Jim doing Spock’s hair during Shore Leave! Also, Spock lets Jim pick his off-duty clothes ^.^

Based on a post by @spockiosexual that I’ve been trying to link but I can’t so here’s what it says:

“ jim convinces spock to grow his hair out after a few years of them dating and he learns to braid it and likes to incorptate flowers and twigs and things into it it gets really fancy and people send jim ideas and videos on different fancy styles and spock lovesssssss jim doing his hair it makes his heart melt and those tiny little smiles and sparkling eyes appear “


New Lieutenant Uhura stills by Star Foreman Photography!!

Be sure to check out the @librarybards new video “Now You Have The Bridge Spock”! I play Uhura! Link below! 🎥🎥


Gotta love how it suddenly turns out Spock can totally just sight-read hand-written piano pieces, and play them without problem

And Kirk doesn’t even comment on it

It’s just a thing now

“Please state the nature of the medical emergency.”

Robert Picardo trades in his Voyager jumpsuit for a classic TOS tunic and trousers.

Trivia: If we accept a line of dialog heard in Star Trek: The Animated Series as canon, then the TOS era Starfleet uniforms were made of an algae-based fabric called Xenylon.