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“I always avoided the mages guild. I didn’t like magic and it was so much effort to get to the arcane university. I recently finished the questline again and I found the end quite unsatisfactory. And then I had an epiphany. Arch Mage Traven sacrificed himself to allow me to beat mannimarco. He died to save the one thing in Tamriel he cherished. I took a break for a while…”


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Today’s curio:

Before Arch-Mage Traven banned necromancy, it was legal in the Empire to purchase sentient souls.

“Necromancy is not illegal, per se, in the Empire, though body and spirit are protected as property, and may not be used without permission of the owner, and public display of the living dead is widely prohibited. Mages may purchase corpses and souls for philosophical research, and may do with them as they wish in private. Necromancers and vampires are widely confused in the public mind, and persecuted, but in remote locations, necromancers are free to pursue their studies without legal interference.” - Morrowind dialogue

Keanu Reeves

Height: 6′1″

Most Famous For: Playing Neo in the “Matrix” films, Jack Traven in “Speed,” Ted Logan in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” and Johnny Utah in “Point Break”

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