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Given the survivability of the rest of your personnel, what's the turnover rate for your janitorial staff? Can they clean restrooms without worrying about being violently killed one way or another, or do you guys have a lot of really terrible restrooms full of really dead janitors?

Uh… Yes.

~ Fantem

Sandwich Thief

She was a magic consultant. At least, that was he had gathered when she spoke of helping people with their problems, emphasis on the magic parts. The entire encounter had thrown him for a loop, because the first few phrases she had bestowed upon him weren’t the typical kind that he enjoyed. 

“Are we brooding at anything particular here or just in general?” “What’s your story, sandwich man?” “You like your own space then, I presume. Good. The people who don’t want to be bothered are the most interesting to bother.” 

If he had summarized his interaction with Miss Shearstar, he was certain it would have matched the definition of a rough encounter. She’d stolen his sandwich. He implied she was going to rob his home after her odd questions and earned a light slap to the chest. They went to a bakery instead of a restaurant and she bought him apple turnovers in exchange for the sandwich. It hadn’t been a fluid, dashing conversation either- he had stumbled a bit, admitting he was a terrible conversationalist and she had squeezed questions out of him, both answers and in return. He was still confused why she was so prying or worse, that she insist he be the same in return.

Yet like a rolling summer storm she had arrived with thunder and left just as quick. He’d gotten to know her a little, enough to make him think and yet not enough to push him to seek her out again. Farwyn wasn’t back in Quel’thalas to make friends.

Still, he had to admit… the apple turnovers were pretty good.

(( liliashearstar ))

There are many ways to look at the minimum wage increase in Los Angeles from the current $9 an hour to $15 by 2020 — some hopeful, some cautionary, all good.

For starters, uncharted territory is rapidly being charted. Los Angeles is the fourth city, and by far the largest, to enact a $15 minimum in the past year. The others are Seattle, San Francisco and Emeryville, Calif. (near San Francisco). A $15 minimum has been proposed in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Kansas City, Mo.

Opponents of higher wages — generally, business groups and their political allies — have raised the same objections in Los Angeles that have been raised since the dawn of the federal minimum wage in 1938: that higher pay will lead to layoffs and business closings or business migration. But experience and research involving actual minimum wage increases indicate otherwise: The added cost of higher wages is offset by savings from lower labor turnover and higher labor productivity.

Higher wages can also be offset by modestly higher prices, which haven’t proved measurably disruptive, in part because minimum wage increases make somewhat higher prices manageable. Wages can also be raised by paying executives and shareholders less. Whatever changes employers may have to make in Los Angeles, the long phase-in of the planned increase gives them time to adjust.

…On the state level, 21 states that have not raised their minimums in recent years will be forced to face up to the fact that being a competitive place to do business means ensuring fair pay. Opponents of wage increases often raise the specter of scary “wage islands” caused by businesses decamping to lower-wage areas. The outcome is likely to be just the opposite. Businesses, especially in service industries, would prefer to be where customers have money, and that’s likely to be where wages are rising.

In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has recently earned well-deserved praise for creating a wage board to help raise the pay of fast-food workers, needs to realize, and quickly, that cities in California have stolen his thunder. Establishing a wage board to look into fast-food pay is a big step in the right direction. But it is no substitute for establishing a separate higher minimum wage of $15 an hour for New York City, and no substitute for going to the mat for a state minimum wage that is higher than the proposal for $10.50 an hour currently on the table.

Workers’ share of the economic pie has been shrinking for decades as the gains from labor productivity have flowed increasingly to profits rather than pay. A result has been an economy that is less resilient and more unequal. Low-wage workers who have been demonstrating for higher pay are leading politicians where they need to go, and the real leaders among those politicians are following the workers.

—  Editorial in the New York Times“A $15 Minimum Wage Bombshell in Los Angeles”

Take My Head // Turnover

Rest my head just a little longer
I don’t care what time it is
And I don’t want to have to feel so badly
For all the things I said and never did

Cut my brain into hemispheres
I want to smash my face until it’s nothing but ears
I want to paint my drain with a little red stain tonight
Take my head because it’s what I want
I want to fall asleep with the tv on
And let the house burn down until it’s gone with me inside

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You've worked for CN before, and you are obviously great at utilizing the SU art style to its full potential... Why haven't you been hired

There are actually a lot of people who are better at the style than me, but the simple answer is that there’s only so many positions available! And the turnover rate is very low! 

Besides, I already gots a full time-job ^^ But thank you!


New #geartalk video with Austin from Turnover!


Birthday food 🍓🍦and my new gym shirt from Gen’s client and our friend Theresa.

Not shown on my birthday food rampage:
- confetti cupcakes with Nutella icing (woke up to gen-ixx holding a plate of them with candles)
- vanilla dip donut
- homefries
- deep fried wontons filled with cream cheese and jalapeños
- rasberry turnovers
-strawberry milkshake
- bacon pepperoni pizza pops
- chicken fingers
- tropical sorbet
- thick cut chips and dip
- strawberry short cake ice cream cones
And a bunch of alcohol.

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not the same anon but what s1 did you watch? emma was set up to do all those things by regina. if regina can be manipulated by others so can emma. emma saw that henry was a depressed kid whose mom kept him that way while insisting he was fine every time emma tried to say he wasn't okay. and did you rb stans miss the turnover? she did almost kill henry.

  • Regina did not set up Emma to violate her parental rights (All of season 1 and 2).
  • Regina did set up the circumstances for Emma to take Archie’s file but Emma still took the file knowing full well she had no right to it (1.02).
  • Regina did not set up Emma to take her clothes (1.03).
  • Regina did not set up Emma to break into her city hall (1.11).
  • Regina did not set up Emma to bug her office (1.11).
  • Regina did not set up Emma to use Henry to illegally search her garage (1.18). 
  • Regina did not set up Emma to abduct Henry (1.20/1.21).

Regina took advantage of Emma’s poor judgement in a number of those circumstances but Emma is an adult and a sworn law enforcement officer.  She damn well knows better than to do all of those things.  She is responsible.  All of those things are worth jail time.  If you include season 2′s kidnapping in 2.13 federal jail time for transporting Henry across state lines without the permission of his custodial parent.

And the turnover is not abuse because it was not meant for Henry it was meant for Emma.  That matters no matter how much you ARB nut cases try and scream about it.

Magcon/Omaha Preferences #24 Dessert He Cooks You part 2

Try out any or all of these recipes, I know I will

Jacob- Pumpkin Cookies with Brown Butter Frosting 

Matthew- Lemonade Cake 

Nash- Nutella Peanut Butter and Banana Turnovers 

Nate- Fluffy & Moist Coconut Cake 

Sam- Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Cupcakes 


Shawn- Angel Food Cupcakes 

Taylor- Baked S’mores Bars 

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these pictures or recepes, the majority of them were found in tumblr search.

A family of Heroes

you have to admit the Swan-Mills family is full of heros. 

We had Henry sacrificing himself with the turnover to get Emma to believe in Magic and herself.

The course Emma has the TLK with Henry to wake him up

Then we have Regina, several times sacrificing herself of sorts, in S2, like at the Well when absorbing all that power, not really knowing what it would do to her, then course with the Diamond trigger, Then we have Emma step in and work together with Regina to disarm the trigger.

Then we have Regain again, sacrificing herself to stop Pan’s curse, and be a hero by giving Emma and Henry good memories before sending them away. 

And once more Regina is the hero when it’s her TLK to Henry that brings back the memories of the forgotten year, plus she used white magic against Zelena.

Then we have Regina AGAIN, being a hero when her and Emma are on the road trip, doing what she can to keep Emma from stepping into the darkness, especially with Emma and Lily.

Then we have where we are now, where we have Emma, Regina and Henry in on Episode being heroes, and sacrificing to save and protect each other.

Looking forward to S5 and seeing more Swan-Mills Family heroics :)

WKNC 88.1 FM CHARTS: May 19, 2015

 1. SPEEDY ORTIZ - Foil Deer - Carpark
 2. TORRES - Sprinter - Partisan
 3. HOP ALONG - Painted Shut - Saddle Creek
 4. WAXAHATCHEE - Ivy Tripp - Merge
 5. ALEX G - Trick - Lucky Number
 6. ELVIS DEPRESSEDLY - New Alhambra - Run For Cover
 7. ESKIMEAUX - O.K. - Double Double Whammy
 8. MITSKI - Bury Me At Makeout Creek - Don Giovanni
 9. COURTNEY BARNETT - Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just  Sit - Mom And Pop
10. RYLEY WALKER - Primrose Green - Dead Oceans
11. TURNOVER - Peripheral Vision - Run For Cover
12. SUFJAN STEVENS - Carrie And Lowell - Asthmatic Kitty
13. GENGAHR - She’s A Witch [EP] - Transgressive
14. CHASTITY BELT - Time To Go Home - Hardly Art
15. MY MORNING JACKET - The Waterfall - Capitol
16. SURFER BLOOD - 1000 Palms - Joyful Noise
18. SARAH BETHE NELSON - Fast Moving Clouds - Burger
19. TORO Y MOI - What For? - Carpark
20. MOON KING - Secret Life - Last Gang
21. BOUQUET - In A Dream [EP] - Self-Released
22. AVA LUNA - Infinite House - Western Vinyl
23. WARM SODA - Symbolic Dream - Castle Face
24. PURITY RING - Another Eternity - 4AD
25. COLLEEN GREEN - I Want To Grow Up - Hardly Art
26. JEFF ROSENSTOCK - We Cool? - SideOneDummy
27. ALABAMA SHAKES - Sound And Color - ATO
28. PEACH KELLI POP - III - Burger
29. REPTAR - Lurid Glow - Joyful Noise
30. JACCO GARDNER - Hypnophobia - Polyvinyl

1. UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA - Multi-Love - Jagjaguwar
2. JOANNA GRUESOME - Peanut Butter - Slumberland
3. CHEERLEADER - The Sunshine Of Your Youth - Bright Antenna
4. MILK CARTON KIDS - Monterey - Anti
5. HOT CHIP - Why Make Sense? - Domino