Forgive - Peter Parker x (f)Reader

Words: 1052
Pairing: Peter Parker x (f)Reader
Featuring: May Parker
Warnings: Mentions of periods, sadness, anger
Requested by anon
Hi may I request a (TomH) Peter x reader imagine where she’s on her period, pmsing& he’s being mean& she starts crying coz she’s in pain so he apologizes but she gets mad& he tries to get her to forgive him& fluff? I’m on my period& it hurts so much
Authors Note: soooo i hate periods more than anything and i’m sorry your period was so bad, anon :( I had no motivation the past few days because i was so stressed so writing did not happen- apologies!


You woke up to a bunch of knocks on your door. “(Y/N)?” You recognized it at Peter Parker and called that he could come into your room. You gave him a key to your apartment you share with your parents, as he is your best friend, so you trusted him to give him a key. It was either that, or have Spider-Man show up at your window every time Peter was bored.

“What the hell, (Y/N)?” Peter looked and sounded angry, but your half-asleep self was confused why he showed up to see you on Saturday evening. You had a baffled look on your face, and it only made Peter angrier. “We were supposed to hang out, and you blew me off! You know I had an important meeting with Mr. Stark about being able to go on missions with the team! (Y/N), you can’t just blow me off like that because you were tired!” He yelled at you.

Luckily, you parents weren’t home so he could yell all he wanted. It was probably for the best, though, Peter was really upset over this. You admitted to yourself that you forgot about the plans you had with him, but you felt like shit. You didn’t even have enough energy to argue with him. “Sorry, Peter, I haven’t been feeling so well,” You sighed and tried to sit up, only to fall on your back from the pain.

“You could have called me!” Peter crossed his arms, glaring at you. He was pissed. Tony was going to start thinking about letting him join in on some missions if he had enough meetings. And today would have been his last one, but he canceled the meeting so he could hang out with you since your schedules rarely work.

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min forelskelse blev så stor en
del af mig at
jeg lod den hænge lidt længere
end den egentlig var levende fordi
det var lettere end at finde ud af
hvem jeg var
uden den
det var ligesom den selvskabte
vane af at du
hver torsdag rørte mig steder jeg
havde glemt eksisterede du
fik mig til at føle mig i live som du
tændte toogfyrre stjernekastere i
lungerne på mig og
du iagttager mig stadig når
klokken er fjorten minutter over et om
natten hvor jeg sidder alene i
én sok og højtaljede trusser med
en følelse af
tomhed og jeg kan høre dig
grine fordi man
ikke er i tvivl
det sagde min veninde også da
hun under en køkkensamtale informerede mig om at din stemme havde bevæget ind sig på christiania klokken fjorten minutter over et om eftermiddagen hvor
du burde gå på handelsgymnasium eller
snakke om liberal alliance fordi
du røg da ikke pot
i hvert fald ikke
da jeg kendte dig
jeg er ikke forelsket i dig længere og
det er måske derfor at jeg føler mig
tom jeg
tror bare at vanerne stadig
klæber sig til min drøbel
hvilket får mig til at sige
“jaja, jeg kender ham godt”
når jeg møder en af de mange piger
du har elsket i 5 sekunder længere
end du elskede
vi allesammen ved
at jeg ikke kender dig overhovedet for
i min verden er du stadig elitefodboldspiller og
dit idol er kanye west men
din instagramprofil indikerer at du
pludselig har et forhold til metallica og
ejer en fingerring jeg bestemt ikke
mærkede imod min porcelænskrop
da jeg var snoet rundt omkring din
lillefinger for
det er torsdag og jeg drømte i nat
at du sagde undskyld med morgenånde
for hvad end inden i mig
der stadig gør ondt
men i virkeligheden
var det et punkt vi aldrig nåede til

I’m back with some new headcanons on the future Agreste-Dupain children. I’m a bit excited for this ones.

  • first off, they are incredibly close
  • will back each other up in any given moment.
  • but will still be a pain in the ass for each other like any other siblings.
  • cause “no one can bother you but me!”
  • LOVE GOING TO THE BAKERY! (especially Louis)
  • they adore their grandparents the
  • the dupain-chengs and gabriel adore them too
  • oh and Gabriel is a lot less formal and stiff with them
  • they are all miraculous holders.
  • Louis holds the Peacock
  • Emma holds Plagg
  • and I really want Hugo to hold Wayzz

Now for Louis 

  • he’s the eldest
  • closest to Mari
  • looks like her a lot
  • dark blue hair, fairly pale skin, silver-blue eyes
  • he is very tall, like his grandpa Tom
  • he’s super handsome and everyone just stares as he walks in a room
  • he got the whole powerful vibe from Gabriel 
  • he paints and is bffs with Nathanael’s son (gonna call him Arthur) who is into animation
  • totally and hopelessly in love with him
  • asexual, panromantic
  • Dad tries to help but his son is just too shy,
  • has been described as the god of the moon
  • silent, voice of reason, leader
  • talking about voice, he has a very deep one.
  • like his dad he has a lot of fans
  • Loves the PK, super close
  • actual bffs for life
  • Wants to be a detective
  • Resourceful
  • Low key a slytherin
  • scared of being alone and letting the power get to his head.

Now for Emma

  • middle child
  • daddy’s girl
  • looks like her dad
  • golden hair, tan skin, vibrant green eyes
  • lives for photography 
  • rebellious 
  • takes after her father and is a romantic
  • Plagg groaned when he figured out he’s stuck with another one
  • Totally gay for Nino and Alya’s daughter (who I like to call Regina)
  • likes to show off a lot
  • Alix’s and Kim’s twin girls are her bffs and always getting in trouble.
  • the braun
  • has been called the Sun by Regina
  • high key gryffindor 
  • very popular
  • ready to attack anyone and everyone
  • at the same time scared she might hurt someone she loves

Now for Hugo!

  • youngest
  • super chill
  • gives best advice
  • the brains
  • is the the stars to his siblings moon and sun
  • looks like an angel
  • dark hair, lime eyes, pale skin
  • soft voice
  • everyone tells him everything
  • like the boy has connections everywhere
  • military strategist up in this
  • gabriel and him are like so close it scared adrien
  • could be a mob boss
  • probs going to inherit the Agreste fashion industry
  • will probably do great
  • aromantic
  • high key ravenclaw 
  • protects but doesn’t see himself getting hurt
  • a lot of trying to prove himself when he doesn’t realize everyone loves him
  • self doubt

like i always say, please add on I really do enjoy you guys putting things in and don’t be afraid to start a conversation on the headcanons

everydetailofu  asked:

“Face it - neither Ben nor Tom Hiddleston will ever be huge blockbuster stars in the US....” Sorry Anna, but I think you got a bit carried away, and went into your rant, the nonny only talked about Ben and TomH, didn't say anything about other British actors/actresses. I happened to agree with the nonny on they won't be huge blockbuster stars in the US part, at least not like this, they were, probably are, too eager, too much a people pleaser. It won't get them anywhere.

Hi Asian Anon, I’ve missed you!  :o)

The Nonny was taking the scenic route to “That is all in your butthurt heads.”.  I just put up her latest ask here:  LINK

It’s the same with the 9-part-ask that was peddled around from Skeptic to Skeptic to put myself at odds with @benedicts-third-testicle.  The same with the asks about how SunnyMarch gets its funding through Malaysian billionaires.

It’s all bait to throw us off course and make us look silly.

I’ve been on the receiving end of too many baity asks not to recognise a troll when they first contact me  ;o)

But I digress.  I’m with you in not seeing Ben getting very far in Hollywood if he keeps up with his current strategy, but I don’t agree with you on Hiddles (and I’m not even a fan of his).  I don’t think Hiddles is as much of a people pleaser as Ben is.  

I think he knows how to put his foot down when he needs to and that’s been showcased a couple of times in a very matter of fact way (once was when he stopped doing stage door for Coriolanus and once when … whatever the hell was going on between him and Taylor Swift started harming his image rather than helping it).  I’m sure there have been other instances that I’m not aware of which show just how determined he is to be in control of his public image. 

A trait that, quite unfortunately, Ben doesn’t share.

Text || Sinking Ship
  • Tom: I don’t mean to sound rude, but if you have only been going out for a few weeks, and you cannot even find the time to be intimate with one another, that is hardly a relationship, is it?
  • Cara: It's not our fault, honestly. I mean it when I say we've both been incredibly busy. I literally spent weeks without seeing him in Canada, then I was in New York and he was still in London. But we try and talk every day, it's just not easy.