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I've... never watched TWGOK... But y'know what? Maybe I will.

If you do get interested, I’ve got a very specific recommendation on how to watch it! :o (because the third season skipped SEVENTY chapters so yeah;;;)

Watch Season 1 & 2 first (the seasons actually added some really good additional content, so I highly recommend them)

Read chapters 34 & 35

Continue from chapter 42 until the end! :o (the second season covers 36-41 so yeah)

Enjoy! :>

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When should we watch season 3?

I would say to watch it after you finish at least up to chapter 189, because season three kind of rushes through 70ish chapters (along with having skipped 70)

They did a decent job with what they were aiming to do with the season, but I stand by the fact that it’s not the best way to experience the story @3@