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Crush (Teen!Sam x Reader)

Requested by Anon.

Request: hey can you make more teen! sam school head canons ? i love those 

A/N: Hey! I know the request was for some more headcanons with teen!Sam in a school setting, but I got this idea in my head and decided to write a small fic for you instead. So, please forgive me for substituting hcs for this cheesy fic, but I do hope you will like it. 

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Uncharted - Part 7

Word Count : 2.5k 

Warnings: Mild swearing.


I have been having the absolute shittiest time, in life, in time, in fucking everything right now. The fucking wifi at the hospital was possibly the worst thing in the entire world and for some reason the Tumblr HTML wasn’t working. And tbh nothing was working. I do have chapters already written, but I hope the content is still going to be up to par. 

I’ve been feeling like shit lately, so I hope that can be an explanation to why I’ve been coming up with 0 content and not posting regularly….


Part 6

Originally posted by katerinasgranger

“Me? Why?” You ask him. If anything, you’d think he’d have chosen someone Bucky has met, which is everyone but you.

 “Because he’s never met you before and I know you don’t like to hear it, but you look a little less threatening than Natasha when she’s in Widow mode or when Tony’s in his suit. He might trust you a little more. And I know you’ve volunteered with Sam at the VA, so you know how to deal with people with fragile minds.,” His voice goes quiet, “Look, Bucky, right now, is dangerous, but he’s all I have left. I only have one shot at this, and it needs to be right.” 

You look at him with a calculating gaze. Steve talked about Bucky a lot, only with you though. He told you stories about all the trouble they’d get into when they were just little boys. You could see straight away how much this man meant to Steve. 

“Alright. I will. But how’s this going to work? Fury already wants me on backup, and I’m pretty sure the guy’s on the ground need it.” You still had to make a good first impression.

“I’ve thought about that. Fury already talked me through the major details. You’re supposed to be backup only until the team breaches the second line of defence of the base and that’s quite early on. Once you’re done there, you’ll join me. I’ll give you my locations over the comms.”

“Ok, then.” You give him a small smile and reach up to your tippy toes for a hug, your arms up around his neck and his around your waist. A hug from Captain America is exactly like you’d think it’d be. You’re physically being wrapped around a thick layer of warmth and muscle, it’s a feeling of safety and comfort. “Everything’s going to be fine. I’m going to go check on Tony.”

 You let go and flash him a comforting smile. On your way to the workshop, you grab the case with your new suit and your very first mission manila folder.

 The moment you enter your favourite room in the Tower, you sense something off. Some tension lingering in the air. Even Dum-E is quiet for once. Maybe Tony’s in a bad mood. He seemed pretty ok before. 

You see Tony shoulders hunched over some metal part with a magnifying lens barely an inch away from his eye. His brow is furrowed and his neck his tense. 

 “Hey Tony, everything okay here?” You ask packing your things on a desk. “You disappeared from the conference room pretty quickly, I couldn’t catch you on your way out.” You slowly approach him at his work station. He’s upset. “Hey, come on Stark, don’t pout.” You try and lighten the mood, failing miserably. 

“Is Rogers taking you to get James?” He says quietly, with barely contained anger. It surprises you, you’ve only ever talked to him when he’s joking around or teasing. Maybe serious a couple of times, but not like this. 

 “Yes, he is.” You state simply. You flinch back as he abruptly stands up and runs a frantic hand through his messy hair. 

“You can’t”


 “You can’t go with Rogers to get Barnes.” Now you were just confused. Why wouldn’t he want you to go? This was honestly, a fairly simple mission with many possibilities for things to go wrong, but that’s with every mission, whether it was a simple file extraction or to eliminate a threat.

 “Because he’s dangerous, that’s why.” You knew that wherever this was coming from, spouted from the incidents in Berlin. You knew little about the relationship between Tony and Bucky, just that it wasn’t pretty.

 “I know he is, but it’s part of the job. The goal is to get him out and if Steve needs me for that, then so be it.” You cross your arms over your chest and look him straight in the eyes. 

 “Ya but-“

 “No but’s. I’m an Avenger now, and I’m not backing away.” He rings his hands stressfully and gives you a good look.

 “OK, but if Barnes so much as lays a finger on you, so help me God he will not live another day.” A small smile tugged at your lips because a more fatherly, protective side of Tony peaked through. 

 “Come here.”He lifts his arms up. You happily skip towards him and hug him.You’re not sure how long it lasts, but after awhile he suggests that you and him go over the mission and memories the floor plans. 


20 minutes until dawn

“You ready?” Steve asks you through the entrance of your apartment. You lace up your heavy duty boots and tightly adjust your wrist supports making sure the little gap between your fingers were snug. You nod and he gently leads you towards the hangar.

 Sam and Wanda were talking quietly at the bottom ramp as you approached Natasha to ask her a few questions. 

 “Is this always how it’s going to be?” You ask, almost all of you were on board, we were only missing Pietro who was injured from the last mission.

 “Most of the time, we only send half the team in, but the situation is quite fragile, I think Fury feels a bit vulnerable right now but he’s not one to do anything rash.” You nod your head and join the others in the Quinjet. 

Clint and Tony were in the cockpit, Dr. Banner talking discreetly on the phone with Dr.Cho, Thor was casually sitting in the right wing talking with Sam.  

“Alright, Avengers,” Cap interrupts the banter with his authoritative and not to mention slightly (very) intimidating voice, “2 minutes till take off.”

  Everyone scurries off to their respective seats, you’re wedged between Steve and Sam. Two impressive hunks of muscle despite Sam not being full of serum.  

“You nervous?” Sam asks, his eyes narrowing at your tightly clasped hands. You chuckle slightly, forcing yourself to lay your sweaty palms flat against your thighs. “Just a bit.” He smiles reassuringly and tells you it’s normal, but you’ll get a hang of it.  Tony walks out of the cockpit and hands everyone their earpiece. 

“New tech, don’t break it. It’s off for now, but it’ll automatically turn on once we are in range of the base.” He drops the tiny piece of genius engineering into your hand. It’s barely a centimetre in width. You gently drop it into your ear and feel it expand snugly into the crevices without being uncomfortable. 

Over the sounds of the engines revving for takeoff, Clint announces the flight time, 3 hours and 22 minutes.  During the three hours you talk about nothing and everything with everyone. 

Somehow you ended up alone with Steve in the left wing while everyone else discussed what take out they wanted when they returned to the base.  You could hear them arguing in the background.

“I vote Thai Express!” You hear Sam say. 

“I think that Shawarma is way more fitting for post-mission meals.” Tony argues. 

“God! We always have Shawarma!” Everyone groans in unison. 

“I heard that there’s a nice Italian restaurant that just opened.” Vision suggests.

 “Dude, you don’t even eat.” Clint retorts. You weren’t sure if synthetic beings had feelings, but you sure as hell saw the insulted look on Vision’s face. 

“Sorry, Vision”  You giggle at their childishness, to be honest you were partial to either Thai Express, pizza or Mcdonald’s.

 “Do they always fight about what they’ll eat after a mission?” You wonder inquisitively. 

“Pretty much. That and what movie to watch on movie night.” You laugh again. But, there’s something off about Steve, his baby blue eyes aren’t giving off that happy shine he always has. 

“You’re worried about Bucky.” You say, it was more of a statement than a question. He nods looking down at an old photo of them. Arms linked around his shoulders, pre-serum Steve was smiling hard at Bucky who looked like he was the happiest boy on earth, sporting the youthful glee you only got from being happy your whole life.

 “I read up on your last encounter with him. It stated that he recognized you, called you Steve. I think he’s still in there. And I also believe that if we do this gently and coax him into recognition, this is going to be a success. But, what we need to be careful about, is how we act once we have him. He’s fragile, he’s broken, but he’s hella strong.” You lay a gentle hand on your best friend’s shoulder, giving it a reassuring shrug. 

“We’ve got this alright?” 

A small smile tugs at his lips before he goes back into Captain America mode when Clint announce 20 minutes until landing. 

 “Suit up! First group is down in 15. Iron man, you need to dismantle those defences before we get anywhere close to that base.”

 “Copy that Capsicle!”

 “Clint go high up and Thor I need you to conjure up a mighty storm over the base.” 

“Of course Captain Rogers, they shan’t see what’s coming.” He booms. 

“(Y/n) you know what to do.” He sets his intense gaze on you. “ Let’s head out.” 

Clint expertly lands the jet and opens the gate. First group immediately heads out as you and the rest of back up wait a few minutes. Over the comms you can hear a few grunts and gunshots but nothing too worrying. 

“Defences down. OW! Shit!”

 “Language” The entire team says in unison. 

“Alright, Team Two head out.” You run out, adrenaline pumping through your veins, the first line of defence has already been taken care of but the second seemed to be holding up quite well.

 Once you get there, three Hydra agents leap at you, you block their punches and send one through a portal, you land a swift kick to his sternum only to have another one yank your hair. You yelp and grab his wrists flipping him over, and render him unconscious. The last one points a gun at you but before he could fire you open a portal behind his ankle, you yank hard and send him flying. You’re breathing hard feeling the burn of your muscles and the sound of gunshots ring in your ears. You assist the team throughout the next half hour until finally breaking through.

“Ok, Natasha you’re up, Sam and Vision took care of the first two decks you should be clear.”

 “Copy that” You see her disappear in a swirl of menacing kicks and red hair.  

“(Y/n), meet me behind the base,” he grunts out, you could here the mechanical click of his shield reattaching itself to his forearm,” Bucky’s in a warehouse about a mile from here. I’m pretty sure he’s caught wind of what’s happening up here so he’ll be gone soon.”

 “Got it.”  

“Hey Tones, you think I can get a lift?” You ask through the comms, you’d get there impossibly faster which would help with the whole, Barnes getting away situation. You bat away a few other Hydra agents while waiting for a response. You were definitely feeling the burn in your tired muscles and you knew that your body would be littered in bruises for the next week. 

“Sure thing ,dear.”  You heard the loud whizzing of the suit’s propulsers; you lift one hand straight up and in seconds you’re snatched up and flying through the air. You weren’t terribly fond of heights but you trusted Tony.  

“Where to?” You hear the machine like voice that filters Tony’s own. 

“The back of the base, Cap’s waiting.” You flew up and across the battlefield and before you knew it, he gently placed you back on the ground a few feet away from Cap impatiently waiting for you on his motorcycle.

 You turn to Tony when he says,” Be careful.” You smile one last time before turning and leaping onto the vehicle, gripping Steve tightly around the waist. 

He revves the engine once then twice before speeding off onto a gravel road surrounded only by trees with snowy tops. You bury your face into his back, shielding yourself from the harsh wind. He the takes a sharp right turn and abruptly pivots and stops.  

“We’re here.” You swing your legs off the bike and place your hands up in front of you ready to attack. You decide not to pull out your hand gun just yet, again, he was unstable. His reactions were unpredictable and you couldn’t imagine what he’d be like if you showed any sign of violence.

 The warehouse was a two-story broken building, clearly abandoned and very old. Rust touched every metal surface and cracks buried itself through the concrete. You and Steve cautiously approached the building, using his shield, he snaps the lock in half. You both quietly walk in, checking your blind spots and for anyone else present. For now, everything was silent.

 The first room you entered practically took up the entire warehouse. There were a few rickety chairs and machines you thought could’ve dated from back in the 50’s.

That’s when you heard a metal-on-metal whine followed by a pained groan. Your head shot up and you stole a glance at Cap who tensed up. You pointed towards a metal door to your right, indicating that the sound came from in there. He nodded and cautiously walked over. 

He gently gripped the handle and mouthed:” 3…2…1” He pulled the door open and rushed in. The sight before you…. 

 There he was. 

 A lone, broken man sitting on an old wooden chair. His body bowed down in defeat with dirty, greasy brown hair casting shadows over his face. He curled in on himself when hearing the harsh noise. His ratty jeans were mud streaked and his red sweater was torn in a few places.

 But, what shocked you the most was his mechanic arm clamped down between two giant metal plates, as if he was trying to contain himself. 

 You saddened at the sight. He really didn’t want to hurt anyone, the man practically trapped himself.

  He limply grasps the metal box and shifts his legs a bit. From watching all the videos of him fighting and then seeing him in real life, like this, was truly heartbreaking.

  “Steve.” He rasps, his voice, rough as sandpaper, cuts through the tension filled air. His gaze landing immediately on his long lost best friend.  

 “Which Bucky am I talking to?” Steve replies in an emotionless tone. He lifts his head up slowly and lays a long hard stare on Steve. Then shifts his intense gaze on you. Your (e/c) meet his and you’re momentarily out of breath. His eyes were these steely blue whirlpools of pain and sorrow. His long lashes cast shadows over the sapphire glaze and green hues that were burning holes through you. 

 You remained calm and met his glower with just as much tenacity. He took in a deep breath and turned towards Steve. For some reason, you had one distinct thought in mind, the rest just blended in with the mindless chatter over the comms.  

You wanted those eyes to lay upon you once more. 

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some mooore painting practice, mostly looking at natural skin tones. Like, even in the most basic, neutral of lighting, your skin isn’t just a deeper version of your tone– shadows have greys and reds and purples, and light tends to be yellow. SO KIND OF A STUDY OF THAT??? highkey a redraw of one of the renders of Cassie Drake but also, not, because I painted it differently, aaaaaaaa

super mega ultra shoutout to @kinsara for giving me some really helpful tips on this, I was going to scrap it and start over but a fresh set of eyes really helped me fix a bunch of problems!!! THANK YOU!!

rikuaxel10  asked:

*slides in after catching up on everything* Hello lovely~ I hope you're doing well<3 So I had this idea and I thought I'd ask your spin on it in a request of sorts(can be a story or headcannons whatever you see fit). Imagine Sam and Nate have a brother(slightly younger than Nate if not his twin that looks nothing like him) and he is in a relationship with Rafe. How do you think he and Rafe's relationship would be/how do you think the Drake bros would react to finding it out? Love you lots dear<3

A/N: Hello there! Thank you for taking your time to drop by, and request this lovely idea! First off, I’m sorry it has taken so long! I’ve come up with a few things that I think would happen, so I’m wondering if you would think so too? I hope you will like it, and thanks again dear! <3

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