ok so this new thing taylor swift did is problematic because *flips a coin* it gentrifies *spins wheel* snake culture and blatantly disregards *rolls dice* world hunger in light of *throws dart* the 2016 election and exudes *picks card out of a card* white privilege in the judicial system

“but my favorite way to listen to music is on my own, with my eyes closed for example, or not. If I’m driving, or operating machinery, I usually keep them open”

there’s no way harry styles is a real person

nobody is obligated to like taylor, but like wow none of yall said shit about her sexual assault case. yet you’re like first in line to shit on her cuz she had the audacity of releasing new music… very interesting…

a concept: you’re finished with school but you never stop educating yourself. You continue to read and grow and watch documentaries about subjects you care about. You live comfortably in an apartment with your lover and you learn to be happy with yourself and your body because it’s the only one you’ll ever have. You learned those languages. You got that job you always wanted. You pushed aside your own doubts. You proved all those people wrong.