a super spooky Halloween playlist for all you ghouls and gals

i put a spell on you // nina simone

monster mash // bobby pickett

ghost // bombay bicycle club

the killing moon // echo & the bunnymen

dracula’s wedding // outkast

halloween // sonic youth

highway to hell // ac/dc

psycho killer // talking heads

sympathy for the devil // the rolling stones

dead // pixies

halloween // siouxsie and the banshees

dracula // gorrilaz

death on the stairs // the libertines

in for the kill // la roux

face like a skull // drenge

bang bang you’re dead // dirty pretty things

heads will roll // yeah yeah yeahs

cemetery gates // the smiths

ghost town // the specials

omen // the prodigy

little ghost // the white stripes

a wolf at the door // radiohead

back from the dead // babyshambles

halloween // dead kennedys

zombie // jamie t

killing in the name // rage against the machine

howlin’ for you // the black keys

vlad the impaler // kasabian

gaylawyers - i did this really quickly so there might be errors but…


Kiss, kiss go to jail!
(Hey! Hey! Hey!)

I promise that, I’ll defend you
All the evidence proves it’s true
That you’re the one who didn’t
Kill, though,
You alibi’s crazy.

In my vision,
The Psychelocks show,
My magatama’s glowin’ green,

Your widenin’ eyes,
And speech,
They tell me that you’re hiding something.

If I bluff and take a guess,
Perhaps this will be my chance,
Maybe this will be the time…
Maybe I’ll be Wright!

And I would like to find,
The truth and let it take flight.

And with some help,
Sort this giant mess,
So the truth can be revealed.

Your verdict’s far away,
But trust me, you’ll be okay,
Just follow my lead,
And together we’ll see,

They just said a contradiction,

(Hey! Hey! Hey!)
Kiss, kiss go to jail!

[ ]

The driver grabbed the wooden handle of the
hammer and pulled it from the newly dead dead
corpse. As he pulled it it made a sick crunch sound,
which the driver react to at all. After a moment the
driver stood up, shaking the hammer a little to get
some of the bloody goope off. 

Hearing a noise from behind he froze for a moment,
his grip on the hammer tightened making his knuckles
turn white underneath his brown leather gloves. In a
flash the driver twirled around, hammer raised and
ready to strike. That’s when he saw it was a living
person. A real person. But he didn’t drop his guard,
people were unpredictable nowadays.  Cold, icy blue
eyes glaring into the other as if asking why he shouldn’t
kill the other right where they stood.