Showering with Tom (smut headcanon)
  • You were laying on the bed watching TV when Tom walked into the room
  • “Hey babe,” Tom says, crawling onto the bed towards you
  • His body hovering over yours, his lips moved to yours, gently kissing you
  • The kiss deepens as your tongue slips into his mouth
  • Your arms snake around Tom’s neck pulling him closer to you
  • Tom’s fingers move towards you clothed core, running over the material of your underwear
  • Tom pulls away glancing over at the clock, sighing
  • “Harrison and Jacob will be here soon.”
  • “And?”
  • “I have to get in the shower. I’m gross from filming all day.”
  • “But. You. Can. Join. Me,” Tom says in between planting kisses along your neck
  • You groan as Tom stands up and pulls his t shirt over his head, revealing his toned chest
  • His brown eyes glance down at you, silently pleading for you to join him
  • Rolling your eyes, you give in “Ok fine,” you giggle
  • Tom reaches his hand out towards you, helping you stand up
  • He pulls you against him and you can feel his semi hard length against your stomach
  • You follow him to the bathroom, where he turns the water on for the shower
  • He removes his sweatpants and boxers and you stare at your boyfriend, completely naked in front of you
  • He grins, watching as you pull your (his) t shirt over your head
  • Tom takes a step forward and reaches behind you, unhooking your bra before you slide it down your arms and let it drop to the floor
  • His finger’s play with the waistband of your underwear before sliding them down your leg
  • You reach your hand towards the shower and feel the water before stepping in
  • Tom follows and stands behind you, placing his hands on your hips
  • He rests his chin on the top of your head, allowing the warm water to wash over the both of you
  • You smile, loving the little moments like this, when you can feel the love between the two of you
  • Leaning down you grab the shampoo bottle and hand it to Tom
  • He squirts a small amount onto his hand before running his fingers through your hair, gently scrubbing
  • When his done, he hands you the bottle and you do the same to him, combing your fingers through his short hair
  • You turn around, facing your back towards him
  • He takes a step forward and places his hands back on your waist, drawing small circles with his thumbs
  • His lips leave kisses on your neck as you tilt your head to the side
  • You can feel your core begin to throb even though the two of you have hardly done anything
  • As if Tom knows, his fingers slowly move towards your core
  • His fingers brush along your folds, teasing you
  • You move your legs farther apart so that Tom can work his magic
  • He inserts two fingers and begins moving them quickly
  • You place your hand on the wall besides you, steadying yourself, as Tom continues
  • As Tom moves his fingers quicker, you feel a knot forming in your stomach
  • You come undone around his fingers, breathing heavily, your legs becoming weak
  • As your breathing returns to normal, you turn around to face Tom, pushing him against the wall
  • “Your turn,” you mutter, kneeling down
  • You take his hard length in your hand, wrapping your fingers around it
  • Pumping a few times, you notice pre cum beginning to form
  • Your tongue moves to the tip, licking the pre cum
  • You glance up at Tom, his brown eyes dark, watching you
  • You place your lips on the tip, swirling your tongue along it, before slowly moving your lips down his length
  • Tom’s fingers tug at your hair, pulling it into a makeshift ponytail
  • You mouth moves over his length as Tom let’s out numerous moans, clearly enjoying it
  • He tugs on the ponytail, pulling your lips away from him
  • “Babe, I’m so close,” he mutters
  • You stand up, the warm water, moving over your body
  • Your hand moves to his as you take a step out of the water, pulling him with you
  • Your lips move to his and you wrap a leg around his waist
  • His length hits your core and you silently plead with him to thrust into you
  • When he doesn’t, your hand moves down to his length, running it along your folds
  • “Patience Y/N,” Tom says
  • “Fuck patience,” you mutter and Tom grins
  • You line up his length with your core and push the tip in
  • Tom pulls his hips back as he slides out of you
  • “Tom!” you cry
  • Reaching down, your grab his length and push the tip back in
  • Tom then slams into you as you let out a gasp
  • “Better?” he grins
  • Nodding, your wrap your other leg around his waist as he continues to thrust
  • Your nails dig into his shoulders, leaving half moon crescents in the their wake
  • Your back moves against the wall as Tom thrusts quickly, hitting your sensitive spot each time
  • His fingers move towards your exposed core and rub your clit, increasing the sensation
  • Moans fill the small room as the two of you feel your highs quickly approaching
  • Tom releases into you at the same time your walls clench around him
  • Your arms snake around his neck as you try to steady your breathing
  • Tom carries you out of the shower and places you on the bathroom counter
  • You unwrap your arms and legs from around him as he walks back over to the shower to turn off the water
  • When he comes back over, you hop off the counter and hand him your brush
  • He gently tries to comb the tangles out of your hair while in the distance you can hear the front door open and close as Harrison and Jacob arrive

The 20-year goal is to be a film director. The 15-year goal is to win an Oscar. The five-year goal is to just keep enjoying myself. I really am having the time of my life. But as far as my future goes, I want to stretch myself as an actor in a way that Jake Gyllenhaal, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Meryl Streep do. I don’t want to be stuck to one character. I think that’s what can happen when you take on a superhero movie. So every conversation I have with my agent is, “What have you got for me? What’s next? Who can I play?”

Summary of the second #MarcoLIVE

Yo, caught the second one just like a said I would.

  • Marco starts by asking what everyone was doing for the past week.
  • The bi-weekly practices have become weekly.
  • While recapping the episodes he accidently calls Buff Frog “Butt Frog”
  • Another one of the laser puppies is named Marco Jr. So that’s Sayjack, Barco, & Marco Jr.
  • Marco thinks candy corn is the worst candy ever
  • Apparently, Marco had a birthday party where he threw up on Oskar
  • Hekapoo slapped the back of Marco’s head when he recapped “Running With Scissors”
  • Marco remembers everything that happened to him during the sixteen years chasing Hekapoo, but as time goes by the memories are starting to get hazy. He still remembers Nachos (his dragoncycle), his abs, his sword and “the lovely” Hekapoo (his words)
  • November 28 is Marco’s birthday. Star’s is on Stump Day
  • Marco holds a lot of respect for Hekapoo and calls her his friend
  • He doesn’t think Hekapoo and Tom are related since they’re from two completely different dimensions. He knows he’s not related to Tom
  • He gave a Valentine’s Day shout-out to Jackie Lynn Thomas and Star.

Next week is gonna be StarFan13 on the livechat. 

Tom Holland x Volleyball Player || Headcanons

Request: Could you do a Tom Holland Dating A Volleyball Player or Track Athlete?? (anonymous)

Warnings: death by fluffiness, and some swearing

Featuring: Harrison Osterfield, (some) Harry Holland

A/N: So I’ve played volleyball before (though i’m not good at it) and my experiences kept coming back to me, so it might be a lil inaccurate?? idk some of it is cliché and some of it is super cute??

Originally posted by joshholloway

  • Tom was flipping through TV channels after a long day on set when one of the cameras landed on you while you were playing a tournament for your college
  • You usually played right-side hitter, but for this particular game you were the setter and the camera took note of your perfect serve
  • Tom was in awe of how great you were at volleyball; how hard you could spike the ball and how far you could set it
  • Tom wasn’t usually into volleyball, but for you he was quite interested
  • Tom made a mental note of which college you played for so he could record your matches into his DVR
  • Baby boy started watching you play for the next three weeks :’)
    • He even found your public insta and definitely stalked you once in a while
  • Not only did Tom think you were drop dead gorgeous, but he couldn’t help but think of how nice you must be in person

  • So when Tom found out his current film would be filming in the same city your college was in you bEST BELIEVE HOME BOY’S GONNA BOOK TICKETS FOR YOUR NEXT GAME
    • he even bought t-shirts and everything
  • Skip to the game, Tom’s leg couldn’t stop bouncing due to his nervousness
  • Halfway through the game, Tom was getting agitated because people kept asking for pics and the camera kept zooming in but all he wanted was to watch you
  • then again Tom had never voiced his appreciation for volleyball so people were confused??
  • Harrison and Harry made bets on whether or not you’d notice him

Haz: “She’ll notice him, then it’ll be love at first sight for sure”

Harry: “Nah mate, she’d look right past him”

  • cue Tom smacking the both of them

  • Then a miracle happened: you set the ball when someone yelled, causing you to lose focus, so it flew sideways
  • Right into Tom’s face
    • Harry almost peed himself laughing
  • The game was paused as you ran over to retrieve the ball
  • When Tom saw you, you smiled and he almost went into cardiac arrest 

“Sorry, um-”

“Tom, it’s Tom love.”

“Sorry, Tom, hope you’re okay. H-hey you can keep the ball actually, I’m sure we have another.”

  • Then you walked away, leaving Tom both speechless and dazed
  • *Harry paying the money he owed Haz from the bet*
  • Safe to say that your team won the match!
  • 20 minutes after, Tom found himself walking over to where you stood by the bleachers

“Hey, Y-Y/N, right? I can only tell your last name.”

“Oh yeah, Tom! Look, I’m really sorry that ball hit you, I wasn’t paying attention. D-did you want me to sign the ball?”

“Oh it’s fine! Maybe instead of signing it you could write down your number?”

  • This caused you to look up at Tom and smile
  • NGL, you were a bit iffy but Tom’s adorable nervous smile made u say “screw it, he’s cute anyways”
  • You couldn’t figure out why he looked so familiar….until the last minute
  • “Wait, are you Tom…as in Holland? As in Spider-Man?”
  • “Yep, you got yourself a date with Spider-Man, doll!”
  • And with that, Tom waved you goodbye as he ran to the car waiting outside
    • cocky little shit
  • Obviously Tom kept the volleyball :’)

  • On the first date, you both hit it off easily
    • Which led to a few other dates
  • When Tom finally asked you to be his girlfriend, you were overjoyed
  • Though, both of you decided to keep the relationship secret from everyone except your friends/teammates and family
  • Let’s not forget Tom would be leaving in 9 months due to filming and post production
  • but you were determined to make this the best relationship for the both of you

  • So on days when class ended early (which was often), you’d drive over to Tom’s current film’s set
  • You were there most of the time, so the producers let you in as a regular
  • you’d meet Tom in his trailer, change into your jersey, then practice some volleyball at the gym the producers rented out
  • After filming, Tom went to pick you up at the gym
  • He’d watch for a minute or ten just because he loved watching you practice
    • and definitely not because you had on short shorts
  • Then you’d both head back to your dorm and just hang out

  • On days Tom would finish acting early he’d head to your dorm and get lunch for the both of you before meeting you outside your classes
  • You knew Tom was here cuz there’d be a bunch of girls screaming and the occasional mob
  • So Tom would grab your hand and rush back just in case there were paparazzi
  • When you had practice, Tom would come and watch
  • Sometimes he’d even practice with you cuz ur coach was that chill
  • The first few times he came over, your teammates would flirt and fangirl
  • Tom was very flattered but he just wanted to see you play
  • When you practiced alone, Tom would come up behind you and place his hands on your bum

“Damn my girl’s got an ass!”


  • sometimes he’d get kinky (I cringe) and smack your bum omg
  • ngl you did grow a butt from conditioning exercises
  • After practice, Tom would sneak into your dorm and massage you after a sore practice

“Tom, I love you, but I’m doing my homework rn”

“But darrrllllliiiiinnnngggg”

  • Tom loved watching movies late at night in your dorm bc it was super cozy
  • I’m talking 10-blankets-and-15-pillows cozy
  • Tom also loved late night walks with you at your campus
  • Your campus had a big open green area that was really well groomed and kept which made it nice to walk near
  • Tom would wake you up in the middle of the night to go out and see the stars with him
  • Half of the time he carried you bc you were a sleepy lil baby
  • He’d point out the constellations as you dozed

“And that there, my angel, is Gemini. It’s pretty, but not as pretty as you are.”

  • :“”“”“)

  • A month before Tom had to leave, he finally asked you the big question…
  • It was a rather normal day, you and Tom were out on his hotel balcony chilling and watching the sunrise in pajamas
  • He grabbed your hand and rubbed it:

"Y/N, I know it’s only been 8 months, and I’ve loved every second of it. B-but, and you don’t have to say yes, but w-would you like to get a place together?”

  • You hugged Tom so hard his ribcage hurt lmao

“A-are you sure, Tom? You’ll be leaving soon a-and this city is nowhere near special-”

“Darling I’m positively sure. I have enough money for rent, and I love this city. It’s where you live.” “Plus You could take care of the place anyways.”

“Oh haha, I knew there was a catch, asshat.”

  • So that night, Tom went on Instagram live to livestream you and him in bed searching up local apartments
  • the comments were fLOODED
    • “You’re dating that volleyball girl??”
    • “Aye my OTP!!”
    • “I knew they were dating all along guys”
  • Famous news brands and talk shows even called Tom and made sure you two were really dating so they could make an article about the famous volleyball player dating Spider-Man
  • Once you and Tom moved into your now-shared apartment, you moved in completely in less than a week
  • Tom was really digging getting to wake up  next to his beautiful girlfriend in his own place

  • Then it was time for Tom to leave for 2 months to go resume filming in another state
  • The day before was filled with crying, sex, and takeout
  • Tom left at 6 pm, just after your classes ended
  • You called Harrison immediately to ask if Tom left yet
  • Haz said he did, but he was super kind and gave you a ride to the airport
  • The whole airport was crowded, you could see posters waving a mile away
  • You grabbed Harrison’s hand and practically dragged him wihile looing for Tom
  • Once you saw him, you couldn’t help but tear up
  • Tom spotted you right before you tackled him
  • The crowd went berserk and the paparazzi’s were eating that shit up
  • Tom stroeked your hair and kissed your forehead as you rested your head against his neck
  • It was the first time the two of you would be separated and both of you were miserable
  • Before Tom gave you one last, super-long kiss, he held your face in his hands

“I’ll be back before you know it, Y/N”

“You better be, Holland”

“Keep the place clean, darling. I love you!”

  • Those 2 months were horrible
  • The first week you missed practice because that’s how much you missed Tom
  • He had become an integral part in your life that you didn’t want missing

  • Tom didn’t feel right either
  • Some days he couldn’t even act in front of a camera
  • Late at night, he’d scroll through a photo album of you two
  • You and Tom had established certain times of days you’d Skype each other
    • First thing in the morning, in the afternoon, and right before bed
  • Tom felt immeasurable joy when he saw your face on screen
  • You’d share each other’s days, tell each other how much you missed each other, etc etc
  • Sometimes you’d fall asleep while skype-ing and wake up with a dead battery and many missed calls from Tom
  • You loved seeing Tom, in person or not

  • Once you felt better abt the situation, you went to practice with a newfound energy
  • Your teammates were ecstatic, they knew how much Tom leaving took a toll on you
  • On game days, Tom would make time to call you during the pre-game
  • You’d put him on Skype on your computer so he could see you before you played
  • He’d give you pep talks and cheer you on
  • His TV would already be set to the pre-game talk show and his ears perked up whenever he heard your name called
  • Surprisingly, the hosts mentioned you dating Tom

“Angel, they’re talking about us.”

“You’re kidding”

“No really it says ‘Right-Side Hitter Y/N Y/L/N is dating actor Tom Holland’”

“Well, what a way to make that public”

  • Then it was time to start the match 

“Wish me luck!”

“You don’t need it, babe!”

  • Tom would be sending you chats on insta the whole time
    • “Missing you, hope you win my love”
    • “Ouch I saw that dig. Hope you’re okay x”
    • “Nice spike babygirl!”
    • “The ref is bs that was a great set Y/N”

  • 3 weeks before Tom was supposed to come home to you, the producers let Tom on hiatus
  • Tom was like !!!!!!!
  • Tom burst into his trailer, setting up his laptop to call you when Harrison stopped him at the last second
  • Harrison had the best idea for Tom to surprise you at school
    • bonus points to Haz for being the best fuckin friend ever
  • So for the rest of the day Tom and Haz planned out how he’d surprise you
  • The plan was simple:
    • Tom would stop at your shared apt and set up stuff for a good ole’ movie night w/ the babes
    • He’d get a bouquet of your favorite flowers and throwback to the volleyball that caused you two to meet
    • Then he’d go meet you in the middle if the campus since that’s where you had your weekly picnic with your friends
  • At your apartment Tom couldn’t help but arrange stuff over and over and over
  • Homeboy had to make sure everything was perfect amirite
  • Then he sped off to your college

  • when he saw you, the sun was just beginning to set and the sunlight highlighted your smile as you laughed
  • No matter how many times he saw your smile, Tom’s heart couldn’t help but flutter at the sight
  • He took a deep breath, then walked over
  • Harrison was right behind him, recording the whole thing
  • Your friend Caitlin was the first to spot Tom
  • She gasped and reached for her phone to videotape
  • You were pretty confused, but once you turned around the biggest smile set on your face
  • In Tom’s right hand was a bouquet of flowers, while in his left hand he held the volleyball with your number and signature scribbled onto the side
  • wow i’m emo
  • Tom smiled back at you, elated to see you after 2 long months

“Told you I’d be back soon”

“I never doubted you, Holland”

  • i’m not crying you’re crying

  • summary: you + Tom = my OTP

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anonymous asked:

Yes!! do high!tom please

***disclaimer: i do not know what tom does in his personal, private life. i have no knowledge on his drug use or even stance on drug use. this is, as with all my other writing is, fiction. **tw for drug use


  • he doesn’t have a lot of experience with drugs, he never really had time to experiment if he wanted to because he was always working
  • but finally, when he does, it’s not what he expects. he’s been drunk before but this was totally different
  • someone at your friend’s house had explained something about “ingido” and “saliva” but he’s already forgot what each one meant
  • he doesn’t feel sleepy like he thought he would. instead he’s been reaching his hands through the IKEA shag carpet that your small circle of friends were sat on (he’s been doing it for 25 minutes but hasn’t noticed he has)
  • he thought he’d die of coughing before he ever got high
  • there was one rotation where he was coughing so hard tears were in his eyes and he thought he would vomit
  • (luckily you brought him a nice cup of tea with honey)
  • you lay on the floor together, his head in your lap while you gently let your fingers follow along the natural curls oh his hair
  • he’s remaining rather quiet but his head is exploding with questions and ideas for work
  • (”i should do an animated movie…i’ve got the voice work!! i need to call my agent”)
  • and when you ask him is he’s doing okay, he just lazily lulls his head to the side to smile at you
  • he reaches a hand up to cup your jawline. you rest your chin against it and let out a content “hmm” when his thumb rubs your skin
  • he smiles a warm, happy smile up at you. half of him thinking about how much he’s in love with you
  • the other half is focused on counting how many boogers you have in your nose
  • “hey babe, do you think aliens are ever gonna come and say ‘hello’ to us?”
  • and the can of worms is released and he’s suddenly talking a million miles a minute
  • “why is the US still on the imperial system??? only Myanmar and Liberia share it, so like, what’s the deal???”
  • “it would be so sick to hear what your dog is thinking”
  • “freckles are just landmarks of the face”
  • “when’s the last time Steve Martin did a movie?? i miss him”
  • “are tongues really fucking gross?”
  • (it should be noted at he made the previous comment mid-snog with you and then went right back to snogging so)
  • “why are you laughing?? i just said the word ‘lit’???”
  • “i should go see a chiropractor shouldn’t i? maybe i could PLAY a chiropractor” “for what???” “a movie, obviously” 
  • and in the cab ride back to your place, he’s feeling extra clingy so he reaches across your waist an pulls you as close to him as the seat belt allows
  • he has an arm slung over your shoulder and his head resting on it so it is level with your ear
  • he’s mostly just giggling about whatever nonsense has wandered through his head but occasionally he’ll prop his head up to leave a kiss at your hairline or on your year
  • “love you lots, i do”
New Eddsworld Au

Eyyyy, I made a new Eddsworld au it’s called the Foster Kids Au~! Now I’m gonna tag the few people I know will like this so they can check it out, then we’ll get to the stuff about the au; @weirdodoodles @blacktea-isonehellofadrug

Foster Kids Au

This au is focused on Edd. After his parents die in a car accident and his family all seem too busy to take care of him, Edd is placed into foster care and soon taken in by a fairly new foster parent, Eduardo. Eduardo tries his best to provide for Edd, because he remembers when he was in a very similar situation, and so he does everything he can to give Edd a good life.


  • Edd
    • 14
    • New to the foster care program
    • Not over the death of his parents
    • Good at cooking
      • Enjoys baking most of all
      • Eats when he’s upset
    • Likes to doodle when he’s bored
    • Loves musical soundtracks
    • Though a little distant from his foster dad, he’s glad to have them taking care of him
    • Has a fluffy little kitten he named Ringo
  • Matt
    • 14
    • Been in the program for a few years
    • Once shared a family with Tom
      • Wasn’t a very good family
    • Loves traditionally “girly” things
      • Wearing make-up
      • Wearing dresses and skirts
      • Loves walking around in heels, even if he doesn’t need the height
    • Plays connect the dots with his freckles when he’s bored
    • Really smart but pretends not to be
      • He used to get bullied for it
  • Tom
    • 17
    • Been in the program since he was a little kid
    •  Doesn’t remember his birth parents, so he just jokingly tells people his dad was a pineapple and his mom was a bowling ball
    • Owns a bass guitar that’s in need of repair
      • Won’t let anyone touch it unless he fully trusts them
    • He’s the kid who snuck some beer and actually liked it
      • Sometimes takes vodka to school in a water bottle, but not too often
    • Nice to younger kids, most kids his age, and the elderly
    • Dislikes most older kids, and basically anyone who meddles where they shouldn’t
  • Tord
    • 16
    • New to the foster care program
    • Loves his new dads
      • They mean the world to him
    • Resents/hates his birth parents cause he thinks they abandoned him
    • Owns a stuffed rabbit named Bun-Bun
      • No one knows about Bun-Bun besides him and his dads
    • Invents little things that make his dads happy
    • Fluent in Norwegian and is learning English
      • His English is kinda broken
      • Hard for him to make friends
  • Eduardo
    • Used to be a foster kid himself
      • Wants to help foster kids have a good life like he did
    • Hangs Edd’s art on the fridge
    • Literally could not say “No” when Edd wanted a kitten
    • If you hurt his kid, he’ll punch you into tomorrow
    • A good but tired papa
    • Totally has a specific cabinet in the kitchen which contains junk for Edd to eat when he’s upset
  • Jon
    • Just wants kids to feel safe and live good lives
    • Total sweetheart but a bit of a pushover
    • Tries and fails to diet
      • He’s a marshmallow
    • Is very supportive of Tom
    • He tries to solve fights with words rather than violence, but if it comes down to it he will punch you for hurting his kid
    • New to being a foster parent
      • Tries his best but sometimes he gets real stressed
      • Watches a lot of animated movies when he’s stressed
  • Mark
    • Has fostered a few kids who are all out living their lives now
    • Tries his best to keep up with the times
      • May take him a little bit to get used to things if someone he knows changes their name and/or pronouns, but he’ll get it
      • Chill kind of parent
    • Couldn’t care less about gender stereotypes and stuff like that
    • 100% will deck you if you say anything bad about any of his kids
    • Likes to spoil Matt on holidays, and doesn’t mind buying all those things Matt’s too nervous about buying himself
      • Dresses
      • Skirts
      • Make-up
      • Cute things
      • Stuff he think’s Matt will like
    • PTA dad
      • “Fite me Helen.” -Mark, often at PTA meetings
    • Will gladly host sleepovers and parties for Matt and friends
  • Paul
    • Big ol’ papa bear
    • If you even look at his kid wrong, you’re dead
    • Always knows how to fix broken things
    • Very proud of Tord
      • Often spoils Tord with sweets or robot parts
      • Very happy about Tord’s new friends
    • New to being a foster parent
      • Owns a lot of parenting books cause he has the idea he’s not a good parent
      • He’s best parent
  • Pat
    • Tord calls him Mama, and he doesn’t have the heart tell him otherwise
    • Has a bulletin board with pictures of Tord
      • Embarrasses Tord with it whenever he can
    • The parent who unofficially wins the bake sale
    • Never hurt his kid, just don’t
    • Family cook
      • Paul always adds way too much salt
      • Tord isn’t trusted with knives or fire
    • Knits to relieve stress
Being Tom Holland’s best friend would include...
  • Mocking his accent to annoy him
  • Harrison being slightly jealous of you
  • People thinking you two were dating
  • Paparazzi always stalking you two when you go out together
  • Posting him all over your snapchat to make people jealous that YOUR best friend is Thomas Stanley Holland
  • Having soooo many videos of him singing
  • Sharing an apartment
    Getting really annoyed of each other
  • Buying him Spiderman stuff even though he most likely already has it
  • Tessa loving you
    Sometimes more than Tom
    He gets super jealous his dog likes you more than him
  • Putting makeup on him while he’s sleeping and him just laughing his ass off when he sees it
  • You both lowkey have feelings for each other
  • Slowly winning Harrison over and becoming an iconic trio
  • Friendship goals 
  • Prank wars
  • Harrison and Jacob trying to get you and Tom together
  • You becoming super good friends with Zendaya (Z)
  • Z, Haz, and Jacob convincing Tom to ask you out
    “ Come on mate, you like her. She likes you. Just ask her out already.”
  • You obviously say yes
  • Keeping your relationship on the down low for a while 
  • Going on cute dates but everyone thinks you guys are just best friends
  • Going to movie premiers together
  • Him announcing you two were dating at the Spiderman hc premier
  • Overall best friend goals!
Birthdays Still Matter

Pairing: DarylxReader 

Warnings: Smut, fluffiness 

Summary: Everybody at the prison (let’s pretend they’re back at the prison okay cool) forgets your birthday but Daryl, who treats you to a night of fun 

Word Count: 1,723

 A/N: This is for @fangasm202 who requested a Daryl fic for her birthday! But I’m behind 😭 so this is after her birthday. Happy birthday nonetheless girl :) I hope you enjoy!!
A/N2: I’m sorry I haven’t posted much guys. Life’s been crazy as fuck lately. Hope y’all understand. I’m hoping to be able to work on things a lot more once school is out <3

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Topp Dogg reaction: Their s/o is addicted to bread

A loaf of bread:  Can I have reaction when their bff or crush is addicted to bread?

Bread’s note: bread bread. Loaf. Bun bun buns. bread, bread bread bread bun bread. Baguette wheat flour eggs milk bread? bread bread yummy bread!


He’d try and talk it out of you. If your addiction became too much, he’d even try to take you to some support group. Of course, you didn’t want that. Bread was life to you, and it should be the same for him. You tried to change him, he tried to change you. At the end, as you battled, fought for your side of believes, the true winner of the fight, was the bread itself, being protected from all evil, it couldn’t speak, it couldn’t move around, but it sure as hell moved your heart. Bread did its best, and it won.


You tried hiding it from him the longest time, you thought you were doing a good job, until one day, he randomly put a slice of bread onto the table, right in front of you. It started off as a few droplets, but soon there was a whole waterfall of sweat running down your face; you stuttered, your mouth dry, as you nervously asked him what the purpose of this was. But you couldn’t hold back any longer. You jumped onto the table, holding the slice of bread up, up at the sky, you let out the yell only a true bread-addicted veloceraptor could master. The bread! It was finally yours. You valued, cherished every little crumb of it. It was so good! The texture, the crumbs, the colour of it, the look of it, the smell of it! You were in bread heaven! Ohhh, a bread’s smell.. the strongest aphrodisiac – Hojoon watched as you furiously humped what was left of the bread.


He’d actually be completely fine and okay with this at first. Hell, he’d even support you, and maybe try to get into it as well. After all, it meant that you’d regularly bake fresh bread, or go with him to eat delicious things that featured bread! Delicious food was always a good thing to him! And.. you actually managed to completely turn him around. Everything else in his life just… vanished. No more photography. No more singing. All he knew… was bread. He breathed bread, lived it. Bread was his god that he blindly followed.


He’d have his fun with it too. He wouldn’t necessarily support it, or go with it, but he did find it a very strange, yet funny thing to obsess over. Other people were obsessed with him, or roller coasters.. and you were obsessed with something trivial as bread. It was your thing. He liked the quirkiness of it. When it got out of hand, he’d be slightly uncomfortable, but other than that, he tried to act positive about it.


From the first moment on, he thought it was the weirdest thing. Bread was… food to him. Food was good, obviously, he loved food. But being addicted or obsessed with it? That went way too far in his opinion. Every time you started talking about bread, he’d try to change the topic. Every time he’d see bread in a shop, or a bakery, a shiver would run down his spine. It gave him the creeps. Needless to say, he got out of that store even faster than he ended your relationship… which has to be a new record for running at top speed. 



He would also have his fun with it.. at the beginning anyway. He’d play around with it, play around with you. He’d go along with it, jokingly, ironically.. until one day, it suddenly wasn’t ironic any more. You had pulled him into your ban as well. He now fully understood why you were so obsessed with bread. He was addicted now too. While he slept, he hugged a loaf of his favourite kind of bread. A few buns were splattered all over the couch, instead of pillows. It was his new way of living. At the end, he eloped with a baguette.


The only thing he didn’t like was that bread had a lot of carbs? He tried working out with you after a session of eating bread, while staring at more bread, while talking about even more bread. He really liked that you were obsessed with bread. He liked it more than if you were obsessed with algebra, or history. He could dig bread. He was on one level with a loaf of bread after all.   


He was questioning why you paid less attention to him than you usually did, but he didn’t expect your answer to be that you were obsessed with bread. It was okay with him, at first, because he wanted to accept all of your quirks.
But then things got kind of out of hand, in his opinion. You didn’t show up to your date night, on your anniversary, because you found a great new recipe for some oregano-cheese bread. Then, another time, you didn’t even look at him, but spent the entire time watching a cooking show. That was where he’d stop supporting you. He’d make you choose between him and the bread.


He’d be lowkey shooketh when he first came into your kitchen and saw all the bread and baking materials. Your bread themed curtains didn’t make it any better either. He’d think that it was very strange. He wouldn’t really get it, and ask you to lay off it for a bit. Of course, you’d tell him that bread was your life, your one true love, and he’d have to share you with your true soulmate; the majestic bread.

Forgive - Peter Parker x (f)Reader

Words: 1052
Pairing: Peter Parker x (f)Reader
Featuring: May Parker
Warnings: Mentions of periods, sadness, anger
Requested by anon
Hi may I request a (TomH) Peter x reader imagine where she’s on her period, pmsing& he’s being mean& she starts crying coz she’s in pain so he apologizes but she gets mad& he tries to get her to forgive him& fluff? I’m on my period& it hurts so much
Authors Note: soooo i hate periods more than anything and i’m sorry your period was so bad, anon :( I had no motivation the past few days because i was so stressed so writing did not happen- apologies!


You woke up to a bunch of knocks on your door. “(Y/N)?” You recognized it at Peter Parker and called that he could come into your room. You gave him a key to your apartment you share with your parents, as he is your best friend, so you trusted him to give him a key. It was either that, or have Spider-Man show up at your window every time Peter was bored.

“What the hell, (Y/N)?” Peter looked and sounded angry, but your half-asleep self was confused why he showed up to see you on Saturday evening. You had a baffled look on your face, and it only made Peter angrier. “We were supposed to hang out, and you blew me off! You know I had an important meeting with Mr. Stark about being able to go on missions with the team! (Y/N), you can’t just blow me off like that because you were tired!” He yelled at you.

Luckily, you parents weren’t home so he could yell all he wanted. It was probably for the best, though, Peter was really upset over this. You admitted to yourself that you forgot about the plans you had with him, but you felt like shit. You didn’t even have enough energy to argue with him. “Sorry, Peter, I haven’t been feeling so well,” You sighed and tried to sit up, only to fall on your back from the pain.

“You could have called me!” Peter crossed his arms, glaring at you. He was pissed. Tony was going to start thinking about letting him join in on some missions if he had enough meetings. And today would have been his last one, but he canceled the meeting so he could hang out with you since your schedules rarely work.

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