like. everything is empowering. ladies !! mostly and especially the things generations of women have combated! fuckin sugar daddies man. is where it’s at. $50 tube of lipstick. catfish your boss. catfish ur mom’s boss. catfish everybody. slayyy the patriarchy w ur eyeliner. how? like, tangibly? idk who cares it cost an entire paycheck and the CEO of the cosmetics company is a neo-nazi. sitting in a chair is empowering. brushin teeth is empowering. Everything you do is empowering regardless of context. who cares if every advance in the perception of gender roles has been fought for tooth and nail by feminist trailblazers who needed their husband’s permission to buy a car? that’s so boring and pastel gifsets of thin white girl gangs “weaponizing” femininity by performing it in a 100% conventional way is so much more fun! mainstream commercial feminism isn’t a regressive horrorshow born of corporate greed and its drive to keep women marginalized and divided in order to capitalize on our insecurities… every time you tweet “yassss” 2 a tweet denouncing fuckboys the patriarchy shakes in its boots. empowerment. empowering empowerment. e

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I just sent an ask talking about Lydia and Jackson being happy once but I'd like to add that that doesn't mean I like Jackson because he is still a jerk I just meant maybe they really DID love each other before. But Jackson is still a jerk

The short answer to this? Yes. I think Jackson and Lydia were happy once. 

I think the middle of Jackson and Lydia’s relationship is the happiest place for the two of them. I think Lydia started liking Jackson in a very clinical manner– she knew what the two of them could achieve together in the high school atmosphere, he was hot, and he was giving her attention because she was giving him attention because he was giving her attention, so on and so forth.

I think it started off more as a political alliance that just grew into something steadier and with more heart in it. While we know that Lydia never felt for Jackson what Allison felt for Scott, I think her love for him was less “we’re soulmates, we belong together, you are every beat of my heart” and more of something that is actually more mature than that: “I’ve been through so much with you, I love how wanted you make me feel, I love all these things about you that I’ve learned and begun to adore. You have my heart because time gave it to you.” 

Unfortunately, this probably happened more for Lydia than Jackson, although I do think that he loved her. He just didn’t know how to love selflessly and he didn’t love her as much as she loved him. I think a part of Lydia knew Jackson so well that she thought there was even more under his mask, but if there was, he didn’t know how to access it at that time, so it was really of no use to her in their relationship. She just assumed that underneath what she saw (that was already deeper than what everybody else saw), there was something deeper. And she felt that she had to coax it out. She thought she had time. She thought she was doing it, little by little, every day. 

Basically, Lydia and Jackson started spending all this time together and at first she didn’t have her heart in it. It was security, it was fun, it was definitely lust because he’s hot. And then she started to learn the little things about him and she just fell in love with him. She fell in love with this handsome, charming, rich boy who was athletically gifted and could wrap anybody in the school around his finger. It made sense, after all. They were perfect together. (Tangent: I head canon that Jackson was bad at math, and it endeared him to Lydia so strongly because he got all red faced and frustrated and couldn’t communicate when he was doing it and it made her heart ache. She used to fix the answers on his math homework so he wouldn’t say the wrong ones out loud in class if the teacher called on him.) 

When times were good with Jackson, it was really good. When he had good days, she had good days. It was making out under the bleachers on sunlit Wednesdays; it was driving down the street in his expensive car and letting the wind blow their hair back; it was taking him shopping and forcing him to carry her bags; it was dropping to her knees and offering him that power because she knew it was what he craved– he wanted to be in charge, be in control, and she could give him that as long as she knew that she was really the one pulling the strings. But when he had bad days, so did she, and pretty soon there started to be more bad than good and he was taking it all out on her. And she loved him too much, at that point, to want to undo that in any capacity. She just took the blame and accepted it and felt useless. 

Lydia stopped being able to truly pull the strings the moment she actually fell in love with him. 

The truth is, Lydia wanted what was best for Jackson. But she also wanted what was best for herself. And I think a part of that was the reason why she couldn’t see that he wasn’t treating her well– Jackson was the only person who really chose her. She had her fighting parents at home, we know that her dad forced her to pick between him and her mom instead of sharing custody. She was a pawn to him to hurt his wife. And then, to top it all off, Lydia had put herself up on a pedestal, and she was all alone. With Jackson. He was the only one up there with her. She had gotten greedy on power and had made it so that Jackson was the only one good enough.

So when times were bad and Jackson was angry and stressed, to Lydia it just meant that she had to ride it out and keep on choosing him, because he was the only person who ever really chose her (even though usually when Jackson was choosing Lydia, he was choosing himself as well. We see him loving her in a very mean, destructive manner that, in the end, I think used her as a pawn just as much as her father did. But Lydia didn’t know that) and she wanted things to be good for him. 

Maybe, in a way, Lydia wanted to fix Jackson. She wanted him to be the perfect boyfriend, the perfect lacrosse player, the perfect love story. But in the end, the choices that Jackson made were for him, not for them. He didn’t feel as selflessly about their relationship. He didn’t want to be fixed because it would mean admitting that being adopted had damaged him more than he could comprehend. Jackson was good enough for Lydia, but he wasn’t good enough for himself. He wasn’t good enough to not be given up by his birth parents, in his head. And no matter how much she loved him, no matter how much she gave up for him (most of which he didn’t even know about or consider) Lydia would never be good enough for him. There wasn’t a way to fix him because he didn’t want to listen to her love. 

So I guess the short answer to what you’re looking for is that Jackson and Lydia made each other happy at one point. There were good times that were laced with bad times until suddenly the bad times became more common. 

But here’s the problem: he realized how happy she had made him when it was too late; when he had already thrown it away. And Lydia realized that he hadn’t made her happy enough too late to save her heart from being even more damaged by yet another person using it. 

Firme, forte e muito atrasado, mas cá estou eu.

Desde o timberlake-helps e o sacrpbr, eu já vi muita gente desistindo da comunidade, muitas polêmicas e erros do passado se fazendo presente nos tempos atuais. Isso me ensinou a esperar pelos bons períodos, porque a cada fase difícil, a situação fica mais pesada por aqui. Ainda sim, nós resistimos. Aqui vai uma porrada de urls pra floodar a dash de vocês ♥♥♥

parceras de crime ;; @blackswan1x1 e @minari1x1 ;; sei que ta muito tenso a gente manter contato com eu sem celular mas prometo que logo isso se acerta. to morrendo de saudades de vocês aaaaaaa e do nosso plot também, juro que vou lembrar a senha do cygnus e resolver tudo !! porra, já são o que? uns dois anos que a gente se conhece? vai tomar no cu isso é tempo demais pra gente ainda não ter se visto pessoalmente mas tbm vou resolver isso, deixem comigo. uma vez albany, pra sempre albany ♥

astral squad ;; @astron4uts1x1 @cherryy1x1 @anyrps @arcanist1x1 ;; MEUS MOZÕES DO ZODÍACO eu não me arrependo de ter dado nenhum dos personagens daquele plot que pensei com tanto carinho para vocês, e como poderia ?? o amor é genuíno, e o agradecimento também (especialmente pra lou, melhor co-mod da vida ??), e torço pra trombar com vocês em todo rp que entro. uma vez astral, pra sempre astral ♥

effy heart ;; @opheliaplots @starkplots @bellatrixplots @sunnyplots @virgoplots @lupusaustralis ;; esqueci de marcar gente, certeza. o que dizer desse squad que conheço há uns três anos mas parece que vocês foram meus amigos de infância ?? não é por menos que to escrevendo uma fic pra vocês, porra, é muito amor. uma vez bubblegum agnes, pra sempre bubblegum agnes ♥

castelo branco e salazar ;; @aliasplots @claraplots ;; my real life actual sisters ?? eu não vou dizer o quanto eu amo vocês. vocês já sabem. tá faltando o guilherme aqui mas ele não tem blog de plots então não sei o que fazer. 

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o pessoal cujos plots se perderam no limbo ;; @fayatcharpenet @american1x1 @pierces1x1 @lullyandher1x1 @kyliewrites @rpsun @monique1x1 ;; acontece. ou eu perdi o interesse e esqueci de avisar, ou você perdeu o interesse e esqueceu de avisar, ou nós dois nunca nem postamos no 1x1 por n razões. só queria dizer que se quiserem tentar de novo, por favor, falem ♥ eu concordei em um 1x1 com vocês de primeira instância por um motivo e esse motivo (seja lá qual for) continua intacto. espero que vocês também não sintam nenhum tipo de mágoa porque trazer esse tipo de sentimento nunca foi minha intenção.

o mozão supremo ;; @farmboyplots ;; me chama pra plotar seu puto

os baby boys e as baby girls ;; @alienplots @minaliwrites @caesuraes @alienorain1x1 @miss-ironheart @gamerwrites @magurps ;; não tem muita razão pra essa categoria, só queria dizer que *tiago iorc voice* eu amei te ver e que precisando de qualquer coisa, contem comigo ♥

o pessoal que eu nunca conversei mas adoraria jogar junto ;; @drizzy1x1 @spiderwoman1x1 @motherfucker1x1 @poe-daweron @ezyah1x1 ;; expressando publicamente que se me chamarem pra plot eu já to.

Obrigado por me aguentarem e vamo que vamo não pode parar

  • some guy:i'm an egalitarian. i believe in rights for all. i'm not a misogynist; i love women. all opinions are valid.
  • same guy:feminists are the ugliest group of women on the planet and they're all mad that no one wants to bang them.
  • me:yikes.
Eu sinto como se meus dias não passassem de uma ilusão. Os sorrisos diários no rosto, os abraços e os beijos nos mais próximos a mim, parecem coisas rotineiras que eu apenas faço por fazer e não parecem ter tanta importância pra mim. Meus amigos são como fantasmas, como se meu mundo fosse Marte e o deles fosse a Terra. É impossível manter uma frequência próxima a eles. Família pra mim, é só mais um nome. O amor morreu na mesma intensidade com que nasceu. Talvez amar tenha sido meu maior erro, apoiei minha fraqueza em outro ser, e me caí. Caí porque ele não se apoiou em mim da mesma forma. Meu tão sonhado futuro parece estar cada vez mais distante e inalcançável. Meu presente se mistura tanto com meu passado, que já nem sei mais em que parte do tempo estou. Agora toda a minha vontade é chorar. Minha vontade é fumar até que meus pulmões não aguentem mais. Gritar até a veia saltar no pescoço, correr sem destino e não olhar pra trás. Cair nos braços dele e nunca mais soltá-lo. Eu sei que eu preciso mudar, venho me convencendo disso há anos, desde que minha vida virou do avesso e nunca soube por onde começar. Me sinto incapaz de controlar minha própria vida, e gostaria de ter 6 anos de novo e poder viver apenas aos cuidados dos meus pais. Nunca fui boa pra ouvir o que as pessoas tem a dizer, não me importo com o que elas dizem mais. É realmente uma pena que eu não consiga me importar com a compaixão dos outros. Sou dura demais, fria demais. Queria conseguir levar minha vida sem ser por traz de uma tela de celular e dentro de um quarto que cheira perfume barato. Sair por ai e fazer o que eu realmente gosto. Fazer amizades que realmente valham a pena, e quem sabe conhecer um novo amor. Queria conseguir ser o bastante pra mim mesma e sentir orgulho de mim pelo menos uma vez na vida, e me amar de verdade. É algo realmente duro ver todos aqueles que cresceram juntos comigo se dando bem enquanto eu afundo cada vez mais no fracasso.

E eu não consigo fazer nada pra mudar isso.


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AH - just--visiting -what will happen?!

It took her a few seconds to get over her disorientation and grasp that he wasn’t hurting her. Her eyes raked cautiously across his pale face, until she was satisfied that everything was in relatively good condition, and that the redhead wasn’t exhibiting any negative emotions.

Not that she cared how he felt.

His eyes, which she’d had so little opportunity to actually look into of late, were mismatched. One was a crystal blue and the other was a dark…blue? Brown? Black? She couldn’t tell.  Upon closer inspection she noticed his eyes were set between incredibly thick, red lashes and beneath sweeping brows. Not a gray hair in sight.

Hmm…he wasn’t as old as she thought he was.

“Is there any reason why you’ve decided to pin me up against a wall?” she asked calmly. She was not angry…not yet. If he had wanted to kill her he would have done it by now…had she surprised him so badly that he reacted negatively? 

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