Jacket covers for Dempagumi’s 14th major single, “Ashita Chikyuu ga Konagona ni Nattemo" (Even if tomorrow the Earth is shatteredhas finally been revealed!~

The lyrics and covers for Limited Edition A, Vinyl, and cassette tape are written and illustrated by Oyasumi Punpun mangaka Inio Asano. The single was composed by Shunsuke Tsuri, and arranged by Tom-H@ck. The single’s coupling track titled, “AkihabaLife♪” was written, composed and arranged by Ayumi Tamura. Limited Edition C includes a cover of “Tonchin Kanchin Ikkyuu-san” (preview here), which was written by Yamamoto Morihisa (for an anime), also composed by Seiichiro Uno, and arranged by Kenichi Yamada. The lyrics for the other track in Limited Edition C, “Touch” were written by Koo Chinka, composed by Serizawa Hiroaki, and arranged by Tobinai Masahiro.

The single will be released September 16, 2015 through 6 editions:
Limited Edition A CD+DVD, Limited Edition B CD+DVD, Limited Edition C CD, Regular Edition CD, 7inch vinyl record, and a cassette tape.

For more detailed information on every Editions’s tracks and DVD contents, read more below~

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uchihagodmadara asked:

((Not an ask but show us your pets Sasori :D

Here is my newest child, Senmenki~

He’s a Chinese Water Dragon! Very hyperactive and then very calm in a few seconds. He’s a little finicky since he has not been with us for a week so I’ll wait before picking him up and stuff.

He was a gift~

My Black Asian Forest Scorpion, Kinzoku~ He really loves Sasori very much by trying to use him a climbing method to escape. He almost looks blue in the sunlight!

A king snake, my first snake and pet since living on my own, she’s an escape artist! She has slithered her way somehow out of two different cages! She has red eyes which I love to stare into~

ok but my tsubasa cosplay junk is all ordered now we wait >8)
also my tsuri vid HOPEFULLY should be done today, seeing them on the beach in gatchaman INSPIRED ME


Tsuri Bit’s first posts on CHEERZ!

つりビットの美容リーダー 中学3年生の"ちゃんあや"こと聞間 彩(ききま あや)です♡ CHEERZ初投稿! よろしくお願いします☺︎✌︎ Ayaʕु•̫͡•ʔु ♡ https://t.co/xyGH1jALJW #CHEERZ pic.twitter.com/FLl8vSq58s

— つりビット 9/19原宿アストロワンマン (@tsuri_bit)

August 18, 2015

つりビットの中学3年生、 MC&ボーカル隊長のさくちんこと、安藤咲桜です! CHEERZ始めました♡ よろしくお願いします! https://t.co/iLEsZcvaez #CHEERZ pic.twitter.com/iOm1KuWmdY

— つりビット 9/19原宿アストロワンマン (@tsuri_bit)

August 18, 2015

つりビット最年長でリーダーの長谷川瑞です!釣りたい魚は真鯛です🐟! CHEERZ初投稿!せいっ! よろしくお願いします(o^^o)✨ みずき(。・ω・。) https://t.co/riD2pN0dFx #CHEERZ pic.twitter.com/yeK3bKrrLH

— つりビット 9/19原宿アストロワンマン (@tsuri_bit)

August 18, 2015

頑張ってオシャレしたんだから、オシャレなところに連れて行って^ ^ つりビットなつき #ドリカム感 https://t.co/IFaQuVwS4R #CHEERZ pic.twitter.com/gEYEODN05a

— つりビット 9/19原宿アストロワンマン (@tsuri_bit)

August 18, 2015

つりビットのあゆたんこと小西杏優です! 中学2年生14歳です♪ 初投稿!! よろしくお願いします(*๓´╰╯`๓) https://t.co/GTtFEBuhMO #CHEERZ ぁゅ(*´罒`*) pic.twitter.com/oW6F8qQNkt

— つりビット 9/19原宿アストロワンマン (@tsuri_bit)

August 18, 2015

  • Tsuris:i'm having a stroke
  • Tsuris:i'm laughing so hard
  • Tsuris:i just thought about the fact that Zach wanted angel wings like Angeal
  • Tsuris:and without thinking I said outloud:
  • Tsuris:"Well it's a good thing you fucking died because now you've sure as fuck got them"
  • Tsuris:i'm going to hell but I will be cackling all the way down
  • Ember the Dingo:TOO SOON
  • Tsuris:tfw when you accidentally lesbians
  • Steve:there's nothing accidentally about lesbians
  • Acey:^^^
  • Steve:gay or die, dude
  • Steve:you either gay
  • Steve:or you die
  • Tsuris:lol
  • Tsuris:i was writing two of my characters and then suddenly they were in a relationship together
  • Steve:perfect
  • Steve:A+
  • Tsuris:sorceress girl and a vampire and omfg I fucking rosemaryed
  • Tsuris:FUCK

anonymous asked:

8, 13, 38

8. Rarest/Most expensive game in your collection?

Never paid that much money for a game itself. I paid way too much money for one of the fishing lure prizes from a 90s Itoi Shigesato no Bass Tsuri No. 1 competition.

13. A game you’ve never played that everyone else has?

Halo, I think I played CoD like once, Portal (want to play), The Last of Us, Tomb Raider

38. A game you’re ashamed to admit that you like?

The more shameful the game the better, there were a few hentai point and clicks that might qualify though. 

anonymous asked:

KuroTsukki for the kid meme!

  • Name: kuroo seiichi
  • Sex/Gender: cis male
  • Which parent they take after more (physically): i mean, he has the black hair from kuroo, but the face is very much tsukki. he’s tall either way, maybe 6′3″? a beanpole. 
  • Which parent they take after more (personality): initially, it seems like he’s a little carbon copy of tsukki when he’s not teasing. but once people get to know him, he’s a lot more friendly towards people? definitely moms the team around. the most low key caring person around.
  • Who do they like better: proooobably kuroo? i’m not sure on that one though. it depends on the mood.
  • What their Christmas Card/Family Portrait looks like: probably a collage of pictures that kuroo took? because tsukki and seiichi both don’t want to take pictures of themselves at all, so kuroo just photoshops together a bunch of shots from vacations and such.
  • What do they like to do/what games they play: he’s stuck being a middle blocker, let’s be real. there’s not really away around that with those two as parents. he’s a strong student, as well, but his main interest outside of volleyball would be piano.
  • What does family night consist of: kuroo forcing seiichi and tsukki to go and play 3 on 3 matches against whoever he can find that night.
  • FC:

2015/08/14 に公開

この夏、初の水着ショットにチャレンジしたファースト写真集「フィッシングヘブン!」­を発表したつりビット。実はその撮影と同時になんとミュージックビデオも撮影!! 初の海外ロケ、タイで撮影された「今しか見れない旬の瑞々しさ」が満載!!  '15 8/5発売の6thシングル「釣り銭はいらねぇぜ」通常盤Aに収録されたカップリング­曲「裸足のマーメイド」のミュージックビデオが遂にフルバージョンで公開です!!

作曲・編曲:楊 慶豪

Produced by トベタ・バジュン



・つりビット写真集 フィッシングヘブン!


【拡散RT熱烈きぼう☆】 つりビット『裸足のマーメイド』ミュージックビデオ公開しました!夏を感じたらRTおねがい*\(^o^)/*


2015.8.5 Release

6th CD Single 『釣り銭はいらねぇぜ』 

– CD収録曲 -<通常盤A> ¥926-(+税) RPK-1036







Unreal, but powerfully human
#kabuki #Senjaku [Daily Telegraph]Grand formality: Beautiful Woman (Nakamura Senjaku III) and Lord (Bando Kichiya II) in Tsuri Onna, part of a decorative Kabuki double bill by the Chikamatsu-za troupe They show a 20th-century comedy and an 18th-century tragedy in a double bill, for which …
Unreal, but powerfully human
#kabuki #Senjaku [Daily Telegraph]Grand formality: Beautiful Woman (Nakamura Senjaku III) and Lord (Bando Kichiya II) in Tsuri Onna, part of a decorative Kabuki double bill by the Chikamatsu-za troupe They show a 20th-century comedy and an 18th-century tragedy in a double bill, for which …

A circa 1827 ukiyo-e print by Yashima Gakutei showing a woman playing a tsuri-daiko hanging drum. The tsuri-daiko are a type of taiko drum that produce a low sound, and are commonly used in ensembles accompanying bugaku court dances. [3615x4091]