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Ok now I'm super excited :)my hs au prompt included: smoking behind the gym (or smwhere idk I've never done it), being partners for a project, studying in a library, one late night adventure..But the same problems and past they have in canon..

(AN: same warnings as canon? but no graphic violence. this is the first part of probably three, but i wanted to split it because it’s getting long/i didn’t want to post too much at once. i’ve branched off the prompt a teeny bit by messing with andrew’s backstory a little but i hope you like it!)

Every day that Neil has stuck around in California has been one day too many.

It was too much, in those first few days, to think about leaving behind the memory of his mom and that last, desperate night. He made it to San Francisco, tracked down a family contact, and then took random buses until he stumbled into a seedy motel in Oakland.

But then…he had no fucking idea of what to do next, did he?

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Long time, no post!

… aaaaand it’ll stay that way for a few more weeks.

I’m currently in a hotel, and tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM I’ll be hopping on a bus, and heading to meet my best friend of four years in New Jersey. Then on Friday, I’m flying to Florida to visit @checkmar! After that I’m visiting @addiesims in Toronto. I’ll be back on November 8th.

Since I can’t celebrate this year, I hope you guys all have a great Simblreen! See you on the flipside ★