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Wait wait waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait!!!!!!!!!!!!111!1!1!!1!!1!! That scar on Rafe's hairline...... What is it?!!?? What happened to smol boi????!??! MY POOR BABY

well, the other day i’ve spent about an hour taking screenshots of Rafe from all possible angles and he clearly has that scar, have no idea how he got it though, but it seems he had no scar when he was in prison with Nate and Sam.

and a couple of very important pics that had nothing to do with the scar but i wanna share them anyway!

Imagine going on a secret date with young Sam Drake.

You sat on your bed trying to get some reading done whilst occasionally glancing over to the clock on your bedside cabinet. It was already past midnight, and your parents were asleep in the room next door. The house was dead silent, and the only noise emanated from your room as you flicked through the pages of the book.

Amidst the silence, it wasn’t difficult to miss the noise of pebbles hitting your window lightly which got your full attention making you place your book back down on the bed whilst you got up investigate the noise by the window.

As you silently tip toe to the window, trying to make as little noise as possible you place your hands by the bottom frame of the window and push it up slightly which gives enough space for you to place your head through to have a look.

“Sam? What are you doing here?” You try your best attempt at a loud whisper, enough for him to hear and quiet enough for your parents not to notice whilst the genuine surprise to see him stand there still struck you.

“I’m here to see you.” A smile formed on his face the moment he saw you, which made your heart skip a beat feeling your own lips forming into one.

“Should I come up?” He offered in a loud whisper, ready to climb up to that window right there and then.

“Wait, no. Too loud, I’ll come down. Wait for me.” You gave him a quick glance before heading inside. Right as you were to leave your room, you looked in the mirror to check up on your appearance noting the slight messy hair. You would have made more effort if you knew that he was coming, but for now this would do.

You moved stealthily down the stairs, thanking the heavens that the staircase didn’t creek just this once until you reached the front door, beginning to unlock it in dead silence. You peaked the door slightly open looking into the dark street, but Sam was nowhere to be found.

“Sam?” You called out his name quietly, opening the door fully until you were right outside the front door.

You were nearly given the shock of a lifetime as you felt two hands wrapping around your waist and lightly swinging you around before finally placing you back on the ground. Holding your own hand over your mouth, you stopped from nearly screaming which would have woken up half the neighbourhood.

“You don’t know how much I missed you.” Facing the culprit, your eyes wondered to the grinning boy in the denim jacket.

“Geez Sam, you nearly gave me a heart attack.” You remove your hand from your mouth, lightly hitting his arm.

“Sorry, but I take it that you’re happy to see me?” He chuckles whilst rubbing his neck.

“Of course.” You couldn’t help but giggle quietly. “So what are you doing here so late?” You continue to trail your eyes over his face, seeing his lips forming into a smirk.

“I’m here to take you on a date.”

A/N: So I decided to take a slighlty different approach to writing imagines. These are a bit shorter than the standard imagines I’ve written, I was thinking of making more of these. Btw sorry if this isn’t that good. Would you guys be interested to see more of these in the future?

Your Song Pt. 2 (Teen!Sam Drake X Reader)

A/N : I realized pretty late that i forgot to write that this was with Teen Sam so sorry for any confusion :/ but hey here’s the final part! Also if you haven’t actually heard “Your Song” by Elton John i highly recommend it bc it’s just so cute and also really ties in with story so listen to it if you want or not, totally up to you guys. Anyways, i hope you guys enjoy the last part to this imagine and thank you for reading! <33333

The first part can be read here

Your Song Pt. 2   5,124 words


Ever since that first trip to the bridge at night, Sam’s trips to (Y/N)’s house became more frequent. Well, as frequent as he was able to make the time to visit her and actually take her out. Within a couple months, they were both able progressively to open up to each other and realized they’re not so different. They both share a grand interest in history, mythology, discoveries of the world, and both have a great sense of adventure. The girl learned that Sam was previously kicked from the orphanage he used to reside in but his little brother Nathan still remains there. She also learned about the many dangerous jobs he regularly undertakes in order to provide for himself and Nate. Once he exposed to her the pattern of his daily life, she understood why he couldn’t visit her as much as she’d like but she still didn’t like the idea of him constantly putting himself in danger. Nevertheless, she knew it was something he had to do and even secretly admires him for the lengths he goes to ensure his and his brother’s survival.

Sam learned that (Y/N) truly is more than what meets the eye. Not only does she know just as much historical facts as him but also has a guilty pleasure of researching pirates, lost treasures and artifacts. She’s really witty and loves to have the last laugh and also secretly does enjoy his puns. Although she actively denies any accusations regarding that small fact. Usually at the end of his jokes she’d briefly smile and when he does catch her doing so he teases her till no end.

“C’mon, you know you loved it,” he’d say.

“It was stupid,” she’d reply.

“Okay….but you know you loved it,’ he’d repeat, the grin on his face never faltering, followed by a breathless laugh from the girl as she shook her head.

Throughout the course of their growing friendship, she was even able to finally meet Nathan and boy did they get along famously. They traded from books to facts to witty responses and even occasionally teamed up together to banter Sam. Every now and then, the three of them would hang out together and go on small adventures at night. Other times, when it was just Sam and (Y/N), they would go out in the middle of the night and have really long conversations about going on expeditions, exploring the world, finding hidden treasures, lost artifacts, temples and becoming the greatest expeditionists known to mankind. Of course, Nate would also be included in their adventures, helping along with discoveries and befriended friendly animals. They’d be like the three musketeers traveling the world. Those conversations would go on for hours and hours, depending on how immersed the two were in it, or at least up until the girl falls asleep and Sam takes her home.

However, their adventures weren’t only reserved for the night time. Occasionally they would go out in the day to grab a bite to eat or take a simple stroll in the park. With (Y/N)’s brother hardly ever around, he was none the wiser to her outings with her newfound friend during the day and night. And she loved it. Sam also learned that she loves the thrill of trouble and being outside her house.

At times, when he would tell her about future jobs, she’d offer to help scope out the places or with research if he ever needed to. That’s why he secretly admires her. He admires her will to help her friends on top of being a really good friend herself and her trustworthiness. It took them both a while to actually open up about their pasts. Yet, they’ve still managed to establish a strong bond with each other. A bond developed by trust, time, and of course, bad jokes.  

Currently, Sam, (Y/N), and Nathan are taking a stroll near a park, hanging around, not being where they’re supposed to be. Nothing too frisky but still enjoyable when one is in the company of good friends. It is well past midnight but luckily (Y/N) knows of a mini mart that still remains open at late hours. On a quest for snacks, the trio head over to the mini mart to satisfy their hunger.

“Alright guys, what do you want? My treat,” the girl says as they near the entrance of the mini mart.

“You sure?” Sam asks.

“Yeah, it was my idea so my treat. So what is it you guys crave?”

“Umm I’ll just have some Doritos and apple juice,” replies Nate.

“M’kay, how about you, Sam?”

“Oh, uh I’ll just have some Doritos,” he simply replies.

“Alright. Wait out here, I won’t be long.”

With that said, the girl goes into the store to buy the snacks, leaving the two Morgan brothers waiting for her outside. Sam’s gaze follows the girl as she walks away into the mart and continues to subconsciously ogle at the girl. He almost didn’t hear his brother calling out to him until the muffled talking became louder and clearer.

“Huh? Sorry, what did you say?” he asks.

“I was asking if you and (Y/N) are dating,” Nathan simply replies.

Slightly taken aback, Sam breathlessly laughs, “What? Uh-no, what would make you think that?”

“You were looking at her all funny.”

“What do you mean?” Sam shifts in his stance.

“Well,” Nate begins, “just a minute ago you were staring at her all funny when she walked into the store.”

“What?” Sam breathlessly laughs again as he crosses his arms, “I wasn’t staring.”

“Yeah you were,” Nate counteracts. “You do it a lot y’know. You talk about her a lot too.”

“Wh-I,” Sam nervously laughs, “that’s not…”

“Yeah, it is. See, now you’re choking on your words. Want me to tell (Y/N) to get you some water?” Nathan asks as he points in the direction of the store.

After settling down the nervous laugher, and more shifting in his stance, Sam clears his throat, “No I- uh, I’m fine. But why the sudden questions? What if we were to y’know… be together, would that be in issue for you? Do you not like her or something?” Sam asks that last part genuinely confused. He could’ve sworn they got along so well.

“No, that’s not it at all!” Nathan beckons, “She funny and fun, I just thought you guys went out or something ‘cause like sometimes you stare and then she stares-”

“Wait, she stares?” Sam interrupts, his eyes widening slightly.

“Yeah sometimes,” Nathan shrugs. “Anyways, I like her better than Crystal.”

“Who’s Crystal?”

At the sound of her voice, Sam immediately turns around to face the girl with a slight high pitch tone, “(Y/N), hey that was quick!”

“Well yeah, Doritos and juice. You guys didn’t exactly send me out there to find the lost city of Atlantis,” she chuckles.

”True, I just didn’t think you’d be back so soon,” he laughs, wondering how much of his conversation with Nathan she could’ve overheard.

“It sure does sound like it. What, were you two planning on ditching me or something?” She quizzically grins.

“Of course not, if I did who would laugh at my jokes?” Sam asks as he takes a step towards the girl.

“I can’t answer that, I don’t even know of anyone that does laugh at your jokes now,” she retorts without backing away.

“Ouch!” Sam dramatically clutches his heart and laughs,”Okay that stung but don’t pretend you don’t secretly love them.”

“I do not!” she brings her hands to rest on her waist in protest. “They’re corny at best.”

“They’re hilarious!”

“No, they’re not!”

“Um guys….the food,” Nathan points at the bag within the girl’s hand.

“Oh, right! Sorry about that, kiddo,” (Y/N) quickly apologizes as she hands the boys their snacks. “Oh, and I-uh got you some water just in case, Sam.”

He thanks her as he receives the plastic bottle, their hands briefly touching.

“Right on time too,” Nathan speaks up,”I was about to go in the store and ask you to bring him some water because he was kinda choking earlier.”

“Oh, yeah? You alright?” she asks.

“Yeah, just had something in my throat,” he clears his throat again, “Nothing big. So where do you two wanna head to now?”

The girl merely shrugs before turning her attentions towards Nathan, “Anything is fine by me. How about you, Nate?”

“Um, well I have chores to do tomorrow morning so I think I should head back,” Nate dolefully replies.

“You sure?” Sam asks.

“Yeah, I really don’t want to but I’m gonna be really tired tomorrow if I don’t,” he shrugs.

“Alright then, we’ll walk ya.”

Together, the trio ate their snacks as they walked with Nathan to drop him off at the orphanage. When they reached the orphanage, they climbed up to say their goodbyes by Nate’s window.

“Goodnight, kidd-omfph,” the girl says as Nate gives her a surprise hug.

“I’ll see you soon, yeah?” Sam says as he also hugs his brother goodnight.

“Okay. Night ,Sam. Night, (Y/N),” Nate says as he starts to climb towards his window.

“Goodnight,” the two simultaneously say as they intently watch him climb up.

“Be careful,” the girl whisper-yells as he climbs. At this, Sam’s gaze falls on the girl once more.

He stares at her for a few seconds until a small voice in the back of his head tells him that he is in fact staring. Immediately, Sam drops his gaze and shakes his head, mentally scolding himself, as he then starts to climb down the orphanage, the girl follows soon after.

When he reaches the bottom, he holds his hand out to help the girl but she briefly shakes her head while mumbling, “I got this,” as she then proceeds to climb down to meet Sam.

“You’ve gotten better,” he grins.

“Well I better have, all these cuts and scrapes gotta count for something right,” she laughs as she refers to the casualties of her climbing lessons with Sam. “Thanks though, I had a good teacher,” she winks at him.

“You’ve come a long way so consider me a proud teacher,” he says as he wraps an arm around her shoulder, briefly squeezing it. As he realizes what he is doing, Sam awkwardly takes his arm off the girl and proceeds to walk to her house. The action caught both of them by surprise and Sam can’t help but mentally facepalm himself.

The two continue to walk in a slightly awkward silence. It’s out of character for Sam to be quiet for so long but frankly he is too immersed in his thoughts to talk about anything. So immersed, in fact, that he didn’t even realize that the girl was calling out his name.

“Sam?” she nudges at his arm.

“Hmm, what? Sorry.”

“You alright?” she asks genuinely concerned. “Something on your mind?”

“Uhh,” he drags on, “No, nope. Why do you ask?”

“You’ve been uncharacteristically quiet and acting kinda strange. You sure you’re alright?”

“Of course.”

“Hmmm,” she hums, not quite satisfied with his response. “Would it have something to do with that Crystal chick Nate mentioned earlier?”

“What? No,” he quickly replies, “she’s the last person on my mind right now.”

“Would that still mean someone is on your mind?” she puts her hands in her pockets.

Sam stays silent for a while before finally shaking his head.

“Mmhmm, sure,” she says before bumping her shoulder against his arm. “Alright then, who is it that has Samuel Morgan so lost in thought, oh so starry-eyed,” he laughs at the end of her sentence.

“No one, (Y/N). Just thinking about this job for next week,” he lies.

“Okay fine, don’t tell me,” she sighs.”But who is Crystal? Throughout the whole time I’ve known you, you’ve never once mentioned her. I bet you I wouldn’t have ever known if Nate didn’t mention her. Why’d you never bring her up.”

“She’s just this girl I used to date,” he scratches the back of his head. “We broke up a long time ago though so I never really felt the need to bring her up.”

“Oh,” she simply replies. “Would it be too personal to ask why?”

“Uh-no I just rather not talk about it. She didn’t really take it too lightly,” he shakes his head.

“Ohh, so you broke it off, Sammy boy is a heartbreaker huh?” she humors him.

“Ha ha ha,” he sarcastically laughs, “nice one but no, it just…it just became sorta one sided y’know?”  

“Yeah, I think I know what that’s like,” she says with an expression he can’t quite pinpoint. “Okay one more question.”


“Who does Nate like better than Crystal?” she asks.

“What? What do you mean?” he turns to give her a muddled look.

“Well, when I came back from the store Nate was all ‘I like her better than Crystal’,” the girl clarifies.

“Oh, well um,” Sam begins to nervously laugh as he scratches the back of his neck again, “He was talking about you.”

“Oh,” the girl replies as she raises her eyebrows in curiosity.

“Yeah, he sorta thought you and I were dating and apparently likes you better,” he laughs.

“Awww, as kinda weird as this is I’m also kinda flattered. Wonder where he could’ve gotten that idea, though,” she lightly chuckles.

“I don’t know,” he grins as he remembers what Nate said, “maybe he caught you making googly eyes at me when I wasn’t looking, not that I’d blame you though.”

“Shut up, Sam. Oh, my God,” the girl starts laughing.

“I’m pretty sure that’s a sin, need someone to take you to confession on Sunday?” he jokes.

“Can it, Morgan,” she lightly punches his arm, causing him to playfully hiss and rub his arm. “Come on, we’re almost to my house.”

They walk for a few more minutes until they finally approach the girl’s house.

“Hey,” she calls for Sam’s attention, “my brother took off for the weekend this morning. Wanna use the actual front door entrance and hang out? We can, eat, read, or watch some movies. Whaddaya say?”

“Food, books, and movies, huh? You sure know how to make a guy swoon, (Y/N),” Sam smiles as he holds a hand over his heart.

“Well, I just know exactly what my best friend likes,” she titters as she reaches for her keys and unlocks her door.  

“Right, best friend,” he mumbles in an inaudible tone as they step inside the house.

“So what do you wanna do first? We can eat, watch a movie, play board games, etc …”

“Actually would you mind if I check out your book collection in your room?” he innocently asks.

“Already wanting to go to my bedroom huh? No wonder your brother thought we were dating,” she says with a sly smirk and she swears she can see a light blush on Sam’s face as he shakes his head.

“Well the last time I tried to look at your books I was caught by a booby trap so I was hoping to try my luck today,” he smirks.

“There’s no bobby traps but I’d keep an eye out for deathtraps,” she jests. “Knock yourself out, I’ll be up in a few minutes.”

“Alright,” he says as he walks up the stairs and heads towards the girl’s room.

The girl walks around her kitchen to retrieve the note on the fridge left by her brother. She grabs the note and rereads it:

“I’m off for the weekend with a few friends. I’ll be back Monday night. Left some money for you in the jar for food and whatever…. Don’t do anything stupid.”

“How can I when you’re taking all the stupid with you?” she rolls her eyes and places the note back onto the fridge.

She walks up the stairs and heads towards her room only to find Sam laying on the ground with his head buried into one of her books.

“Whatcha reading there?” she slightly smiles at the sight of him so invested in a book.

“The history of the Lost City of El Dorado,” he replies, briefly looking at her.

“Ahhh with the…. Muisca tribe right?”

“Mmhmm,” he nods.

“My history is kinda rusty on that subject, mind filling me in?”

“Oh, sure. You want me to like put the book on the desk to share or…?”

“No that’s fine, there’s plenty of room on the ground,” she lightly giggles, “just scoot over a bit.”

“O-okay,” Sam replies.

Sam didn’t understand why he was so nervous but as soon as he started talking about all the lost gold of El Dorado, he seemed to forget about it. They laid on the ground for a while, talking, reading, and laughing. Eventually the girl brought out a small radio to listen to music. She placed it on her vanity and turned it on. For a while, they only heard static but finally she was able to find a working station. The music faintly played in the background and for a moment she considered turning it off until she heard the Radio host announce the next song.

“Alright folks, here’s one by our favorite man, Elton John,Your Song.”

As soon as the girl hears the soft melody of the piano begin, she immediately runs to her vanity to turn up the volume of the radio.

“Something tells me you like this song,” Sam chuckles as he turns his body to face her.

“A person has no soul if they do not like Elton John, especially this song,” she teases as she places the radio on a chair and sits down next to it.

“It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside
I’m not one of those who can easily hide, I
Don’t have much money but boy, if I did
I’d buy a big house where we both could live”

“If I was a sculptor but then again, no
Or a man who makes potions in a traveling show
Oh, I know it’s not much but it’s the best I can do
My gift is my song
And this one’s for you”

The girl sits by the chair, staring at the radio, fully entranced by the song. Meanwhile, Sam sits nearby watching her, fully mesmerized by her.

“And you can tell everybody this is your song
It may be quite simple but now that it’s done
I hope you don’t mind
I hope you don’t mind
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you’re in the world”

Memories begin to flood his mind, from the day they first met to the day he tried to teach her how to ride his motorcycle. Once she conquered her fear of riding them, she was ready to learn how to drive one. It wasn’t as difficult as she expected and surprisingly loved driving it. Sam vividly remembers that day. That day he knew she trusted him enough to teach her and he trusted her enough ride his bike and be the passenger.

“I sat on the roof and kicked up the moss
Well, a few of the verses, well, they’ve got me quite cross
But the sun’s been quite kind
While I wrote this song
It’s for people like you that
Keep it turned on”

“So excuse me forgetting
But these things, I do
You see, I’ve forgotten
If they’re green or they’re blue
Anyway, the thing is, what I really mean
Yours are the sweetest eyes I’ve ever seen”

Her eyes. He’s always liked them. To her they’re simple and plain but to him, they’re beautiful.

“And you can tell everybody this is your song
It may be quite simple but
Now that it’s done
I hope you don’t mind
I hope you don’t mind
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you’re in the world”

He even thought about their arguments. Although it was rare, two friends did argue. Due to Sam’s busy schedule, they would often stay weeks without resolving anything. But in the end, they always did. He didn’t know what it was but something always drew them back to each other. Always.

“I hope you don’t mind
I hope you don’t mind
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you’re in the world”

The song has ended but no one moves. The girl stays where she is seated, staring at the radio and Sam also remains staring at her. He sighs as all realization hits him. As his emotions finally catch up with him. Deep down he sorta knew but for some reason part of him wanted to ignore it. And he did, for a while at least. However, now everything seems so clear and he knows it. He likes (Y/N). No, ‘like’ doesn’t feel like a strong enough word to him…. would love be it?


As soon as the word escapes his lips, a loud rumbling noise echoes in the distance, followed by a bright flashing streak across the sky.

“Shit, that was loud!” the girl exclaims as she stands up to look out her window. “Woah, since when did it start raining that hard?”

“Wait, what?” at this, Sam also rises from his spot and he too sees the thunderstorm that is happening outside.

“Damn, I-I gotta go (Y/N),” he says almost dreadfully as he steps closer to the window.

“What-Sam!” she says, bringing his attention to her, “You are not going out in the middle of a thunderstorm. Are you crazy?”

“Believe it or not, I have been questioning a lot of things lately and-”

“Zip it, she says. “It’s raining cats and dogs outside and you are not going out there. You’ll get so sick if you do. Just stay here until it settles okay?”

“(Y/N), that can take all night. Who knows how long this storm is gonna be,” Sam says as he tries to go for the window again but gets blocked by the girl. “You know I can also just use your front door right?”

“You can,” she shrugs, “but we both know you won’t.”

“And why is that?” He raises his eyebrows in curiosity.

“Because what’s the fun in that?” she quotes him with a slyness written all over her face. “Come on, if the storm does last all night I can order pizza for breakfast if we want tomorrow….”

“I don’t know,” he hesitates.

“Well, luckily for you, I do,” she starts, “Samuel Morgan, as your best friend, I am not letting you leave this house until the storm settles. If it takes all night then so be it, there’s plenty of stuff to do.”

The girl gives Sam  a moment of silence to reconsider her offer but when he still doesn’t reply she speaks up,“So, whaddaya say?”

“Okay,” he nods, briefly looking her in the eyes, “I’ll stay until it settles.”

“Finally,” she sighs, “thought I was gonna have to fight you for a moment there or like tie you up to a chair or something.”

“Pfft, you wouldn’t do that,” he grins.

“Oh, I can be pretty crafty,” she smiles. “Anyways, wanna play Monopoly?”

“Sure, can I be the boat?”  

“Mmhmm,” she happily says as she goes to get the board from her closet.

After finally settling the fact that Sam is going to spend the night, the pair continued to play and talk. Neither one of them knew where their energy came from, considering how it was nearly 4 in the morning and they weren’t exhausted. Yet eventually, their conversations started to die down and when Sam almost fell asleep on the Monopoly board, the girl decided to call it a night. She offered Sam some of her brother’s old sweats as pajamas but he claimed he was fine in his regular attire. When it finally came to getting ready for bed, the girl put on her jumper and sweats and crawled into her bed. She stared at Sam as he appeared to be nervously looking out the window.

“Sam you coming?”

“Yeah, I was just checking to see if the rain had stopped. It didn’t” he anxiously laughs. “So uh where am I gonna sleep?”

The girl silently pats the free space next to her causing Sam to shift in his stance.

“Oh-I thought you were gonna give me some blankets and a pillow to crash on the couch or something,” he honestly replies.

“Sam you’re not a stranger, it’s okay you can sleep with me,” she says as if it’s the most obvious fact ever. “Plus it’s like I don’t have the space, this thing is huge. I can probably squeeze in an extra average sized dog if i had one. Now c’mon it’s late,” she pats the bed again before collapsing into it.

Sam takes off his shoes before crawling into the empty space beside her lying on his back. For a few minutes the room was absolutely silent, minus the rain clashing against the window. Slowly, Sam closes his eyes and waits for sleep to finally conquer him. Meanwhile, the girl, who was accordingly “dying to go to sleep” just moments before, was tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

“Ugh, this is bullshit,” she complains into her pillow before turning onto her side to face Sam.

“Sam,” she whispers,”Sam you awake?”  

“Yeah, what’s wrong?” he mumbles with his eyes still closed.

“I can’t sleep.”

“I had a feeling,” he softly chuckles.

“I don’t know what’s wrong. A few minutes ago I was so closed to just being knocked out and now nothing” she starts. “Would you mind…telling me a story or something?”

“Seriously?” he opens his eyes and turns his head to the side to face her.

“Yeah, please? Come on, I know you know a shit ton of stories. Tell either one, it could be about pirates, treasure, anything.”

“Okay…alright I think I got one…”

Sam began to tell a new tale of his own creation. His tale was about the journey of finding the lost city of El Dorado with (Y/N) and Nathan. The information of the mythical city of gold was still fresh on his mind so he had a lot to share. He spoke of the time it would take and his hypothesis that it might not even be a city but perhaps something completely different. As he went on, the girl’s eyes started getting heavier and so she closed them but she wasn’t quite asleep yet.

“Back when the rumors started circulating about all the gold, they said it was a man, then a tribe, then a city, and then finally an empire. Maybe they exaggerated by saying all that stuff but the gold was real. Most of it is in the Guatavita river near Bogota in Colombia. Pretty sure it’s illegal to dive in there without government approval but it’s nothing we can’t get across right?”

When he gets no response from the girl, he turns his head to face her, “(Y/N)?,” he whispers.

‘Yeah?’ the girl responds in her head, too lazy to make a verbal reply.

“Guess she fell asleep,” he simply mumbles.

‘Noooo, no I didn’t. It was getting so interesting, please keep talking…’

As if he read her mind, Sam turns onto his side to face his friend and starts to talk again, “I-uh, I think I gotta tell you something and I guess now is a better time than ever.”

‘I’m listening.’

“You were right… I have been acting pretty weird today but it’s because I realized something pretty big today…”

‘Spill the beans, Morgan.’

“You once told me you never stole anything but….this is gonna sound so damn cheesy,” he lightly chuckles, “anyway, tonight I realized that you stole something from me a long time ago and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to notice..….You stole my heart, (Y/N).”


“You did it so easily and as unromantic as it sounds, I’m so glad that I broke into your room all those months ago. If I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t have met you. Life wouldn’t be as wonderful without you in my world.”


“I really really like you, (Y/N). Actually, ‘like’ doesn’t even really feel like it suffices what I feel….but it feels too scary to say love……”

“Well,” he starts. “Maybe with more practice and give or take a few years I’ll be to tell you everything when you’re awake,” he says as he goes back to lying in his back and sighs.

The girl is still in slight shock from the confession she wasn’t supposed to hear to react right away. Yet, within a few seconds, she opens her eyes and searches for Sam’s hand until she finds it and gives it a small squeeze.

“For the record, I thought the whole entire thing was pretty damn romantic,” she says as he instantly turns his head to face her and immediately sits up.

“It’s okay,” she says as she too sits up. “I know I wasn’t supposed to hear that but Sam….. you have no idea how glad I am that I did. I really like you too, Sam. I just wasn’t sure you felt the same way. Not to mention how close friends we are. I was just afraid that if I told you how I really felt and you didn’t feel the same way I’d-”

She becomes interrupted as she promptly feels a soft pair of lips connect with hers. She instantly closes her eyes and gives into the kiss. Sam brings his hand up to cup her cheek and as she then puts her hand over his. The kiss is quick but just as passionate before Sam pulls away.

“Sorry,” he says, “I’ve been secretly wanting to do that for a while now and considering the cat’s out of the bag I just figured why not, y’know?”

“Yeah,” she laughs, pressing a quick chaste kiss to his lips. “I’ve been secretly wanting the same thing for a while too.”

Sam chuckles before glancing at the window and then back at the girl, “It looks like it stopped raining but I’d still like to stay if that’s alright with you.”

“Of course it is,” she says.

They share one last kiss together before going into a small laughing bit and finally laying back down on the bed. Sam wraps an arm around the girl’s waist as her back faces his chest.

“Goodnight, (Y/N),” he whispers into the crook of her neck.

“Goodnight, Sam,” she contently sighs.