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Cemal Süreya

anonymous asked:

What are your top 5 types of food?

I’m a HUGE food fan wow so I can’t put these in order but I love…
1) Japanese
2)Mexican (gotta represent, just had some great chilaquiles today too)
3) any type of dessert
4) breakfast (idk if this counts but man I could eat breakfast foods all day)
5) good ol’ American diner food

anonymous asked:

I don't understand how people despite Larry and not Alex. Alex is the one who screwed piper over. It's fucked up that Larry and Polly got together but Piper did cheat on him.

Lol it feels so lazy to keep linking back to old asks, but I’ve answered all of these before sooo

- Here’s my why I think Larry is trash

- Here’s why I found Alex to be problematic

(Both of these are written post season 1)

- Here’s a sort of answer to your question