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spacetwinks master of all weird soda drinks and furry history and ebook erotica knowledge, please tell me about fishing rpgs. are you lying. do they exist. because i want to play them so much

not lying at all! most famous of the bunch is Legend of the River King, a spinoff from the Harvest Moon series! 2 of the games came over on gameboy, and it’s a buncha fishing interspersed with fighting random animals (you can get your ass kicked by a regular goddamn bird), collecting bugs, flowers, and all sorts of other stuff… while you fish to save your entire village from doom. a BUNCH of the Legend of the River King games never came over, unfortunately, and most of them haven’t gotten fan translations either. with the notable exception of Nushi Tsuri Adventure: Kite No Bouken, which is kind of like the fishing RPG meets One Piece-ish atmospheric elements with pirate kings and shit.

then there was Tsuri Sensei 1 and 2, also for the gameboy, published by now defunct company J-Wing. both untranslated, both fishing RPGs, and at least one of them i’ve seen described in japanese wiki pages as “kusoge” or, basically, “shit game”. shame, because they look really cool! J-Wing also did a bunch of other neat games about subjects like breeding dinosaurs, or catching bugs. also untranslated, unfortunately.

the Legend of the River King games are pretty fun if a little clunky, if you ask me! fire up an emulator and try ‘em out.

~Special Announcement~

- We’re running another ‘Win a Micronational Noble Title’ contest!! -

That’s right! This blog has been so dead lately so we thought we’d do a little something to shake things up! 

So, for the 2nd time since Tsurasia was founded in the late Summer of 2013, we’re holding a contest and a noble title of your choosing is up for grabs!

This time it will be another art contest, but focusing on drawings, paintings, and doll crafting exclusively!

So how (and who) can enter? Glad you asked! Your mission, should you choose to accept it (how badly do you want that title? ;) is to create some form of art piece (using any media you choose) of our mascot, Tsuri-chan! And then submit your image (or photo if it’s something you can’t scan or wasn’t made in-computer) to our Submit Box by May 31st! As for who can enter? EVERYONE! The contest is open to all regardless of whether you follow this blog or are a citizen! Anyone can enter to win!

Tsuri…chan?? Who? Our lovely mascot of course! Below you can find some initial reference images of her as well as her bio and more info on Tsurasia. Be sure to be as creative as you’d like! This is Tsuri-chan after all! She’s a pretty creative person herself! Feel free to create any sort of art piece that features her in any way; you can change her clothes or her hairstyle as you see fit, we only ask to please not draw anything with full nudity! There are children on here after all! And I’ll say it again, feel free to be as creative as you can!

MicroWiki Tsuri-chan Bio

3 Other images of Tsuri-chan

So…about that prize..? Of course you wanna know the prize details yeah? Well, first off all entries submitted will be posted onto the blog here and afterwards Tsurasia’s Princess’ will vote for their favorite piece. The winner will get their choice of noble title (anything less than King/Queen, Prince/Princess is open for all genders! So, Duchess, Marquis, Count/Countess, Viscount, Baron, etc.) and a beautiful certificate (like these here) stating so. The winning piece will also be featured on the kingdom’s Facebook page and MicroWiki page!

So get those creative minds working and share this post so lots of other people can enter too!

omfg i saw some people mentioning about the acronym of the new game being ‘lolk’ and i can’t help but think about ulil having a weird acronym too.

it’s like the next two games are ‘u lil…’ and then ‘lol k’.


   a training run was supposed to be practise, but absent-minded individuals
   were quick to lose control of their 3dmg more easily, in this particular
   case resulting in a missed shot of one of the grappling hooks. the iron
   wire whisked through the air, and the soldier found himself flying freely
   for but a moment–
      –before he crashed into a nearby tree.
   groaning, he fell tot he ground, landing on his rear and causing him
   to whine quietly. he blinked, turned his head, and immediately came
   to the realisation that where clumsiness came to show, there would
   always be spectators.

          ‘–that was on purpose.

giant buffalo out in public, fremantle

Great to catch street-artist TwoOne (Hiroyasu Tsuri) in action last week painting his huge buffalo above the main entrance to MANY 6160, the former Myer building in Fremantle’s Kings Square. TwoOne is one of eight international and local street artists painting walls in Fremantle for FORM’s Public 2015, giving a vibrant boost to Freo’s much-loved artistic scene. ‪@t_w_o_o_n_e

Tsuri Bit - Sakura Jyūtan

Tsuri Bit – Sakura Jyūtan
“Sakura Jyūtan” es un tema publicado por Tsuri Bit. La cancion se incluye en la edición B del single “Makenai Gattsu ~Itsuka Sekai wo Tsuriagemasu~”

Tsuri Bit – Sakura Jyūtan
Lyrics:Tobeta Bajun
Music:Sumida Shinya
Español: Ivaan

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Unreal, but powerfully human
#kabuki #Kichiya [Daily Telegraph]Grand formality: Beautiful Woman (Nakamura Senjaku III) and Lord (Bando Kichiya II) in Tsuri Onna, part of a decorative Kabuki double bill by the Chikamatsu-za troupe They show a 20th-century comedy and an 18th-century tragedy in a double bill, for which …