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I’ve been doing a alta and lok loop and korra is an amazing avatar. She is not aang but that’s perfectly fine bc the things she does the villains she has to face shows how she grows as a person and hell her style of fighting is beautiful. I wanna gif her fights but I never made gifs of fight scenes before also mako and bolin these guys are not some half baked fighters these are pros and their style get smarter,stronger and better. Know anything about gifing fights?

I think I’m going to do a rewatch of the Korra series very soon. Maybe I’ll even put out some commentary posts as well.

But yes, I totally agree that Korra is an amazing Avatar. No she isn’t Aang, but the creators made that intentional and I’m honestly very glad that the two opposite in so many ways. I’ve always just resonated way more with Korra as character (though that isn’t to say that I have anything against Aang - I love him and I think he is a fantastic character). She just feels so real and raw - a person who despite their god-like powers and strength, has deep flaws. 

Despite her constant need to identify herself as the Avatar and nothing else, she eventually learns acknowledge her fears instead of running away from them in addition to asking for help and support from other people. It’s quite an amazing character arc and these are a few of the reasons why she’s my favourite character ever (though, Asami is up there too ;) ).

And yes, Bolin and Mako are quite the brotherly duo with their awesome probending moves! It was so great to see Bolin learn how to lavabend after not having any success with metalbending! I’m proud of that guy, he’s so awesome <3

I’ve done quite a bit of giffing before. I typically use photoshop for my edits though (I’m not sure if you have it or not). I used this blog to get used to gif making - I use the same sort of method for scenic shots, character shots and action shots! Maybe there will be something there that will help you out! :D

Thanks for the inbox! Hopefully we’ll get to see some of those fighting gifs too :)

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I just finished some big midterms and I know have the chance to relax for a bit (and drink some wine)!

 It’s been a while since I’ve chatted with you, so please send me some inboxes! It can be about anything - how your day was, what you’ve been up to, what’s on your mind, questions about myself - but I would also really love to talk about TLOK/ATLA as well (especially Korrasami ;) ). Korra has been on my mind so freaking much and I just need to gush and get these feelings out. 

So if you’ve got some time, don’t be afraid to send a quick question or two! :D

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“We will be together for all of your lifetimes. And we will never give up.”

Here it is, folks! “Harmony”- the centerpiece and final entry of my triptych tribute to the amazing, forever-inspiring “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “The Legend of Korra” series! It’s been a long time coming, but I hope you all enjoy! Together, “Peace,” “Harmony,” and “Balance” equate my love and affection for such a phenomenal project that achieved so much. Thank you Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino for your vision that has been nothing short of one of the greatest animated series I’ve ever known!

I really enjoy the irony that in the avatar universe typically:

firebenders/people from the fire nation seem cold and keep their emotions hidden

waterbenders/people from the water tribes are hotheaded and passionate

earthbenders/people from the earth kingdom are lighthearted jokesters

airbenders/people from the air temples are grounded and level headed