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Vacation is a 2015 American comedy film directed and written by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (in their directorial debuts). The film stars Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Leslie Mann, and Chris Hemsworth. It is the fifth theatrical and the seventh total installment of the National Lampoon’s Vacation series, and was released by Warner Bros. on July 29, 2015. The film received negative reviews upon release.


Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms) is a miserable pilot for Econo-Air, and he shares a very dysfunctional relationship with his wife, Debbie (Christina Applegate), and their two sons, the meek and awkward James (Skyler Gisondo) and the vulgar and malicious Kevin (Steele Stebbins). Envious of the vacation the family of his friends Jack (Keegan-Michael Key) and Nancy (Regina Hall) had in Paris, Rusty decides to nix his family’s annual trip to their cabin in Sheboygan and instead drive cross country to Walley World, just as he did with his parents and sister years ago.


My latest haul - bags from the Van Gogh Museum Shop!

I just got back from a trip to Amsterdam, where I spent a long time drooling over the souvenirs in the Van Gogh Museum Shop. I didn’t have space in my luggage to bring anything back with me, but luckily the shipping charges in the online shop are pretty reasonable so I sent off for a package for me and my friends - the Almond Blossom bowling bag, Sunflowers tote bag and Head of a Skeleton backpack.

If you’re a fan of Van Gogh like me I’d definitely recommend checking out the online shop, even if you can’t make it out to Amsterdam to the museum itself. The bags are nice quality and aren’t too expensive considering they’re from a souvenir shop. Profits are used to directly support the museum and fund new acquisitions for their collection, so it’s a nice way to support Van Gogh’s legacy.

- Sophie

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One time on my way to a ski trip with my ex girlfriend, both her parents and her brother were in the car. We had blankets and pillows because of the long drive. After we woke up from a nap in the car, she slid her hands down my pants and started giving me a handjob while her parents were right in front of us on the driver's and passenger's seat and her brother right next to us. I was fingering her while her parents would look back at us sometimes. I ended up cumming all over the blanket.

Guys!!!! I am so excited about this. Some of you may remember I took a trip to the Tourmaline King mine a couple months ago. While there I got to dig around and screen, and while doing so I found some little tourmaline crystals, but I also found a big, beautiful gem quality piece with a cat’s eye! Well, yesterday, I finally got it back from being cut, and it is now two beautiful gems! They are the most beautiful color and both have cat’s eyes. Today my project is going to be planning out what I do with these beauties. I am so excited!!

say it with me: photographer james potter au

  • He owns a muggle film camera
  • James carries it EVERYWHERE
  • He ruffles his hair when someone compliments his photography skills and bites his lip when he likes how one of his photos turns out
  • Peter gets annoyed because James just takes photos 80% of the time
  • Remus secretly loves the candid photos because he looks good in all of them
  • Sirius gets jealous because he doesn’t like any of his photos despite being a photogenic beauty 
  • James taking A TON of photos of Lily when they start dating
  • He secretly loves the way her red hair looks on film 
  • Lily loves the photos because it reminds her of home in the muggle world 
  • She’s the only person James allows to use it other than him because she knows how to use it + he likes that they sharing things
  • Lily takes all the marauders’ group photos
  • Remus eventually learns how to use the camera and takes photos of James and Lily all the time
  • James loves scenery photos just as much as portraits
  • He makes the marauders come with him to different parks and hiking trips just so he can take photos 
  • “Can’t we just fly and take a picture from the sky???” “No I need a photo of my rugged boots to show Lily what a man I am”
  • James compiling all his photos into a book and keeping it safe because it’s one of his most prized possessions
  • photographer james potter !!!!!

quickreaver​ prompted this months ago and I’ve been sitting on it. Dean/Cas + Sam, 5k. 

Summary: Dean and Castiel are enjoying their first summer alone in Lawrence (well, suffering through the heat is more like it). But when Sam isn’t in touch for several days, they make the trip back to the bunker to find out why.

Summertime in Lawrence wasn’t comparable to Hell, and since human testicles were slightly less than core body temperature, “hot as balls” was hardly accurate when the thermostat read eighty-five. Castiel supposed Dean was being metaphorical.

Days when the temperature climbed past ninety, Castiel hid in the bedroom with the curtains drawn and their yard-sale air conditioner rattling in the window. It churned out mildewed air. He had trouble sleeping when it cycled on and off at night, but it shaved the edge off his discomfort. Dean slept through the racket, no doubt conditioned by a lifetime in motels.

When a heatwave struck in August and Dean equated Lawrence with Lucifer’s asshole, Castiel was appalled but too hot to disagree. He lived in shorts for a month and looked forward to meeting up with Sam for hunts, which meant a few days in a motel with an ice machine and a commercial A/C unit.

He showered before bed and again when he got up, but still felt sticky. He kept a wet cloth on his neck at all times. Dean opted for beer on their sagging porch. Castiel swatted flies away from his lemonade and slurred something about relocating to Alaska.

The heat broke the first week of September, leaving them with a free Saturday and nothing planned. Castiel suggested a picnic—they featured in a good deal of his literary canon. He wanted to experience one for himself. He was pleased that Dean agreed without argument, and touched when Dean offered to find and pack a basket.

Castiel looked up from the “basket,” an old box that once carried Coronas, with a scowl. “This is beer and napkins.”

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My brothers 3yo & my parents have this thing where they give him a little red star if he behaves well that day & when he accumulates 10 stars he can get one wish granted like a new toy/trip to the beach etc..but lately it hasn’t been motivating him as much as before and earlier today he refused to eat his breakfast and said he doesn’t want any more stars so i told him that if he doesn’t get a single star for 10 days we’d take away one of his existing toys….and to explain it I was like “adults don’t just earn money to buy new things they have to make money continuously in order to keep what they have..like their house and their car and their utilities” and he got really frightened he was like “if mom doesn’t go to work where would we live” and I was like idk lmao eat ur oatmeal….did i just give my brother his first glimpse of real life problems

Trip Away (Done by possible new admin)

Summary: it has been so long since you had a relaxing trip with Chen, but you finally get the chance.
Members: Jongdae (Chen) x Reader
Type: Fluff/ a bit of angst
Length: 1,237 Words

This was written by possible admin Mk. I really hope you like it. PLEASE let me know what you think about it so I can make a proper decision for co-admin <3

Sorry, I don’t know where the actual request for this went <3

-Admin Kat

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“Jagi where are your socks? I’m packing the bags for tomorrow,” Chen called out to you.

“My socks are on the foot of the bed like I said told you ten minutes ago!” You shouted from the bathroom. You walked out and put your tooth brushes next to what Chen was packing.

Chen put down whatever he was about to put in the bag and turned around. He wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed you.

“How did I get a girlfriend like you? I’m such a fool.” He sighed as he kissed your head.

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I'm the best road trip partner.
  • Me:*reading road signs* Lake Anna? I wonder if it's...frozen.
  • Her:Oh God. Get out. Get out of the car.
  • Me:😎