How the Spell Card system was invented
  • Reimu:dude
  • Shinki:what
  • Reimu:you just set fire to an entire city
  • Shinki:
  • Shinki:oh
  • Shinki:we need some kind of system for this don't we
  • Reimu:we really fucking do

In a strange story of ridicule turned into endearment, one American man has found himself as the latest fad that is making huge waves in the Japanese anime community. The meme is called American Ringo (アメリカン鈴瑚) and involves an incredibly large American with earflaps and a plate of dango.

The origin of this character comes from Anime Expo 2016, where the man was caught walking around the convention while cosplaying the Touhou character, Ringo.

Since then, artists have been frantically drawing American Ringo and posting them all over Twitter. And before you think it’s some kind of bullying, the person behind the fad seems to have embraced his fame, changing his Twitter name to アメリカン鈴瑚.