Manifestation of Functions: Fe vs Fi Part 2

                                 Beef With Characteristics (Part 2)

“In my experience, it has always been this way.” Fi

“If I were you, I’d do it this way.” Fi

“I remember when this happened to me.” Fi

“Fe is empathy. Fi is sympathy.”

“Fe is harmonic and Fi is dissonant.”

No. No x 5.

.Firstly, Experience is relevant to sensation

In the ways often presented, empathy and sympathy are exaggerated. Feeling still possess a personal character.  We tend to think self-referential claims lie within Fi, but this is not the case as all is reliant upon some sort of intrapersonal data.

Secondly, define empathy and sympathy.


  1. the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.


  1. feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune.
  2. understanding between people; common feeling.

Fi is often noted as someone who must first delve into their pool of sad memories prior to sympathizing with someone. Fi is often paired with statements such as, “how would you feel if this happened to you?” Yet, the personal feeling is often stripped away when comparing Fe (noted as empathy) and Fi (noted as sympathy).

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Manifestation of Functions: Fe and Fi Part 1

–see part 2 for more–

*This is Part 1. If you are interested see Part 2 for more.

*Sources are in SourceLand

Fe and Fi are hard to distinguish from one another at times. To some, knowing how each is defined suffices. Perhaps they have a handy-dandy Jungian notebook stored in their back pocket as reference during day-to-day conversations. Regardless, typing is a hard process for many. In real life, things aren’t always clear cut.


“Feeling is primarily a process that takes place between the ego and a given content, a process, moreover, that imparts to the content a definite value in the sense of acceptance or rejection (‘like’ or ‘dislike’),” (Jung 543).

“Except in extreme cases, feeling has a personal character, in spite of the fact that the subjective factor may be already, to a large extent, repressed,” (Jung 448).

“…feeling, that is, by the appreciation—equally reasonable in its fashion—bestowing on things a personal, subjective value,” (Myers 3).

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Washington-äventyret är över för den här gången. Jag gjorde mitt allra yttersta, men tyvärr blev det inte jag som vann. Ska jag vara helt ärlig var det dock med all rätt. Vinnaren, Steinar Henskes från Holland, har utvecklat system för flygplatser, jordbrukare m.fl. där han med hjälp av laserteknik skrämmer bort fåglar på ett mycket effektiv och djurvänligt sätt. Hans företag, Bird Control Group, är idag verksamt i 62 länder. För mig var det dock en vinst i sig att få komma hit och lära känna dessa fenomenala unga entreprenörer från världens alla hörn. Känner mig tacksam och sjukt taggad på att nu få komma hem och fortsätta utvecklingen av våra utbildningskoncept tillsammans med mina grymma kollegor. Att jag ens får kalla det vi gör för “jobb” är egentligen helt sjukt. Stort tack till er alla för all pepp längs resan, det har verkligen varit värdefullt och jag uppskattar det mycket! Och som ni ser på bilden behöver jag inte åka hem helt tomhänt. Jag kanske inte vann tävligen, men jag fick i alla fall det bästa priset 😉 by brannkarr http://ift.tt/1CWZe7M