Imagine Tom being the owner of your favorite book store. He sees you coming in quite frequently, but never sees you buy anything - just walking around with an extensive list of novels you’d like to read. You don’t have enough money to buy all the books you want, so you just come in to browse, adding an impossible number of titles to your list. One day you come in to find a beautifully wrapped package sitting on your chair in the café - a gift from Tom, of every single book you had on your list.

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Do you have any hcs about the Kipling family getting to know Thor?

  • my favorite hc is that boo has a crush on thor
  • and thor kinda knows but he never makes boo feel awkward about it or anything cause he knows it’ll pass
  • but like boo just thinks thor’s so fine and kinda blushes whenever he gets near him
  • at first tho he doesn’t like thor because he feels like he’s taking his brother away from him :(
  • but then he realizes that thor’s pretty cool and he loves being around the kipling family after him and dizzee come out, so its not like it was really his fault dizzee was so distant
  • thor’s super protective over boo. thats like his new little brother.
  • those few times when boo comes bombing with them he’s even more worried then dizzee is cause he really doesn’t want this kid back in jail
  • and thor gives boo advice on how to get girls (and later napoleon) without needing a lot of money (aka having to resort to selling drugs)


  • ra appreciates that thor’s into comics so they talk about them every time he or thor gets a new edition or catches up on an old one
  • they’re fucking nerds
  • thor goes in depth about marvel comics, especially Thor, and he tells ra about all the Norse mythology that he discovers through it
  • thor goes to see star wars with him twice when his brothers bailed and tanya was busy at home
  • and while they were talking about how amazing star wars is ra told thor he had his blessing to marry dizzee
  • (dizzee’s reponse: y'all know im the oldest right ?)


  • thor likes listening to yolanda sing
  • sometimes he’ll play guitar for her while she does
  • yolanda also has a real tiny crush on thor but he doesn’t know about it
  • she comes out to him first bc she’s too nervous to tell her family, even dizzee
  • he reassures her that everything's gonna be okay, at least with the family, and if she’s ever in trouble just in general then she’s got him
  • thor would deadass get into a fight for yolanda
  • he gives her advice on knowing which girls like girls and how to flirt with them (he actually ask his friend [you know the one] for this advice bc its not his forte but she appreciates that he went through the trouble)
  • thor takes yolanda’s side in most kipling sibling arguments


  • adele is thor’s favorite kipling besides dizzee
  • he helps adele in the kitchen, cooking and washing dishes
  • he listens to her stories, about herself and winston, or about the kids, especially about dizzee
  • he picks up her cigarettes when she’s out
  • he plays guitar for her
  • he chills with her when he down in the shop waiting for dizz to finish getting ready
  • for mothers day he brings her flowers and paints something sweet for her
  • she teaches him how to knit and sometimes they just do that together
  • and he buys her yarn when he thinks about it


  • he is desperately trying to gain his father-in-law’s approval through music
  • it’s working a little
Asgardian Gothic
  • The walls are made of gold. The curtains are also gold, and the doors. You wonder if the men in golden armor are becoming part of the palace, or if they came from it.
  • There are broken pumpkins and shattered glass on the floor, and melted gold running down the walls. You glare at the person who irritated the older prince.
  • There are no explosions in the distance. Why?
  • Chains are rattling. You carry on feasting, throwing glasses so the smashing will cover the noise.
  • Ravens perch in the bedroom, cawing. They are adding important information to the conversation.
  • Sometimes two people saw the queen at the same time, in different rooms. It was always good to see her.
  • The younger prince has died again. It’s the second time, or maybe the third. It doesn’t matter. He’ll be in prison again soon.
  • The end of the world is coming. No, says the lore-knower. The end of all the worlds is coming. 

Imagine that after the events of New York, Frigga manages to convince Odin that they alone, as parents, should decide Lokis punishment, with Thor as a witness and support as a brother.

At first Loki is defensive, claiming that he isn’t their child or brother, but his love for Frigga makes it easier for him to cave in. He only has one demand though, that by whatever judgment they’ll give him, he will be allowed to change into his female form (think Katie McGrath) and stay that way from here on out. Loki explains that he wants a new chance, but that his male form will forever be linked to his crimes and fault.

Odin thinks this is Lokis way of receiving a easier punishment, as being a woman is often seen as weak. So he says he will only agree to this demand, if he is allowed to see Lokis female form, as he as never seen it before and Loki obliges. To his surprise, Lokis female form does not look like a weak woman, but fierce and cunning, just as his male form. Pleased with this, Odin sees no problem of handing out his original punishment, working with the Avengers, but also helping New York city to rebuild all that was ruined during his attempt at taking over.

Thor and Frigga are they only ones who have seen Loki in both male and female form, so neither have a problem with this transition. After all, it was Frigga who taught Loki how to behave as a proper woman and Thor has in the past, witness Loki causing mischief and getting away by simply changing into a woman. There was also that one time Loki flirted with Fandral, but no one still knows for sure how far that went as neither refuses to say anything, but the rumors however…

When Loki arrives at The Stark Tower, with Thor, the Avengers are confused at first who the woman is, but when Thor proudly explains that it is his sister, Loki, here to start her punishment, they’re met with even more confusing. Steve is the one who voices his confusion first, as he has never met someone who can literally change form like this. Loki, being the little trickster that she is known for, can’t help but flirt with Steve, just to show that she is very much a woman and that she expects every one to treat her as such! Imagine how surprised everyone is, when Steve apologizes to her, but also reminds her that she is there for a reason, no matter her form.

As a woman, Loki does get away with more than as a man, but she also has to instead deal with unwanted attention. Thankfully, Steve is there to help when such occasions happen and by doing this, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the two of them become close.

Up to the writer to decide whether they become lovers, or just very good friends.

Little Bitty Pretty One

Steve x Reader

Summary: It’s Saturday morning and that means pancakes in the tower.

Word Count: 1258

Warnings: Brief swearing.

A/N: I was watching Matilda and getting into my Steve feels, so I came up with this. Also I pull a lot of inspiration from @bovaria

You rose with the sun that morning. Stretching off the last bit of sleep from your limbs, you made your way into the bathroom. You laughed at the reflection in the mirror. You looked like Kevin from the animated film UP.

You lazily tied your hair back from your face before turning on the faucet to wash your face. You smiled at your fresh face and made sure to fit a sparkly smile to the rest of your appearance. With half the team gone and only you, Steve, Wanda, and Vision at the tower, you decided your sleep shorts and a white v-neck shirt were appropriate enough.

You slipped your feet into some slippers and slid down the hallways to the kitchen. Giving your best Elvis Presley guns to the ceiling, you called,” Hey F.R.I.D.A.Y, how about some jams? Maybe some malt shop oldies?” Stark’s automated system obliged and soon enough some toe-tapping, hip shaking tunes were on.

You bopped your way into the pantry. Your shoulders rose and fell to the beat, while you searched for the pancake mix. Aunt Jemima’s happy face smiled back at you when you pulled the box from the shelf. You sauntered out and placed the box on the counter before swiveling to grab the eggs and milk from the fridge.

You bent down to grab yourself a pan, your butt moving left to write with the sound of the music.

“You’re a great dancer.”

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dizzee and thor get fake married in the 80s, their 'wedding' is at the temple and they invite all their friends and dizzee's parents, shao relents and plays full songs without mixing so that they can slow dance, they adopt 2 kids in the 90s, and they travel to other countries where gay marriage is legal to get Actual Married and then get married in the states when it legal, so in total they have like 5 weddings, all with different rings, bc thor loves 2 spoil his man

this is all so cute ahhh thank you! (they wouldn’t adopt kids until the 2000′s tho)

Wonder Woman; 4 days

Spider-Man: Homecoming; 39 days

Thor: Ragnarok; 157 days

Justice League; 172 days

Black Panther; 263 days

New Mutants; 319 days

Avengers: Infinity War; 340 days

Deadpool 2; 368 days

Ant-Man and the Wasp; 403 days

Venom; 494 days

X-Men: Dark Phoenix; 522 days

Aquaman; 571 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 626 days

Captain Marvel; 648 days

Shazam; 676 days

Untitled Avengers movie; 704 days

Justice League 2; 746 days

Untitled Spider-Man sequel; 766 days

Untitled DC movie; 886 days

Cyborg; 1040 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1068 days

Green Lantern Corps; 1152 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1166 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1257 days