I went to CHARACRO feat. TIGER&BUNNY last Saturday. This is my first time to go there while the celebration for reunited buddy “TIGER&Barnaby”. Bunny’s brand new drink tasted like…just berry. The brand new wine tasted too sour for me. Brand new cakes tasted pretty good. I rather like TIGER’s one. #tigerandbunny #tigerbunny #characro

キャラクロ池袋2回目。ステッカーはヴィルギル&ファイヤーエンブレムだったのですが、同行者さんがライアンと交換してくれました♡ 牛獅子そろって嬉しいです。
This is my second time to go to CHARACRO at Ikebukuro. We got stickers of Virgil and FIRE EMBLEM as a special gift for coming to this cafe. I love RYAN so that my companion exchange for RYAN’s one. I’m really happy to get the stickers both RYAN and ROCK BISON.
Because there was no brand new food, I got RYAN’s gratin after a long time. It tasted always delicious. The coaster of brand new wine looked really cool. I managed to take photos of “Good luck mode” projected on the celling.
And… I bought the good set of RYAN to get the bag printed the illustration of The Legend of Godness…^^;
#tigerandbunny #tigerbunny #characro

日曜はヒーローショウの後秋葉原店へ。ハーフコースター第二弾はバディ両方ゲット^^ 久しぶりにバーナビーパスタを注文。相変わらずちょい辛でした。ステッカーは牛さん。ということは次回獅子来るか!?
I went to CHARACRO at Akihabara after the fanzine’s event of TIGER&BUNNY called “HERO SHOW”. I got the second special coaster both Kotetsu and Barnaby. I ordered Barnaby’s pasta for the first time in six months. It tasted little bit spicy. I also got the sticker of ROCK BISON. So I hope I will get Ryan’s one next time.
#tigerbunny #tigerandbunny #characro

I got Ivan’s sticker. I hope I will get Ryan’s one soon. The special movie was ROCK BISON. I want to watch Ryan’s movie once again. The coasters which was given out before were displayed. I’m going to go there on July 4 and I’m looking forward to that day.
#tigerbunny #tigerandbunny #characro

土曜日、久しぶりに池袋店へ行ってきました。池袋店は最初の時1回しか行けなかったのですが、色々うっすら覚えていました。バディドリンクを頼んで新コースターをゲット! ラスカルサラダは…普通のサラダかな…
I went to CHARACRO feat. TIGER&BUNNY at lkebukuro on last Saturnday. I just went there once during the first season, but I remembered what this cafe was like. I ordered brand new drink of WILD TIGER and BUNNY to get brand new coasters. RASCAL salad tasted like…just a salad…
#tigerbunny #tigerandbunny #characro

RYAN part5 “Kiss my boots!!”
I finally could watch RYAN’s special movie on my 26 times of going CHARACRO, which I really wanted to watch. I had been waited to see it so long time and it didn’t make me excited. On the other hand, I was quite nervous so that I couldn’t take better photos than usual….
#tigerbunny #tigerandbunny #characro