Christmas Vocabulary クリスマス

クリスマス (kurisumasu) - Christmas 

 クリスマス・ツリー (kurisumasu・tsuri-) - Christmas tree  

クリスチャン (kurisuchan) - Christian

降雪: こうせつ (kousetsu) - snowfall/snow

贈答: ぞうとう (zoutou) - exchange of presents

サンタクロース (santakuro-su) - Santa Claus

御飾り: おかざり (okazari) - decorations/mere window dressings/ offerings

デコる (dekoru) - to decorate, to prettify/ to attach a decorative sticker/ cover/ bauble/ etc. to a cell phone/ notebook/ slippers, etc.

イルミネーション (irumine-shon) - illumination/ decorative lighting

天使: てんし (tenshi) - Angel

デート (da-to) - date, go on a date

休暇: きゅうか (kyuuka) - holiday/ day off/ furlough/ absence (from work)

休業: きゅうぎょう (kyuugyou) - closed (e.g. store)/ business suspended/ shutdown/ holiday

冬休み: ふゆやすみ (fuyuyasumi) - winter vacation

冬期休暇: とうききゅうか (toukikyuuka) - winter vacation (holidays)

休日: きゅうじつ (kyuujitsu) - holiday/ day off

フライドチキン (furaidochikin) - fried chicken

寒中見舞: かんちゅうみまい (kanchuumimai) - winter greeting card/ inquiring after someone’s health in the cold season

冬木: ふゆき (fuyuki) - a tree as seen in winter (esp. a barren deciduous tree)/ evergreen tree

雪だるま: ゆきだるま (yukidaruma) - snowman

ハヌカ (hanaka) - Hanukkah/Chanukah/ Festival of Lights

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And for the end… Sakka Yarouze !!

the minor characters in dr:ae need more fanart so i doodled two of them.;;

(the images used for the kill list have really unsaturated colors so i tried to give them livelier-looking colour schemes!!)

Get to know the Inazuma Fandom Meme

I think I already did this, but well, I do it for those who are new in the fandom, and because I just want to do it ! XD Well, my opinion changed for some questions… Let’s do it !x3

  • How long have you been a fan of Inazuma Eleven ?

BIG fan since summer 2015 !

  • How did you find out about Inazuma Eleven ?

Thanks to my sis. She was watching it, and couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful Kidou was and all… XD In the beginning, I wasn’t interested to it, tbh… And then, one night, I watched the first episode and that’s when my love began !

  • Favourite IE Character(s)

MY BABIES !!! *Cough* Shirou & Atsuya.. X) And I have all my boys : my little blondinet, my baby penguin Kidou & my other baby penguin Aki.

I love all the IE kids, tbh. Especially my sakka freak, Endou, my queens Haruna & Kino, the man of the ocean Tsunami, my little tiger Toramaru, my ryuusei boy Hiroto, my pistachio boy Midorikawa, the God Terumi, one of the penguin boys Sakuma & the rebellious Tobitaka !

Buuut, my fave ones are the 5 beauties, especially my little wolves !! >3< (OF COURSE)

  • Favourite IEGO Character(s)

Here we go… No inspiration for nicknames so far XD Soo… My boys : Yukimura, Taiyou, Kishibe, Hakuryuu, Yuuichi, Kyousuke, Kariya, Isozaki, Minamisawa, Okita & Alpha.

And there’re other characters that I really like : Shindou, Kirino, Fey, Sangoku, Kinako, Saryuu, Ibuki, Matatagi & Hikaru. The Go kids are really cute, tbh…

And the hottie Ishido ? I REALLY LOVE HIM ! Like, so much..

  • Least Favourite Character(s)

Sakura (GOD I HATE HER), Morimura, Kusaka (all the new Go Galaxy kids, tbh. Except Matatagi, Ibuki & the trio of Raimon), Tenma (I dislike him… a bit), Shuu & that’s all I think…?  Oh, I kinda dislike Kageyama too…

  • Favourite OTP and ships?

*Fangirl mode activated* GOUKI !!! MY OTP ! <3 And KdFd & GouFubu, my top 3 ships. For Go : KyouTaku, Ranmasa, Hakuryuu x Kyousuke, & that’s all I think ?

And some other good ships I love : GouFu, FuFubu, SatoTeru, Kidou x Fubuki, EnGou & HiroEn.

For Go, some ships I like : Rantaku, Isozaki x Kyousuke, Kurama x Minamisawa & MuneTaku.

  • Favourite BROTP?

MY ANGELS (MY FAVE ONE !!!), the Break trio, the Penguin Trio, Tobitaka-Fudou-Tsunami, Toramaru-Tobitaka, Tsunami-Tachimukai, Rika-Touko, Fubuki-Tsunami.

For Go : Yuuichi-Kyousuke (my fave one !!), the Raimon trio, Hikaru-Kariya, Nishiki-Midori, Amagi-Hikaru & Fei-Tenma. 

  • If you were in a team of your choosing, which school?

Teikoku (original), the team of badass boys !

  • What position would you be playing?

Forward, for sure !

  • Favourite hissatsu move(s)?

All my babies’ hissatsus. Also, all my boys’ hissatsus (original). Hissatsus like The Earth, Big Bang, Inazuma Break, Hurricane, and others XD (But all of the ones I said are the main ones).

For Go… Yukimura’s hissatsus, Taiyou’s, Kyousuke’s, Shindou’s & Hakuryuu’s. Other hissatsus : The Mist, Fire Tornado DD, Hunter’s net, and that’s all I can remember right now…

  • Favourite Season?

The Aliea arc without any hesitation ! And you know why, of course…

Also, a little mention of the Holy Road season.

  • Favourite Episode?

All the IE episodes. Every one of them is priceless in its own way. And a special mention to the episode 36, episodes 25-28 & episode 47(Holy Road).

  • What does Inazuma Eleven mean to you?

I already wrote the whole thing but… IE means so much things to me. This anime is the only one who made me feel so much feelings and gave me very good memories & precious friends. It saved me, healed me, and makes me happy everyday. And I love it even more each day that is passing. <33

  • Do you contribute to the fandom? (Graphics/Gifs/Writing/Art/ Supporter)

All of them. But that’s mostly Gifs, writing and being a BIG supporter ! I also bring the new infos about IE & IE Ares. :33

  • Recommend some of your favourite Inazuma Eleven blogs

God damn it. I have so many to recommend : @zafiro-satoshi (her 4 blogs) @iuniu @ishidoshuuji (all her blogs) @letsplaysakka @g-ran @lynneryon @tsuri-ouji, @ygreczed @huyandere @aishakami (both her two blogs) @linabigface @inazuma-eleven-translations @inazumaelevenconfessions @inazuma-eleven-lover @inazuma-eleven-fan  @suzusnowfuusuke @vraberika @frosteblaze @iulliiana @zappyspiker (all the blogs !!)

Let’s check their blogs NOW ! (Or if you don’t have time, later of course X)) Seriously, don’t hesitate. VERY GOOD BLOGS !! And the most important, kind, sweet, adorable persons with beautiful souls <333

For the end… SAKKA YAROUZE !! (Imagine my voice screaming it…)