Because you were wondering when I would post a new cover! ^^ I hope you’ll enjoy it!

boop, new fanfic:

Gensokyo Channel One

AO3 blurb:

When a forgotten TV station drifts in from the outside world, Nitori and Sanae decide to found a broadcasting company to introduce Gensokyo to the wonders of television.

Meanwhile, a group of kappa outcasts, led by a ruthless weaponsmith with more ammo than patience, hatch a plan to steal everything of value from the human village.

It’s the kind of thing Sanae has to stop, of course. But defeating a youkai conspiracy is easier said than done, especially in between training tengu news anchors, supervising fairy camerawomen, auditioning goddesses, and perhaps most difficult of all, occasionally finding time to rest.

I’ve been working on this thing for most of the past year. It’s gone through about a dozen drafts and countless revisions. Twice, I gave up and abandoned it for a month or so. But, it’s done now, and whether that’s a good thing or a tragedy remains to be seen.

file under:

  • 100,000 words. Just slightly shorter than Eyes in the Dark. The individual chapters are significantly longer on average, though, so maybe be prepared for that if you’re short on time.
  • I’m posting two chapters today, and I’ll be posting another chapter every Monday and Friday until it’s done (the first week of September, hopefully.)
  • Unlike Eyes in the Dark, I’ll be posting this one to ff.net and AO3 concurrently. The ff.net version is here.
  • With Eyes in the Dark, I made a conscious effort to make it approachable for people who don’t know much about Touhou. Here… a bit less so, since this is going to end up with ten canon characters tagged on it, and a few more show up for a scene or two. It should still be pretty approachable if you aren’t a complete newcomer, though.
  • Also: OCs. Five of ‘em, with a major plot arc based around them. I was kinda hesitant to do that, since I know people see ‘Original character’ in the tags and immediately assume the story’s gonna be ‘I was a normal highschool guy until one day I showed up in Gensokyo and Reimu and Marisa fought over who got to kiss me.’ (This may be a slightly dumb thing for me to worry about, considering, y’know, Sunshine.) The story kinda needs them, though, and I’m finally happy with how they turned out.
  • In which Hina outsmarts a room full of kappa, Cirno gets a job, Sanae gets trapped in a flying house, Hatate tries making sense of a Gundam series, and Suwako saves hundreds of lives as a frog.