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Honestly I don't know how people believe he's the mastermind in Chapter 4/5 after that scene where he talks with Monokuma... why would a mastermind need to "ask" for Monokuma to do something in exchange for a more fun game lol. But I guess his performance at the end of Ch 4 was truly convincing for some people

Haha, I think it’s all intentionally presented that way by Kodaka because he expects the players to let it just slide right over their heads.

Since the scene is something taking place even outside of Saihara’s range of vision, it’s not something the characters themselves are aware of. Therefore, the only reason that scene is presented is because it’s so vital as a clue (that Ouma is not the mastermind) that we, the players, get to see it even when the other characters do not.

But the reveals that come later in Chapter 4 are so hard-hitting, fast, and brutal (Chapter 4 is a very, very short chapter all in all, despite how long the trial is), that I think it’s precisely because of the emotional impact that most people don’t really think critically about why Ouma would ever need to “ask” Monokuma for a consultation or a favor if he was the one pulling the strings all along. Ouma is trying to terrify both the characters and the player into relying on emotions, rather than logic, and it works like a charm, probably 9 times out of 10.

On a replay, analyzing that scene with Monokuma and Ouma gets much easier for anyone to understand, because by Chapter 5 it’s already apparent that these two were never really collaborating, and that Ouma was working against the mastermind the entire time. But for the first time around, I can see how it would confuse some people who fell into the trap that he set–because Ouma is noting if not an entertainer, and he lives to put on a show. His lies are so carefully set and he’s such a fantastic actor that he really, honestly does a great job of fooling both characters and players alike.

Basically, until people go into ndrv3 knowing and expecting that Ouma isn’t evil or the mastermind, it’s going to be very hard for them to see past his facade.

every now and again, i think about that one comment that was left on an umineko song (that was sung entirely in italian, by a person who does not actually speak italian) that was like “the only thing pronounced correctly here is the laughter” and i start snorting