it or not. And if you would not, what would you do to make it better?

I know I could ask friends, which I will, but one of the best advice I’ve ever heard is ask the general public, people you don’t know very well, and see what they think. So that’s where you come in. I know everyone has different taste in movies and TV so I don’t expect everyone to read everything I have to offer. 

Anyway, if you are interested, either comment here or message me and when the script is done I can send you the draft and you can read it over. So here are the scripts I am working on/would like to finish eventually. (and please signal boost this if you can. you may not be interested but someone out there might!) 

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*trigger warning*

I know this is a serious matter, but I honesty don’t want to here anymore. It seems that my life is honestly falling apart. And yes, I know people have it a lot harder than me, but this year for some reason has had a huge negative effect on me. My depression has gotten a lot worse and everyday I seem to cry. My leg isn’t making anything fucking better because I can’t move it. My friends don’t trust me or believe anything I say. I don’t have the motivation to go to school or anywhere for that matter. I just feel nothing now. I’m like numb. I just don’t what to be here anymore. I know some people on here may think that I just want attention and more notes but THAT IS FAR FROM WRONG. I’ve been having this problem for almost two years. My mom called a consular and is having me go this Thursday, but I don’t want to pour my feelings to a stranger.

I just don’t want to be here anymore.

I may take off for a few days. I may not. I probably won’t because this is all I have good going for me. My rant is done. I’m sorry for stopping y'all going through your dash. Thank you for reading if you read.

“Differing political views” are simple fucking things guys. In the current political climate we can boil it down to two political views.
1) We should treat all people like people.
2) We should only treat specific privileged people like people, if we gain.

So don’t fucking come at me with that “You can be friends with someone with a different political view.” No I fucking can’t. I wouldn’t even want to be friends with someone who shares my political views but is still friends with someone who doesn’t.

If them not respecting basic human rights isn’t a deal-breaker in a friendship, then I never want to talk to you or anyone who you legitimately consider a friend ever again.

There are people whose political view is that my identity is invalid and that I should be put in an asylum. There are people whose political view is that I should be shot if I use the bathroom of my choice. There are people whose political view is that I should be forced to work for fuck all pay just to be able to keep my shitty house and not fall too far below the poverty line.

“You can be friend with someone with a different political view” is probably the most naive and privileged bullshit I’ve heard all month.

so i’m teaching fifth graders what is the secret of making a catchy song…. and since most american pop songs are super inappropriate….. i’m going to show them…… bts’s dope………………………

shadzter  asked:

those mean anons that give non constructive criticism are out of control wtf can they shut up or at least do their research???? I'm gonna give you some constructive criticism here so they can stop vagueing @ u gg,,,, i love the way you color, its always kinda dull but like in a good way. your unpolished sketchy lines harmonize perfectly with your unpolished coloring, even if it may not be a concious choice of yours haha! your proportions are perfectly fine. its sonic. they ARE out of proportion

I-is that…Actual critique?? A thoughtful evaluation of my art… ??? My soul has ascended… the cruel anons have been cleared from my inbox! I can see the light!

All my foolishness aside idek what to say/ thank you so much, this is exactly the kind of thing I needed rn, you’re a wonderful person and this is such a lovely thing to see in my inbox <3

im having sum problems (misc, mostly unexplainable) at the moment but its fine im ignoring them. i hav a class trip at th end of th week n also my seaslug posters came n they r very nice they r sooo smooth 2 touch (th website i ordered them from is nice they threw in some free ones and also the smoothness was free)…..there is no way 2 communicate the smoothness of my slugs thru text so i will leave it at that. if u purchase one of them there is decent chance i have put it against my face

Alternative scenes for Mon-el’s screen time:

  • Sanvers eating vegan ice cream
  • Maggie Sawyer’s crush cource on how to make a baggy NCPD jacket a fashion statement
  • Alex Danvers goes shopping for more lesbian clothes
  • Winn playing playstation
  • Kara Danver’s hair tutorial video
  • Lena Luthor’s a day in the life blog
  • James Olsen’s gym workout routine
  • J'onn and M'gann cooking traditional Martian recipes
  • Cat Grant judging people while eating a salad
How useless,
he thought,
To say that you love
with your all
yet you do not know
what to do
when you see
them drowning
in their
—  Lukas W. // How useless