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One of my friends was just announced cancer free :D Thanks for getting us through this. Cody and Madalyn say hello and Send lots of love! (Sorry it's not a question Lol)

That’s awesome!! Super happy for you guys


LiLo - Indianapolis 31/7

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is it ok if people draw fanart of your ocs? queen of teeth is hella rad and i kinda wanna draw her but was just making sure first!

aaAA THAT’S TOTALLY FINE totally rad go for it kiddo 

just like tag me in the caption or something so I can literally pet your art with these small, yet sinful hands for oc credit yea yea yea yea

Right, I’m actually really fed up with seeing people - especially nonitalians - worship mussolini on my dash and acting like everyone against him was some sort of fucking commie. Open a goddamn history book before you run your trap. And besides, the worship of a man who outright banned languages and bits and pieces of culture is an insult to my country and to its regional cultures, so unless your blog is amazing, i’m pretty much unfollowing any mussolini worshippers out there because I’ve had it.

if a picture has a lot of cleavage or suggestive themes can you please tag it as nsfw

like just think “would my mom yell at me for this picture” so i dont have to get yelled at thanks