Tsuribit released their MV of Tsurisen wa Irane-ze. This MV showcases an awesome new style in terms of dance, song, and filming style for the group! It even contains a unique story that pays homage to classic Japanese films! Please check it out! Tsuribit is a group to keep an eye on!

One of the collaborative glass paintings with @t_w_o_o_n_e / Hiroyasu Tsuri that will be shown in the exhibition WALL DIALOGUE at Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin – along with works by: @blo_dmv / @dxtrtheweird / Falkland / @hrvbtheweird / @_idrawalot / @looktheweird / @rul3rs / @rylsee / @vidamtheweird

Opening party with Dr. Motte, on Saturday, 27. June. Organization: Annika Hirsekorn.

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“Raintree no Kuni” Movie Releases First Trailer and Images

As previously reported, Kis-My-Ft2′s Tamamori Yuta will be starring in the film adaptation of Arikawa Hiro‘s original novel “Raintree no Kuni”. Co-starring with him is singer- model Nishiuchi Mariya as the heroine.  Arikawa’s “Rein Tsuri no Kuni” tells the pure love story between two people who h…

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Trading: Whitney
Looking for: Coco, Doc, Gabi, Gaston, MIRA, RUBY
Move date: 7/6/15 pst 
Additional info: please message me your fc as well. really want mira and ruby the most, but the other villagers listed are fine. only want those villagers. if i dont get any offers, than she will be free.
tumblr URL: kawaiiflowerbowl
Mayor Name/Town Name: Ringo/Tsuri
FC: 1220-6837-9809

I first encountered TsuriBit at a mini live event in Shibuya when I was visiting Tokyo. It was a great show and handshake event that lead to me becoming a big fan. I happened across this video on Youtube today and to my surprise there I was! It’s like it documented my discovery of this awesome group!

Inilah adaptasi manga live-action terbaik pilihan 100 pria di Jepang

Tahun ini, Ada banyak adaptasi live-action dari manga, terutama dalam bentuk drama TV dan film, misalnya AnoHana, Bakuman., Attack on Titan, Patlabor, My Neighbor Seki, Death Note, My Love Story!!, dan masih banyak lagi yang akan hadir. Tapi, ada juga manga dan anime yang para penggemar tidak pernah ingin dibuat dari format 2D ke 3D seperti Slam Dunk, One Piece, dan Evangelion yang menjadi tiga pilihan teratas. Pekan lalu, di Jepang diadakan sebuah survei yang bertanya pada 100 pria tentang adaptasi live-action favorit mereka sepanjang masa. Tsuri Baka Nisshi dan Thermae Romae menjadi dua pilihan di urutan pertama.

Seperti dilansir dari animenewsnetwork.com, Tsuri Baka Nisshi berkisah tentang kejenakaan seorang salaryman bernama Densuke Hamasaki dan atasannya yang terobsesi untuk memancing. Kisah ini telah menginspirasi lebih dari 20 film live-action yang sejak film pertamanya memulai debut pada tahun 1988 telah dibintangi oleh Toshiyuki Nishida sebagai karakter utamanya. Sementara itu manga dan dua adaptasi film live-action Thermae Romae yang dibintangi Hiroshi Abe mengikuti perjalanan seorang arsitek Romawi yang menemukan dirinya berpindah waktu dan tempat ke Jepang di masa modern dan menemukan kesamaan antara budaya mandi dari kedua peradaban.

Beberapa pilihan teratas lainnya termasuk:

- Nodame Cantabile
– Gokusen
– 20th Century Boys
– Rurouni Kenshin
– Sukeban Deka
– Naniwa Kin’yudo
– Kaiji
– Salaryman Kintaro
– Kodoku no Gourmet
– Oishinbo
– Death Note
– Sazae-san
– Shomuni
– Ushijima the Loan Shark

Induction I. Matrix – Various Films – Chain Reaction
Induction I. Matrix – Various Films – Chain Reaction

Induction I.

Album Artist: Matrix

Album Title: Various Films

Label: Chain Reaction

Style: Minimal, Abstract

Year: 2000


Listen / Buy

The Record.

Tetsuo Tsuri. Illusive producer, at the time, part of the roster that would lay a foundation for Dub Techno and Minimal Techno – Chain Reaction. It’s a cliché but I will quote my good friend who used a famous saying to describe Matrix – ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici’. And conquer he did, the disk compiling all of his work, released in the year 2000 is to this day one of the most sophisticated and forward thinking pieces in the genre. The production quality, arrangement, modulation and progression, everything is so…fragile, yet leaves an impression so strong. Like an ancient vase, ornamented with such precision and detail, it captures and puts you into a catharsis.

Not many people outside of critics and the hardcore bunch think Matrix when they think genre definition though. I can only speculate but I think that this was the whole point. It wasn’t meant to be a career, rather a metaphorical cinematic trip, conceptualizing individual ideas at the time and leaving a mark on whoever encounters them. Shrouded in and influenced by Basic Channel and Chicago House music Various Films stands strong next to Vibrant Forms, BCD and similar records on the label. Unique yet very simple to comprehend the album left immense mark on the scene, clear influences made by Matrix can be heard in music by Huerco S., Marcel Dettmann and a lot of current lo-fi techno producers on labels like Opal Tapes and L.I.E.S.

Personal favorite: Red Film #2

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Unreal, but powerfully human
#kabuki #Kichiya [Daily Telegraph]Grand formality: Beautiful Woman (Nakamura Senjaku III) and Lord (Bando Kichiya II) in Tsuri Onna, part of a decorative Kabuki double bill by the Chikamatsu-za troupe They show a 20th-century comedy and an 18th-century tragedy in a double bill, for which …