Summary of the second #MarcoLIVE

Yo, caught the second one just like a said I would.

  • Marco starts by asking what everyone was doing for the past week.
  • The bi-weekly practices have become weekly.
  • While recapping the episodes he accidently calls Buff Frog “Butt Frog”
  • Another one of the laser puppies is named Marco Jr. So that’s Sayjack, Barco, & Marco Jr.
  • Marco thinks candy corn is the worst candy ever
  • Apparently, Marco had a birthday party where he threw up on Oskar
  • Hekapoo slapped the back of Marco’s head when he recapped “Running With Scissors”
  • Marco remembers everything that happened to him during the sixteen years chasing Hekapoo, but as time goes by the memories are starting to get hazy. He still remembers Nachos (his dragoncycle), his abs, his sword and “the lovely” Hekapoo (his words)
  • November 28 is Marco’s birthday. Star’s is on Stump Day
  • Marco holds a lot of respect for Hekapoo and calls her his friend
  • He doesn’t think Hekapoo and Tom are related since they’re from two completely different dimensions. He knows he’s not related to Tom
  • He gave a Valentine’s Day shout-out to Jackie Lynn Thomas and Star.

Next week is gonna be StarFan13 on the livechat. 

New Eddsworld Au

Eyyyy, I made a new Eddsworld au it’s called the Foster Kids Au~! Now I’m gonna tag the few people I know will like this so they can check it out, then we’ll get to the stuff about the au; @weirdodoodles @blacktea-isonehellofadrug

Foster Kids Au

This au is focused on Edd. After his parents die in a car accident and his family all seem too busy to take care of him, Edd is placed into foster care and soon taken in by a fairly new foster parent, Eduardo. Eduardo tries his best to provide for Edd, because he remembers when he was in a very similar situation, and so he does everything he can to give Edd a good life.


  • Edd
    • 14
    • New to the foster care program
    • Not over the death of his parents
    • Good at cooking
      • Enjoys baking most of all
      • Eats when he’s upset
    • Likes to doodle when he’s bored
    • Loves musical soundtracks
    • Though a little distant from his foster dad, he’s glad to have them taking care of him
    • Has a fluffy little kitten he named Ringo
  • Matt
    • 14
    • Been in the program for a few years
    • Once shared a family with Tom
      • Wasn’t a very good family
    • Loves traditionally “girly” things
      • Wearing make-up
      • Wearing dresses and skirts
      • Loves walking around in heels, even if he doesn’t need the height
    • Plays connect the dots with his freckles when he’s bored
    • Really smart but pretends not to be
      • He used to get bullied for it
  • Tom
    • 17
    • Been in the program since he was a little kid
    •  Doesn’t remember his birth parents, so he just jokingly tells people his dad was a pineapple and his mom was a bowling ball
    • Owns a bass guitar that’s in need of repair
      • Won’t let anyone touch it unless he fully trusts them
    • He’s the kid who snuck some beer and actually liked it
      • Sometimes takes vodka to school in a water bottle, but not too often
    • Nice to younger kids, most kids his age, and the elderly
    • Dislikes most older kids, and basically anyone who meddles where they shouldn’t
  • Tord
    • 16
    • New to the foster care program
    • Loves his new dads
      • They mean the world to him
    • Resents/hates his birth parents cause he thinks they abandoned him
    • Owns a stuffed rabbit named Bun-Bun
      • No one knows about Bun-Bun besides him and his dads
    • Invents little things that make his dads happy
    • Fluent in Norwegian and is learning English
      • His English is kinda broken
      • Hard for him to make friends
  • Eduardo
    • Used to be a foster kid himself
      • Wants to help foster kids have a good life like he did
    • Hangs Edd’s art on the fridge
    • Literally could not say “No” when Edd wanted a kitten
    • If you hurt his kid, he’ll punch you into tomorrow
    • A good but tired papa
    • Totally has a specific cabinet in the kitchen which contains junk for Edd to eat when he’s upset
  • Jon
    • Just wants kids to feel safe and live good lives
    • Total sweetheart but a bit of a pushover
    • Tries and fails to diet
      • He’s a marshmallow
    • Is very supportive of Tom
    • He tries to solve fights with words rather than violence, but if it comes down to it he will punch you for hurting his kid
    • New to being a foster parent
      • Tries his best but sometimes he gets real stressed
      • Watches a lot of animated movies when he’s stressed
  • Mark
    • Has fostered a few kids who are all out living their lives now
    • Tries his best to keep up with the times
      • May take him a little bit to get used to things if someone he knows changes their name and/or pronouns, but he’ll get it
      • Chill kind of parent
    • Couldn’t care less about gender stereotypes and stuff like that
    • 100% will deck you if you say anything bad about any of his kids
    • Likes to spoil Matt on holidays, and doesn’t mind buying all those things Matt’s too nervous about buying himself
      • Dresses
      • Skirts
      • Make-up
      • Cute things
      • Stuff he think’s Matt will like
    • PTA dad
      • “Fite me Helen.” -Mark, often at PTA meetings
    • Will gladly host sleepovers and parties for Matt and friends
  • Paul
    • Big ol’ papa bear
    • If you even look at his kid wrong, you’re dead
    • Always knows how to fix broken things
    • Very proud of Tord
      • Often spoils Tord with sweets or robot parts
      • Very happy about Tord’s new friends
    • New to being a foster parent
      • Owns a lot of parenting books cause he has the idea he’s not a good parent
      • He’s best parent
  • Pat
    • Tord calls him Mama, and he doesn’t have the heart tell him otherwise
    • Has a bulletin board with pictures of Tord
      • Embarrasses Tord with it whenever he can
    • The parent who unofficially wins the bake sale
    • Never hurt his kid, just don’t
    • Family cook
      • Paul always adds way too much salt
      • Tord isn’t trusted with knives or fire
    • Knits to relieve stress
Birthdays Still Matter

Pairing: DarylxReader 

Warnings: Smut, fluffiness 

Summary: Everybody at the prison (let’s pretend they’re back at the prison okay cool) forgets your birthday but Daryl, who treats you to a night of fun 

Word Count: 1,723

 A/N: This is for @fangasm202 who requested a Daryl fic for her birthday! But I’m behind 😭 so this is after her birthday. Happy birthday nonetheless girl :) I hope you enjoy!!
A/N2: I’m sorry I haven’t posted much guys. Life’s been crazy as fuck lately. Hope y’all understand. I’m hoping to be able to work on things a lot more once school is out <3

Originally posted by riveralwaysknew

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The boys finding out their girlfriend used to be engaged before dating them

Anon: Gif-Reaction of the boys finding out their girlfriend was once engaged?


He is the oldest, and as you are around his age as well, the thoughts of marriage have been coming into his mind more and more. One day, as you were both sitting on the couch, cuddling, he suddenly asked you how you felt about marriage. He had made many plans to ask you, but even though he knew that you loved him, he was nervous about it. As a result, when you then told him that you were actually engaged before, he felt relieved. He showed you more love and more affection than usual, which was a bit strange, as he normally wasn’t all that affectionate. He was head over heels for you, and soon enough, you would be engaged once again!


He straight up told you that he didn’t care at all. You sat down and told him, on the day when it would have been your wedding anniversary, had you not decided against the wedding. When he told you that he didn’t mind, you had gotten a bit annoyed. You cared about it, but he was always so straightforward. You getting annoyed irritated him, because he didn’t want to talk about your ex with you, it made him feel uncomfortable, but seeing as this was an important, sensitive topic for you, he apologised and was open to listen to everything else you had to say about it.


Your mom really liked Sangdo, because he took really good care of you and he always behaved well, at least around her. She knew that Sangdo liked Photography, and so she decided to show him some of your photos, the ones from your childhood and young adult hood. It was only then, when a picture of you and your ex, who proposed to you after only 2 months, showed up, that he actually found out about it.
He felt annoyed that he had to find out through your mother, and that you didn’t tell him. A marriage proposal, an engagement, seemed like something so serious, even if it was rushed, and it didn’t last for much longer. The stress of the wedding plans drove you two apart, that’s what your mom explained to him. He generally does not mind it, or thinks different about it. He just wishes that you had told him personally.


After you heard the news of your best friend getting married, you sat down with Nakta. You were more stressed about this than he was. You thought that he might react jealous, or get upset, and when that wasn’t the case at all, it took you by surprise. Yooncheol was the most understanding about this out of all of them. He understood that you were in relationships before, even the really serious ones. Even if he was not engaged, he did have girlfriends too, so he could hardly judge you for having loved someone else before him. Your past relationships didn’t matter to him; as long as you were with him now, and loved only him now, all was well.


He would be so cute about it. When you told him about it, he would have a lot of questions; how long had you been together? How did he/she ask you? Where did she/he ask you? What was your relationship like? Was he a better boyfriend? How far did you come with the planning? Why did you break up? It seemed like the questions never stopped. But as you told him about all the different dresses you tried on, how much you enjoyed planning everything and organising everything, he found himself zoning out. Getting lost in your eyes, the way you talked about it so passionately, he just stared at you lovingly. Maybe asking you all those things was a good preparation for when he would ask you one day.


He would randomly find the ring one day and just straight up ask you about it. As you told him your story, that you were engaged but broke up due to you and your fiancé/e arguing all the time, he listened closely. On the outside he looked like he was calm and collected, he wanted to show you his cool side, and he didn’t want you to know that this affected him in a negative way. Even though he knew that you were his now, he was still worried, as he wanted to be the no. 1 most important person in your life.


He found a box with some of your older stuff in it. One item which stayed in his mind was a picture of your ex boyfriend/girlfriend proposing to you. He asked you about it, and you explained to him what had happened. He took the fact that you kept that memory as a challenge, and tried to out-do your ex, to be a better boyfriend than he was before, and better for you than your last ex. He would always show you more affection, come home earlier, and even bring you random gifts! He would sing for you, do aegyo, and do good and silly dances. He acted even goofier for you, because he knew that you liked it. He wanted to make you so happy, and you rewarded him for every little thing he did with a kiss on your proud boyfriend’s cheek.


He was a bit surprised at the beginning, when you told him. You were still so young, but already engaged? He did not even take you for someone who went that quickly in a relationship, especially for something like marriage. Your relationship was always quite chill.
He was not jealous, scared, or any of those things though. He knew that you liked him, he knew that he was the best for you. He was a great boyfriend for you, he didn’t think that you would leave him for someone else, you cheating didn’t even cross his mind.


As Sangwon is still fairly young, he does not have a lot of experience. So, as you two talked about your past relationships, and you mention your engagement a couple years ago, he felt a bit conflicted. You were older than him, and ready to marry, but as he is only 22, he would not be ready to take such a big step yet. He was worried that you wanted to marry and settle down already, he did not want to move to fast. You would probably have to assure that small cutie that everything was fine, and comfort him.

I hope you liked that.. It actually took me a while, though that might just be the case because it is my first ever reaction haha :D I tried my best, and I tried to put in positive and negative reactions.. so I really hope it turned out alright!

Forgive - Peter Parker x (f)Reader

Words: 1052
Pairing: Peter Parker x (f)Reader
Featuring: May Parker
Warnings: Mentions of periods, sadness, anger
Requested by anon
Hi may I request a (TomH) Peter x reader imagine where she’s on her period, pmsing& he’s being mean& she starts crying coz she’s in pain so he apologizes but she gets mad& he tries to get her to forgive him& fluff? I’m on my period& it hurts so much
Authors Note: soooo i hate periods more than anything and i’m sorry your period was so bad, anon :( I had no motivation the past few days because i was so stressed so writing did not happen- apologies!


You woke up to a bunch of knocks on your door. “(Y/N)?” You recognized it at Peter Parker and called that he could come into your room. You gave him a key to your apartment you share with your parents, as he is your best friend, so you trusted him to give him a key. It was either that, or have Spider-Man show up at your window every time Peter was bored.

“What the hell, (Y/N)?” Peter looked and sounded angry, but your half-asleep self was confused why he showed up to see you on Saturday evening. You had a baffled look on your face, and it only made Peter angrier. “We were supposed to hang out, and you blew me off! You know I had an important meeting with Mr. Stark about being able to go on missions with the team! (Y/N), you can’t just blow me off like that because you were tired!” He yelled at you.

Luckily, you parents weren’t home so he could yell all he wanted. It was probably for the best, though, Peter was really upset over this. You admitted to yourself that you forgot about the plans you had with him, but you felt like shit. You didn’t even have enough energy to argue with him. “Sorry, Peter, I haven’t been feeling so well,” You sighed and tried to sit up, only to fall on your back from the pain.

“You could have called me!” Peter crossed his arms, glaring at you. He was pissed. Tony was going to start thinking about letting him join in on some missions if he had enough meetings. And today would have been his last one, but he canceled the meeting so he could hang out with you since your schedules rarely work.

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min forelskelse blev så stor en
del af mig at
jeg lod den hænge lidt længere
end den egentlig var levende fordi
det var lettere end at finde ud af
hvem jeg var
uden den
det var ligesom den selvskabte
vane af at du
hver torsdag rørte mig steder jeg
havde glemt eksisterede du
fik mig til at føle mig i live som du
tændte toogfyrre stjernekastere i
lungerne på mig og
du iagttager mig stadig når
klokken er fjorten minutter over et om
natten hvor jeg sidder alene i
én sok og højtaljede trusser med
en følelse af
tomhed og jeg kan høre dig
grine fordi man
ikke er i tvivl
det sagde min veninde også da
hun under en køkkensamtale informerede mig om at din stemme havde bevæget ind sig på christiania klokken fjorten minutter over et om eftermiddagen hvor
du burde gå på handelsgymnasium eller
snakke om liberal alliance fordi
du røg da ikke pot
i hvert fald ikke
da jeg kendte dig
jeg er ikke forelsket i dig længere og
det er måske derfor at jeg føler mig
tom jeg
tror bare at vanerne stadig
klæber sig til min drøbel
hvilket får mig til at sige
“jaja, jeg kender ham godt”
når jeg møder en af de mange piger
du har elsket i 5 sekunder længere
end du elskede
vi allesammen ved
at jeg ikke kender dig overhovedet for
i min verden er du stadig elitefodboldspiller og
dit idol er kanye west men
din instagramprofil indikerer at du
pludselig har et forhold til metallica og
ejer en fingerring jeg bestemt ikke
mærkede imod min porcelænskrop
da jeg var snoet rundt omkring din
lillefinger for
det er torsdag og jeg drømte i nat
at du sagde undskyld med morgenånde
for hvad end inden i mig
der stadig gør ondt
men i virkeligheden
var det et punkt vi aldrig nåede til