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INTPs are like metal

Another comparison! See if this makes sense

I like to say that high Ne-users are metallic beings, like how XNXPs can get super “heated up” on random things, obsessions, etc. one moment, but the next day they can be completely disinterested after the initial “high” wears off. This is typically normal, and everyone does this, but it seems for INTPs and ENTPs that this occurs in such a rapid fashion that it can seem like “everything bores them”. Similarly, metal is a conductor and has a low specific heat, which not only allows it to quickly increase in temperature but also quickly decrease in temperature.

BTS As Things My Brother Has Said Pt. 2
  • Seokjin:Nobody’s allowed to use my Spider-Man spatula
  • Yoongi:Do you hear that? That is the sound of my soul dying because of your stupidity
  • Hoseok:I’m your hoe
  • Namjoon:*falls waist-deep into a hole of water in the glaciers* Well good thing I wore my waterproof pants today
  • Jimin:If I puff up my hair do you think it’ll add to my height
  • Taehyung:These caterpillars are the exact same shade as guacamole. But they are not one
  • Jungkook:The football team has started calling me “Ninja” because of how stealthy I am on the field. Oh, and also because I’m Asian
  • - Eden ≧◉◡◉≦

I can’t really afford toiletries or medication right now and it’s making me a little anxious about my situation. Please consider commissioning me; as in, click this link right here. I will write genuinely lengthy pieces from as little as $10 under whichever prompts, fandoms, characters (be it original or otherwise), or topics as you like. If you’re sitting on an idea you’ve always wanted to see written and you’re thinking, “there’s no one weird or desperate enough who’s also kind of talented who’d be willing to write this for me”, hello. I am here. I will write pretty much anything.

  • me, seeing the Hetero Romance Movie:it's so unrealistic that they fall in love after meeting each other once :/ just ridiculous tbh :/// you cant like somebody you only just met THAT much
  • also me, but immediately after seeing a pretty girl for a single (1) second:oh fuck