Rare, recently discovered comet visible for the first time this month

  • A newly discovered comet will be close enough to Earth to be visible but catch it while you can, because it won’t return for thousands of years.
  • The comet, named C/2016 U1 NEOWISE, was discovered in October by NASA’s NEOWISE mission.
  • For those in the Northern Hemisphere, C/2016 U1 NEOWISE will be visible just before dawn in the southeastern sky during the first two weeks of 2017.
  • Some avid sky watchers have already been sharing photos on Twitter with images tagged “C/2016 U1 NEOWISE.” Read more

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*wakes up in the middle of the night* nathan drake and elena fisher have gone such a long way since the first uncharted they were so young and full of innocent yet wondering what the world was made of and discovering themselves a bit more after every adventure and its what they went through together that made them realize how much alike they were but also what are their limits do you remember U1 elena? idgaf if you go, im still gonna find el dorado alone if i have to elena? dying is a morning excercise elena? or U3 nate? im blinded by my obsession nate? i almost died again for a goddamn tresure nate? and in both those situation, either elena or nate was trying to reason the other and make them realize how dangerous that was and without each other theyd be DEAD but they arent because they support each other so perfectly and in the end they found a way to do what they love with just as much adventure without risking their lives and they lived happily ever after

idk im just really emotional about these two

8 facts meme again, this time from @marscarat. (haz a Bambi tú ahora, petarda)

my fairy boy Tazim :u

1. Adrenaline addict.

2. Mischievous Kid™

3. Has a sweet tooth, often has tantrums if his parents don’t buy him sweets.

4. Likes to pull pranks to get people angry.

5. Tends to run away from home when he doesn’t feel loved by his parents (but they do love him, greatly).

6. Behaves badly when meeting new people because he thinks he’s not likeable.

7. Has a very kind heart deep inside, but he has self-steem issues.

8. Collects little shiny stones.

You know what’s stupid?

How Naughty Dog’s team took the contextual animations from U1-U3 (Nate shielding self from flames, shivering when cold, steadying self against walls etc.) and expanded them to include facial expressions in U4.

This is Nate’s default expression (or lack thereof):

This is Nate in a firefight:

This is Nate with a NERF gun:

This is Nate randomly looking at Elena, a few seconds after the “I almost didn’t this time,” cutscene:

These aren’t from cinematics–these are during regular gameplay. Whatever expressions end up on the characters’ faces during gameplay are significantly less fluid and detailed than in cinematic animation, but they’re still there–even though facial expressions like these usually aren’t going to be seen by the player, as Nathan’s back is almost always facing the camera, at a distance, when these things play out. I had to make the effort of entering photo mode and messing around with the camera to see these faces.

And basically Naughty Dog needs to chill the frick out.

(And by chill out I mean receive tons of awards and further industry recognition.)