Happy birthday Ret Marut aka B Traven, anarchist revolutionary, novelist and international man of mystery, born 23rd February 1882

Along with fellow anarchists Erich Muhsam and Gustav Landauer he played a leading role in the the Bavarian Soviet Republic of 1918 before evading arrest and escaping to Mexico, where he changed his identity and wrote many great novels including The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, which became a John Huston movie starring Humphrey Bogart

Keanu Reeves

Height: 6′1″

Most Famous For: Playing Neo in the “Matrix” films, Jack Traven in “Speed,” Ted Logan in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” and Johnny Utah in “Point Break”

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Is his birthdate accurate?

No way to be sure, that’s the date Will Wyatt argues for in his book “The Secret of Sierra Madre: The Man Who Was B. Traven” but it’s pretty contested. It’s the best date we have though, Ret Marut himself left no clue - he claimed to have been born in San Francisco because he knew all the birth records had been destroyed in the earthquake and fire in 1906