Fantastic commission by @runescratch of Traven and Fenris
@fenrisataashi-ffxiv :D

Permission given to post. Please check out their work!

A fun note: This was ordered before the release of Stormblood or even benchmark, so they did amazing work portraying the jobs as we were going to play them! Included an in-game screenshot for fun.

Fullview recommended. Thanks again, Rune!

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. B. Traven. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1935. First American edition. Original dust jacket.

Three down-and-out Americans – Curtin, Dobbs, and Howard – meet in the Mexican city of Tampico and discuss how to overcome their financial distress. They then set out to discover gold in the remote Sierra Madre mountains. A mine is dug and much gold is extracted, but Dobbs soon becomes greedy and begins to lose both his trust and his mind, lusting to possess the entire treasure.

anonymous asked:

Do the magic symbol on Julian's neck invisible? 'cause there's no magic symbol on his neck when we meet him at the traven.

The mark on his neck is only visible when its magic is being used.