Flat lay graphic tutorial

I’m going to teach you how to make this, which is a slightly altered version of a panel from my most recent graphic:

So I started making these graphics a while ago, and although a few people have asked me how I make them, I’ve only ever given really simple instructions so this is going to be a more detailed walk-through on how I make these graphics. Basically, I’m obsessed with them, I’ve made several variations (x, x, x, x) so there isn’t just one way or a correct way to make them. 

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Molding and Casting for Sculptors - Now Enrolling

If you are a sculptor or crafter wanting to make your own molds and casts on a small scale, this class is just what you’ve been looking for. This course contains over 3 hours of video content, created with the artist in mind. 19 total videos highlight sculpture-specific techniques throughout the entire mold making and casting process.

Learn with Easy-to-Follow Instructions

In Molding and Casting for Sculptors, I demonstrate how to make several different types of molds over the course of three different projects. We will discuss the materials needed for molding and casting, how to cut and sculptures, mold box building techniques, cutting open silicone molds, creating two part molds, the benefits of pressure casting, cast clean up, and more. At the end of the class, you will have the knowledge to start building your own molds and making your own casts.

No Previous Experience Needed

Requirements : Students will need to purchase materials in order to complete this class. Materials list with recommended brands and buying locations will be provided.

Previous molding and casting experience is not necessary. Beginner and experienced mold makers alike will learn plenty of new concepts, tips, and techniques in this class.

Cost and Details

Course is $75USD and includes lifetime access to video content as well as message boards.  Class is in English language only and recommended buying locations for materials are all US based.

I also have a special combo pack where you get BOTH of my online classes an intro price of $90USD. 

DIY 2 Ingredient Chocolate Ghost Cups

Make these beyond easy 2 ingredient Chocolate Ghost Cups in 15 minutes minutes. This is a kid friendly DIY.  

Find the recipe and tutorial for these DIY Chocolate Ghost Cups from Primavera here.


TOP TUTORIALS FOR LEARNING HOW TO DRAW BODY TYPES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwqC9CZ-muw

So after doing my thing with the overwatch characters I took it to myself to figure out the most important building blocks on a character’s body type!

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DIY Floating Shelf by Place of My Taste:

Full Tutorial:

Materials Needed:
–A round wooden plate

1-) Cut about 50, 3.5 yards pieces of yarn.
2-) Tie a knot in the middle. It’s going to be the centerpiece of the hanger.
3-) Divide your yarn into four equal sections.
4-) Then divide each part into two sections and twist it together. You can also separate your sections to three and braid the pieces together.
5-) Hang your piece somewhere high. Tie a knot around 4 inches below the top.
6-) As a last step tie a knot at the bottom. Slip on your wooden plate.

[VOTE] EXO is nominated at the '2016 MelOn Music Awards'

EXO is nominated at the ‘2016 MelOn Music Awards’. We must vote diligently in the first round to ensure EXO a place among the Top 10, which will make them eligible to win in specific categories. You may vote once per day, per account.


There are two rounds of voting:

First round (Top 10 selection): 161021 - 161103
Second round (Final voting): 161104 - 161118

Judging criteria: online voting - 30% | album sales score - 70%.

To vote:

  1. A MelOn account is required, so you must first sign up: [tutorial]
  2. Once signed up, please log in and go to the voting link provided above.
  3. On the voting page, you will see a list of artists. Locate EXO and click on the grey ‘투표하기’ button underneath.
  4. Repeat the process daily for each of your accounts.

Credit: dailyexo.tumblr.com.


A tutorial to help those that don’t want to ink on the paper they drew on!

Helpful if you do digital sketches, or have really dark sketches. (or don’t like seeing sketch lines on your ink drawings)

I’ve been doing almost all my ink drawings this way, and it’s been working pretty well! I hope someone can find this useful! (feel free to add on your own techniques!)

anonymous asked:

my internet is too slow to watch any streams, but your art looks so amazing-- how do you usually color stuff in? it's not really solid but it doesn't seem so transparent, like a "marker" brush setting? mind revealing your secrets?

AWE. ANON. YOU ARE INSTANT PRECIOUS TO ME. I’m sorry ya can’t make it to any streams! I’ll be more than ecstatic to share this with ya!!


It’s a small, free program and I love it to death; I got in a brutal divorce with Photoshop to be with my soulmate. https://drawpile.net/download/

Nextly, I have my pen settings changed to 100% firm instead of normal.

(This is noted bc you’ll see that my brush settings are at a maximum size, but the preview window shows the marking super soft and teensie. •That’s so I can have a maximum range of size to paint with so I don’t gotta pause to readjust the brush’s size if I want to block in bigger areas while coloring. I can color from 1 px to 128px without adjusting the size manually this way.)

Additionally, deep blue is my favorite black.

I never line or color with straight black! This is just a personal preference!

Lastly, I use my watercolor brush with all them delicious settings directly on the white background layer.

And I switch between the deep blue and white for shading and highlights! Don’t forget to set your lineart layer to multiply if you’re gonna start coloring dark enough!


someone asked for a little tutorial on how i draw blood, so i hope this helps!! tbh when i’m drawing blood it ends up just being a lot of trial and error, so i suggest also looking at plenty of reference. always keep in mind the overall shape and trajectory of the surfaces the blood rests on because that will affect the shape of the blood and whether it pools, drips, or follows contours.

Watch on art-res.tumblr.com

Ahmed’s Tutorials 

This art Youtuber is one of the best I’ve seen.  

He has other great videos, but this is his tutorial playlist. 

I recommend subscribing, because he rocks. 

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