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What does it take to get published by a big company like you guys?

To be honest: A LOT of hard work and determination. There are many steps between an author finishing a first draft of a book and seeing it published on bookshelves. Here are a few of the general publishing guidelines/steps!

Step 1. Find an agent. 

Literary agents are the first step once you’ve edited and revised your manuscript a few times. You should have a pretty polished book before you even send out queries. For more info on what a query should look like and tips for writing one, check out this link. Hopefully, this will then lead you to signing on with an agent!

Step 2. Your agents will shop your book around. 

Your agent will then send out your manuscript to various editors, who will either express interest or pass it over. If many editors from various Publishing Houses or Imprints like your book, then they will offer bids, or even take your book to auction. In the end, someone will agree to publish you, and your agent will help you to decide who is the best fit for you and your book. 

Step 3. You work with an Editor.

Once you find out where your book will be published, you work with an editor to help put those last touches on your book. This can often take a while, so even if your book is acquired in January, it might not be ready to be published for another two years or so! (Publishing is a SLOW business, y’all.)

Step 4. You get a release date!

This is when the marketing team will come in and start dreaming of all the fun exciting ways to let the world know about your book! Will there be a live chat? A goodreads giveaway? A tumblr post? Something more? Publicity builds buzz around either you or your book, or both, and hopefully readers are pumped up for your novel! All this happens in the build up to your release day. 

Step 5. Your book is born. 

Happy birthday! After a long process, your story is now out in the world! To help promote your book you might go on tour, or maybe you write guest blog posts or do a giveaway. Hopefully your book is beloved by fans and then you can sit back and relax… oh wait, I mean you can keep writing the sequel your publisher begged you to write!

Be warned, this is all best case scenarios, and every author has a unique journey through the world of publishing, often dependent on genre or publisher, or agent, or book. Many people have to face rejection after rejection after rejection before any of this happens. But hopefully this little guide is a helpful start as you start exploring this beautiful bookish world! 

Spock is sooo drama-queen. I mean, in The Naked Time, he’s all “Bwaaaa, my poor mom, living in Vulcan, without love!!!” And later we meet Amanda and she smiles and she’s so in love with her dorky husband, who’s clearly in love with her too.

And he’s also “omg, Jim, you totally don’t understand, I feel SHAME when I feel friendship for you, must this torture never end?!”. But then in Amok Time he says “btw, Jim, according to vulcan tradition I can bring my BFF to my vulcan wedding”, a tradition that wouldn’t exist if Vulcans weren’t supposed to have friends. 

And then we have all the moments of:

SPOCK: Life is precious, Jim. we must respect all living beings.

JIM: Look at this little insect, Spock, it looks like a cute ant.


And this:

Like, calm down, precious baby.

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Xingese “How To”s

How To Correctly Identify Edward Elric, by Ling Yao

How To Earn Your Xing Scouts “Junior Firefighter” Patch, by May Chang

How To Make Friends, By Shao May

Star Trek - “Excelsior: Forged In Fire”

This tells the story of the one time Sulu takes over as Captain of Excelsior when Styles gets killed by an albino Klingon, and then does some light revenging with Kang, Kor, Koloth, and Curzon Dax.


(Where to place: The frame a couple years after the Enterprise B is launched, but most of the story about four years before The Undiscovered Country.)