10 favorite female characters

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The dealio is to pick ten favorite female characters from 10 different fandoms and tag 10 others to do it as well!!

1) Ahme played by Eleanor Bron in The Beatles Help! She is amazing! And is definitely not what you expect!

2) Sarah Jane Smith, I mean, I love her so much!!!! Also Tom Baker is my favorite Doctor, so…

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3) Nyota Uhura because seriously she’s a no nonsense badass, and Nichelle Nichols is a darling

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4) D.G. from Tin Man because she’s just great!

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5) Sailor Jupiter/ Makoto Kino because she’s a baker and a strong female Character

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6)Kate Rambeau from The Ramones Rock N Roll High School spoilers- she blows up the school with science

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7)Kushala, the Sorceress Supreme from the past only in the Doctor Strange comics. She’s Native American and Beautiful.

8) Audrey from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. She’s strong, capable, and only a teenager!

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9) Smoky Quartz from Steven Universe, because she/they’re super similar to me and it’s like a personal attack lol

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10) And finally! The Fairy Queen from my favorite Stand Alone film Willow she has a super minor role, but I’ve always loved her.

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Happy Pride Month everyone!

I couldn’t add every flags but I mostly put what I thought was relevant to them :D (of course those are ideas but you can disagree with it!)

Anyway I hope you liked it!

Love has no frontier  (◠ω◠✿)

PS: There is an advocacy week coming up: #WeNeedLGBTQStories Week. It’s a week to talk about the need for positive mainstream LGBT representation in media, June 12-18 ! If you want to know more about it, ask @weneedlgbtqstories or check this out!

What's going on with the TOS crew during Discovery? Part.1

To provide some context:

The first episode of discovery takes place in the year 2256

The Enterprise (NCC 1701) launched around 2245. The Enterprise is 11 years old in Discovery and still very much a new starship.

Discovery takes place is three years  after the Canon events of the first Original Series pilot and the flashback in the later TOS episode “The Menagerie,” (2253)

During the time of the first Discovery episode Christopher Pike is still in command of the USS Enterprise and is finishing up a 5 year exploratory mission.

Spock is 26 years old and is serving on the USS Enterprise as its science officer. 

James T. Kirk is 23 years old and is a Lieutenant  aboard the USS Republic. He is finishing his last year in a five year officer training regimen through Starfleet Academy. it will be 9 years till Kirk takes command of the Enterprise. 

Nyota Uhura is 17 years old and is more than likely attending classes at Starfleet Academy for advanced phonology and advanced acoustical engineering. She is also a rising star in Starfleet Academy’s Chorale Ensemble. It will be 10 years till she is a Lieutenant assigned aboard the Enterprise.

Montgomery Scott is 34 years old and has been in starfleet for 14 years. it can be assumed that he is serving in an engineering department of a starship or as an engineering advisor for the Deneva colony. it will be 9 years before he is assigned to the Enterprise.

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: why is nyota uhuras job being constantly underestimated and made out to be less important/less impressive than it really is. uhura not just a spaceship receptionist. she takes most of the ships main communications with other ships and other planets. she is capable of speaking multiple romulan dialects, klingon, english and swahili, probably among several other languages that she has a working knowledge of. uhura translates codes and identifies sonic anomalies/subspace fuckery. her job is not just answering the fuckin space phone like damn.