my shoujo list.

• ao haru ride
•ookami shoujo to kuro ouji
•silent kiss
•say i love you
•obaka-chan koigatariki
•koukou debut
•kyou no kira-kun
•kyou koi wo hajimemasu
•bokutachi wa shitte shimatta
•mune ga naru no wa kimi no sei
•omoi, omoware, furi, furare
•stand up!
•kimi ni happiness
•namida usagi - seifuku no kataomoi
•last game
•kamisama hajimemashita
•tsubaki-chou lonely planet
•kimi ga inakya dame tte itte
•hibi chouchou
•tonari no kaibutsu-kun ( my little monster)
•hiren trip
•monokuro shounen shoujo
•boku kara kimi ga kienai
•boku wa ookami
•youko x boku ss
•tobenai tori
•chiguhagu planet
•kaichou wa maid-sama
•nijiiro days
•kurosaki-kun no linari ni nante naranai
•beauty pop
•strobe edge
•hirunaka no ryuusei
•sugar soldier
•hanagimi to koisuru watashi
•haru matsu bokura

irish-i-was-nialls-girl  asked:

Hi! I'm wondering if you do recommendations? I'm looking for some really cute manga to read, maybe along the lines of childhood friends but I'm not that picky. I just finished Kimi ga Inakya Dame tte Itte and I love it and now I need more. Thanks :)

Hello, 3 friends,

try these:

Manga Recommendation about Childhood Friends

  1. 14-sai no Koi
  2. Ao Haru Ride
  3. Aruitou
  4. Aoi Hana
  5. Atashi Kisushita
  6. Bird Kiss
  7. Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu
  8. Balancing Toy
  9. Barajou no Kiss
  10. Bokura no Himitsu o Kyouyuu Shiyou ka
  11. Bokura wa Itsumo
  12. Cherries Fight
  13. Chihayafuru
  14. Darling I Love You
  15. Fetish Berry
  16. Stardust Wink
  17. Fukumenkei Noise
  18. Fuyu no Hana
  19. Gozen 0-ji, Kiss Shi ni Kite yo  
  20. Gyakuten Honey
  21. Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi
  22. Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi
  23. Akaiito (Miyakasa Kaho)
  24. Akatsuki no Yona 
  25. Hatsu Haru
  26. Hatsukoi ni Oboreta
  27. Heroine Shikakku
  28. Hidarite no Love Letter
  29. Hiyokoi
  30. Houkago x Ponytail
  31. Itoshi no Nina
  32. Iya da nante Iwasenai
  33. Joou no Hana
  34. Benkyou no Jikan
  35. Black Bird
  36. Blue (Chiba Kozue)
  37. Bodaiju Ryou no Aria
  38. Boku ni Natta Watashi
  39. Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru
  40. Katakoi Triangle
  41. Kedamono Kareshi
  42. Kimi ga Inakya Dame tte Itte 
  43. Kimi ni Todoke
  44. Last Game
  45. Lovely Complex
  46. Mairunovich Pin to Kona
  47. Re Collection
  48. Rockin’ Heaven
  49. Romantica Clock
  50. Sentimental Shounen A
  51. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
  52. Mashikaku Rock
  53. Mikami-sensei no Aishikata
  54. Mishounen Produce
  55. Nishiki-kun no Nasugamama
  56. Ojou-sama no Untenshu
  57. Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare
  58. Otona Jikan
  59. Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to
  60. Skip Beat!
  61. Special A
  62. Stardust Wink
  63. Strobe Edge
  64. Sugars (Yamamori Mika)
  65. Suki desu Suzuki-kun!!
  66. Taiyou no Ie
  67. Teruteru x Shounen
  68. Tonari no Atashi
  69. Tonari no Megane-kun.
  70. True Love
  71. Tokyo Rock Shounen
  72. Usotsuki Boyfriend
  73. Uwasa no Midori-kun
  74. Venus Kisoukyoku
  75. Watashi ni xx Shinasai!
  76. Watashitachi ni wa Kabe ga Aru.
  77. Mada Amanogawa ni Ikenai
  78. Mako to Aki-chan no Koigokoro
  79. Haru Matsu Bokura
  80. Haru x Kiyo
  81. Namida Usagi - Seifuku no Kataomoi
  82. Kimi no Tame ni Hiku Chopin
  83. Kiyoku Yawaku 
  84. Koi da no Ai da no 
  85. Koi Shitagari no Blue
  86. After Friend
  87. Ano Hana
  88. Ano Ko no, Toriko. 
  89. Tobenai Tori
  90. Strange Orange
  91. Otomentaru
  92. Nonchan to Watashi
  93. Love Survival
  94. Koi no Himitsu Kichi
  95. Angel Sky
  96. Konote wo Hanasanai
  97. Gokuaku Drop
  98. Kimi ga Suki
  99. Ayakashi Tennen Beans
  100. Cherry Love
Matsui Rena interview from Nikkei Entertainment! AKB48 10th Anniversary Special

If Rena didn’t perform for AKB48 10th Anniversary this Monday, having never enrolled even as kennin in the group and being busy with work, she went to see the special performance this Sunday and cried many times remembering the days when she was a young fan watching LODs on her computer at home, dreaming of the day when she too, would stand on stage like her idols, Takamina, Acchan and many others.
In this interview (Nikkei Ent. Sp. out 2015/11/26) Rena looks back on her experience in AKB senbatsu, but also the time she spent out of it and the regrets she has. And Gekikara, of course.
I recommend skipping to the end if you’re solely interested in knowing more about her projects for the future. With such a long-term career plan, this could become reality someday (@06:40)~


I chose to sing 「Aitakatta」for SKE48 audition. As I loved AKB48 I could sing and dance on it, but since I was self-taught I was sure there were many girls better than me. Still, I decided to enjoy it and perform in front of the jury smiling and somehow, I passed.
My goal has always been the same, when I joined SKE48 I already wanted to become an actress. I was partially influenced by my mother who is a fan of Takarazuka. I loved watching plays myself and from an early age my dream was to stand on stage.
I also had an interest in idols and AKB48’s concept of having an exclusive theater where you could meet those idols, the 「Idols you can meet」concept made a huge impact on me. Actually during my class school trip in Tokyo when  in 3rd grade, I went to Akihabara with my friends during our free time and I went all the way in front of AKB48 Theater. (laughs) I couldn’t get in as I didn’t know how to purchase a ticket, but I got goosebumps just by thinking about how Acchan or Takamina were right behind those doors. And so when I heard a sister group was planned to debut in my region, I decided to audition. If I could perform in SKE48’s theater, I hoped it would be the first step toward realizing my dream.
I remember every little details of SKE48 first presentation to the public at Hibya Open-Air Concert Hall (August 2008). Rain had made the stage slippery, our sneakers squealed when we walked in. The wet surface of the stage was shining with the reflection of the lights coming from the projector. It was the most beautiful scenery I had ever seen.
I was frustrated not being front row during SKE48 first theater performance. I wanted with all my might to move to the front, so I trained diligently to improve my dancing and experimented to come with the MC that would get me the most attention. Gradually, I started being told by the staff 「Calls cheering for you were really loud today」, letters I received from fans increased etc. Seeing what I was doing had effects boosted me even more.

In the mist of everything, I got the huge surprise to be picked to enter the senbatsu of AKB48, the group I admired so much, for 「10nen Sakura」(released in March 2009). In my eyes there were plenty of members with more charm and personality, so I carried on with this question remaining unsolved : why me?.
But I learnt recently that the reason why I had been selected was because Yuasa-san (SKE48 Theater manager) had thought「I just found an interesting element」upon noticing me striving to reach for the front.
Following the release of「10nen Sakura」were held the first general elections and I didn’t make it into senbatsu…(29th) After that I was kept out of AKB48 single senbatsu and fell down for wasting the big chance I had been given. My spirit rose again when I was told about my role in a certain drama.

My dream of acting never phased, so I threw myself headlong and with all my might in「Majisuka Gakuen」. After hearing from the director that Gekikara was going to be a “crazy” and “dangerous”, I decided to wear colored contact lenses, to make my hair up and was basically left building my character all by myself. I picked element here and there in my favorite manga and novel characters and mixed it all up. (laughs) After the serie aired Akimoto-san (Yasuji) sent me a mail 「It was good.」, I also had more fans coming to meet me during HS events 「I became a fan thanks to Gekikara」. Acting had proved to be most wonderful thing I had ever experienced.

When singing「Heavy Rotation」on television or during events, it was clear fans had drastically increased since「10nen Sakura」, that AKB48’s popularity had exploded. However in the meantime 「River」,「Iiwake Maybe」and「Ponytail to Shushu」for which I wasn’t senbatsu member were released, so I didn’t have my own position in them. I do regret I wasn’t among AKB48 senbatsu members when the group suddenly rose in fame and didn’t get to experience it first hand.
(tln : I like those singles just fine, but UG back then had the best deal really.  Nusumareta Kuchibiru may not trump PonyShu but given the *cof*delicious*cof* screen time Rena got in Kuchibiru, I’m really glad she was centering it. Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara > RIVER, if you judge the RH results years after years. And Tobenai Agehachou well… (*´Д`) HNNNNNG!
I get R’s frustration of slipping out of senbatsu back then, but as a fan I can’t share her regrets. Not when coupling tracks were that great.

At the time, when I joined the AKB48 senbatsu, I was surrounded by people I admired and so I was incredibly nervous. I was always in the background when we were getting ready, so much that when I said something it surprised everyone 「Eh? Rena-chan just spoke!」.(laughs)
In my eyes, Miyazawa Sae-chan was especially wonderful. In「Heavy Rotation」there was a part where we were paired together and where we were free to appeal to the camera in any way we wanted and she improvised with something different every time. She taught me that there were many ways to interpret the same song and dancing with her helped me forget all other considerations, to make it a truly enjoyable and fun moment. Now that I think about it, she would also once come to me 「Your necktie is crooked」and fix my costume. She was like a kind big sister to me.

Soon following my transfer to Team E, other 1st generation members came to see our stage, but they told me 「You’re trying too hard to make yourself visible and it shows. You’re standing out in a bad way.」.
Before that I was focused on myself, always  thinking about how to make myself indispensable to the group. I was a 「lone wolf」, so to speak. (laughs)
Also, when it was just us first generation members I believed that challenging each other was making SKE48 stronger. But in Team E I was everyone’s senior and I realised that it would lead nowhere to simply try to outdistance them. After that, I started getting closer to my juniors, establishing better communication with them.
I also discovered a lot during the year I spent as an “exchange student” with Nogizaka46, while Ikoma Rina on her end was sent to AKB48. In SKE48 we had very strictly established choreographies and the emphasis was put on delivering the most energy-packed performance possible, while in Nogizaka46 there was room for improvisation and all sorts of variations for calls. It showed me there isn’t just one way to make a live enjoyable, one style isn’t more valid than the other. My way of approaching things became more flexible.

After SKE48 reached its long-sought goal that was to perform in Nagoya Dome (February 2014), having already played in dramas and obtaining a wonderful 5th positions in the General Elections, I looked at those achievements and decided it was「time to proceed to the next step」.
Once I graduate, I plan on following the same path I did so far. It will be similar to shifting to a trail of gravels after walking on a paved road for a long time. I see my post-graduation as a continuation of where I’m standing now.
After graduating, I don’t expect to become a big name actress right away. I want to work in such a way that my name will be known by a lot more people when I reach 30 or 40 than it is today. I want to act and keep acting for a long period of time.

In May this year I had the chance to play the lead role in 「Majisuka Gakuen ~Kyoto・Chifu Shugakuryokou~ 」. Until then I had always pictured myself as a poor singer, but at the occasion of this musical, I managed to sing properly by adjusting my feelings to the melody. It was the first time I was praised by so many people for my singing. If such opportunity presents itself, I’d like to sing in front of an audience again.
(tln : Rena has been going to karaoke a lot lately and spoke about “training so people won’t laugh at me”. Main theory among fans is that she will sing during her fanclub events, which start this week-end in Nagoya (ΦωΦ)♪)


GAREKI (Seiyuu: Hiroshi Kamiya)

[audio from AK-801 on soundcloud]
[translation from miraclesmay on wordpress]


Te wo nobaseba todoku no ka yo ano takai sora toka
Do you think you can reach the high sky by stretching out your hand?

Muretari toka shinrai da toka imi wakanneeshi sonna no
Crowding together, mutual trust, I don’t get any of that
Tsuka jama darou? ashi torarete shizunjimau dake jan
Rather, aren’t those in the way? They only slow you down and sink you
Kitanee basho ya kitanee yatsura wasurecha ikenai kinou
I have to remember the yesterday I lived with dirty people in a dirty place
Mirai nante tobenai kuse ni sora ni akogareru miteena mon ja ne
Don’t long for the sky if you can’t fly

(Nanoni hoshii no ka yo?) Imi ga hoshii dake da yo
(Even so, do you wish for it?) I only want a reason
(Raku ni naru ki ka yo?) Sonnan janee kedo
(Do you intend to take the easy route?) That’s not it,but
Uchinukanakya ikenee no wa tsumannee jibun jishin shibaru kusari
What I need to shoot out are the foolish binding chains I created myself

Zettai ni hatasanakya nannee koto no
What is on the other side
Mukougawa ni nani ga aru ka
Of what I absolutely have to accomplish
Nnano kangaete mita koto nante nai kedo
I never even thought about that kinda thing
Kawatteku keshiki shiranakatta kono sekai no genjitsu
The scenery keeps changing and I learn about the reality of this world that I didn’t know
Mukiaenai ore nante iranee darou
I’m not needed if I can’t face it, right?
Doudemo ii koto bakka datta hazu na no ni
Even though I was supposed to be indifferent to everything
Itsukara da yo? sora wo miageteiru ore ga iru
I don’t know since when I’ve found myself looking up at the sky

Dareka no tame? jibun no tame? tada mukatsuku dake nandayo
Doing something for someone? Doing it for you? That just irritates me
Riyou dekirya sore de iiya tte koko ni kita hazu jan
Didn’t I come here to make use of anything I can?
Mae wo muite aruku yatsura shinjikitteiru ashita
Those guys walk looking straight ahead, believing in tomorrow
Moshikashitara toberu no ka yo sora no mabushisa ni me wo sorashita
Thinking that maybe they can fly, I looked away form the sky’s radiance

(Kitai shitenno ka yo?) Joudan, baka ja nee no?
(Do you perhaps have hopes?) Get serious, aren’t you stupid?
(Doko e ikuki da yo?) Ikigurushiinda yo
(Where do you plan on going?) I’m suffocating
Nanimo yaku ni tatananai mama koko ni iru dake toka gaman denikee!
I can’t stand just being here without being of any use!

Zettai ni hatasanakya nannee no nara
If there’s something you just have to accomplish
Ugokidasanakya hajimaranai
You need to make a move or nothing will start
Nnano wakatteta tsumori de yogoreteta kedo
I thought I knew that and continued getting myself dirty
Kaerarenai mama de shiranee furi wo shiteta dake na no ka yo
Was I just feigning ignorance while not being able to change anything
Maji de uzee dake da na, ima no mama ja
It’s annoying for real, the way I am right now
“Itsumodoori” sore dake datta hazu na no ni
It was supposed to be “just like always” but
Kizukazu ni sora ni te wo nobashiteru ore ga iru
Before I knew it, I found myself reaching out to the sky

Kudakechitta ano kusari wa ore wo shibatteta mono
The chains that have been smashed up were the ones binding me
Tsuuka, tobira no kagi datta no ka yo?
Rather, were they actually the key to a gate?

Zettai ni hatasanakya nanee koto no
The sky I saw beyond
Mukougawa ni mieta sora wa naze ka
What I absolutely had to accomplish, somehow
Tsukinuketa aosa de takaku kanjita
Pierced through with a blueness that felt so high
Todoku ki ga shinee nante itte akirameteta kinou
I had given it up thinking I couldn’t reach it
Atomodori shinaitte chikatta kara
Because I vowed to never go back to my tracks
Dareka no te wo tsukamu koto no imi ga kawatta toki kara
Since the meaning of grasping someone’s hand changed
Niji ni te wo nobashiteru ore ga iru
I find myself reaching out for the rainbow

[plenty thanks to the uploader and translator!!!!!!!!! credit where credit is due! we love you thanks so much!]

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“I’ve been calling the song "NAINAINAI” in my mind.“
—Sho in the making of Aozora no Shita, Kimi no Tonari

LMAO. True enough, when you look at the lyrics…

Tobenai Todokanai Sora wa nai
Tsukamenai Mirenai Yume mo nai
Ansanburu wa MY LIFE Kakegaenai MY TIME
Tonari ni iyou Sotto Zutto
Kienai Iro no nai Niji wa nai
Iranai Hitsuyou no nai Hito wa inai
Mitsuketa hikari wo tadotte Kimi to, kimi to tsunagatte itainda

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