Bank Failures by B. Traven

First published in Die weiße Rose, Berlin: Büchegilde Gutenberg, 1929, pp.94-95. This translation has been typed out from Anton Kaes, Martin Jay and Edward Dimendberg, The Weimar Republic Sourcebook, Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1995, pp.74-75.

Rushes on the banks are beginning. Savers have been seized by panic. They fear, no, they are certain that their money, for which they have saved and slaved, is lost. They stand as early as midnight in endless lines to be the first when the cash drawers open. The earlier one arrives the better the chances of still saving something. The ordered life of the banks is being torn apart. All personnel must be mobilized to disburse payments. No one makes deposits. All credit is being called in. Banks in other countries are receiving imploring cables to help out with fluid money and with checks. All the reserves of the national banking association are being called up. But the lines in front of the banks grow longer.

And then the banks begin to crash, because they cannot make the payments. The money has been lent out; for when the bank is not able to make loans then it cannot pay interest to its small savers. The little banks crash first. The larger ones still get by, limiting banking hours first to two hours, then to one. Then the larger banks begin to crash.

And behind all of this chaos is no sudden disappearance of a continet, no gigantic natural catastrophe that destroys values irretrievably. Behind this whole collapse of economic order and economic security, which is under constant threat by agitators, is nothing other than the disrupted notions of those who have something, the suddenly insecure hope of those who possess much, and of those who possess little. Everything that is now taking place on Wall Street is based on nothing but the fact that thoughts have suddenly, too suddenly, taken an unexpected turn. Mass hypnosis. Mass suggestion. The suggestion, the notion: ‘I can lose!’ tears this beautiful economic system, willed by God, blessed by God, protected by God, to shreds. And nonetheless all values remain the same. Values have not changed. There is just as much cash in the world as before. All the money is still there, and not a single cent has fallen off the globe into space, where it cannot be fished back onto land. All the buildings are still standing. All the forests. All the waterfalls. All the oceans. All the railroads and the ships remain intact. And hundreds of thousands of strong and healthy people are willing to work and to produce and to increase the available wealth of the world. Not a single engineer has lost the ability to design new machines. No vein of coal has been hidden by the forces of nature. The sun rises bright and warm in the sky as always. It rains as always. The grain waves in the fields and ripens as always. The fields of cotton extend in splendor. Nothing has changed in the available value of earthly riches. People, seen as a whole, are just as wealthy as yesterday. And for the simple reason, and only the simple reason, that the property of individuals is in danger of changing and shifting does a catastrophe overtake humanity as a whole […]

An economic system, an economic order, created by people who claim to possess intelligence. People, however, who, despite all the highly developed technology they created, have still not overcome primitiveness as far as a studied and well-regulated economic system is concerned.

Otra foto tomada con la cámara patito de 35 mm en una playa cerca de Pueblo Viejo, Ver. La gastronomía de la región es notable y su historia se relaciona de manera importante con la del petróleo y la expropiación en los años 30’s. Recordemos así la novela de B. Traven, La Rosa Blanca. Pero a mí lo que me evoca el Golfo de México siempre que me acerco a sus playas son los piratas, las conquistas ancestrales y mis recuerdos en la Huasteca con mi familia.. Somos un país sobado por dos aguas muy distintas; enérgicamente por un lado y lascivamente por otro. El punto es que la atmósfera creada por la cámara es capaz de generar una reacción, una ilusión capaz de arrebatarnos, de transportarnos a un mundo envuelto en la melancolía y la tremenda nostalgia. Las fotos delatan no solo el tiempo que ha transcurrido sino lo poco que queda por vivir, por eso tienen la fuerza que tienen. A veces es mejor no verlas: lastiman.

Atlanta Summer Open: Farias, Taylor black belt open class champions; other results

Carlos Farias In Georgia, the IBJJF held this Saturday the 2015 Atlanta Summer Open. Carlos Farias and Leah Taylor were the standouts winning the black belt open class male and female divisions. Farias beat Guybson Sá in the final and Taylor got the gold medal after a win over Monique Carvalho. The results in the black belt division were: BLACK / Adult / Male / Light Feather First Daniel Beleza G. de Andrade SAS Team USA BLACK / Adult / Male / Feather First Samir José Chantre Dahás Roberto Traven BJJ Second Samuel Braga Olivar da Cruz Gracie Barra Third Randall Lee Huot Gracie Barra Third Christopher M. Kriebel Nova União Ohio BLACK / Adult / Male / Light First Jeffrey Timothy Cummings Alliance Second Diego Bispo Conceição Carlson Gracie Team Third John Jason Lawrence Carlson Gracie Team BLACK / Adult / Male / Middle First Michael Remiglio Liera Jr. Atos Jiu-Jitsu Second Pedro Henrique Monteiro Palhares Luiz Palhares Jiu Jitsu Third Alec Jerrod Baulding Alliance Third Samuel Set

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Hey!!! Sorry I just saw this like a minute ago

34: Who/What was your last dream about?
It was definitely about my boyfriend but I don’t remember what exactly happened? Pretty sure it was a zombie dream (I’m marathoning the walking dead again)

67: Who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to?

2: Who did you last say “I love you” to?
.. Traven….

Uhmmm okay I’m maybe a little bit… obsessed? When did that happen? Okay but to be fair I just finished talking to him and my dreams always have the same couple of people in them 😐

Traven: I stared at her. Her long hair - it was all gone. It was chopped to her shoulders. And her makeup - dark, daring eyes with maroon-colored lips. Her smile - her smile spoke a different language. She was wearing a fitting, black tank top with denim-jeweled shorts. She wore black high heels - and the way she walked… It doesn’t seem like Dev anymore.
This wasn’t her. This isn’t Devonne.
She used to have long hair. She would braid it on one side, or both sides. Different kinds of braids which I would detail out. She wasn’t interested in makeup either. She would put lipgloss and a bit of eyeliner. She used to wear plaids and jackets and jeans with matching converse.
I couldn’t recognize her anymore. Five years has passed - I didn’t think Dev would change like this.
—  A thought - Gilly

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Photo by Traven Milovich. /// Several months ago I moved to Italy. For my team it was a significant part of the year too. We’re growing up, we’re changing and still going to be together in our projects. When i feel that nothing works or that my life is a mess i think about them and me.. And wow, weren’t those guys from the photos afraid of something? Why should I be afraid now?
Каких-то несколько месяцев, а перемен - с зефирную гору. Знаю, все сейчас в трясучке, и не только по причине #wbf. Я вижу, как вы растете, друзья. Я очень горжусь вами. Не бойтесь. Вместе прорвемся! 💙 #bodyart #bodypainting #tribal #ethnic

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