Natsumi has some questionable methods of sharing.

Levi: It was for a good cause.
Levi: a sb shirt was on sale
Max: Ooh, which?
Tsuri: i still needa get a protectorate shirt
Tsuri: nice
Natsumi: give Tsuri the left half

Natsumi: Tsuri
Natsumi: that is not how you shirt
Tsuri: QQ
Natsumi: the obvious solution is to both wear the shirt at once
Scaleeen: The special class get along shirt
Levi: Wow, it’s the get along tank!

the minor characters in dr:ae need more fanart so i doodled two of them.;;

(the images used for the kill list have really unsaturated colors so i tried to give them livelier-looking colour schemes!!)

January 2017: The famous Tsurui-family of Gion Kobu posing for a family-picture during Hatsuyori.

From left to right: Geiko Sayaka, Geiko Satsuki, Maiko Mitsuki and Maiko Marika

During Hatsuyori Maiko and Geiko of Gion Kobu thank the owners of the ochaya they frequent.
They also all visit the house of their dance master, Yachiyo Inoue V, and thank her for her service.

Source: tomtombeat on Instagram


So here we have Nushi Tsuri 64: Shiokaze Ninotte, and it’s something that came in the mail pretty recently. Part of the long-running series we know in the west as Legend of the River King, this particular title is apparently a side story of sorts rather than part of the assuredly revered LotRK canon.

And frankly, there’s not a lot more I can tell you. The density of this particular title rivals your average chunk of osmium, both kanji-wise and mechanically. It’s perhaps the single most efficient combination to ensure that non-natives will get utterly and absolutely nowhere in a jiffy, and few games make that more profoundly apparent than this one.

Like the previously covered Zool: Magic Beastmaster Legend, though, it thankfully has a video walkthrough of sorts on NicoNico, which I’ve begun to start attempting to transfer over to Youtube. It appears to follow just one of the four (apparently) different stories available depending on which character you select, but that is still tremendously more helpful than nothing.

There seems to be a lot of interesting stuff to see and do, in particular collecting a surprisingly wide variety of flowers and fully-rendered insects- but that’s unfortunately about all I can figure out for the time being.  If you’re looking to check this one out, good luck- and please don’t hesitate to share what you find.