Package is ready to go @medicated ! It’s a big one too! I got your keychains in just this afternoon and I never showed off the fact that I got the complete series of glass prizes from the kuji!

#tbt to Blue Rose from Tiger & Bunny!
Looking at older cosplays makes me think about how much I have learned since. Sometimes we have an idea of how things should be; “if I put the amount of work necessary, the result will be successful”. When that doesn’t happen, it can be quite disheartening, but mistakes lead to lessons!
You just gotta try to make it better and better each time.
So, even when you look back and think “OMG why did I make it like that/do that” know that you learned something that makes you a better person, artist, cosplayer.
Original photo by @angiefaccin
Edited by me
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Lunch bag type C is printed  all of HEROS.
I’m disappointed that ROCK BISON is placed on the side part. 
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Lunch bag type B is printed Apollon trio with Sternbild
It is nich that the pictures of Apllon trio are the brand new ones. 
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These are Lunch bags sold on 29th January. 
I went to CHARACRO that day so that I really wanted to get them. 
I bought type B and type C.
They looked very cute^^
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I’d forgotten to upload the photo of Christmas cake.
I ate all of whole Cristmas cake the year before last.
I enjoyed CHARACRO’s Chrismas cake with a fan of ROCK BISON & GOLDEN RYAN. 
Runatic Rascal is hers and others are mine. 
I forgot to take a photo of a special badge…
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