8 image options: background, sidebar, permalinks, scrollbar, cursor, cursor hover, bullets and favicon.

17 optional features: max background, gradient background, 250px or 400px posts, one or two columns, infinite scroll or pagination, left or centered posts, tags, captions, outer border, outer border gradient, crosshair cursor, custom cursor, image fade, grayscale, and image invert.

34 color options

Other notable features: six optional links, reblog button on posts (barcode), gradient background can be left to right, top to bottom, or diagonal, fully movable sidebar, and descriptions and tags that may be typed infinitely in.

Image Sources:  X X X

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Hey guys, just a quick PSA and some shameless self-advertising, I made a few small changes to this particular theme I made earlier. Just a minor fix regarding the div names I used–it should still work fine whether you reinstall the theme or not, though there should be some aesthetic improvements. The code link is still the same, no worries, and I believe you won’t lose any of your customizations once you reinstall it. Apologies for the inconvenience! I tend to update the code for about a day or two, though it more or less stabilizes after that.

Also, if you were looking for a custom page to go with it, it goes well with this particular page I coded a few months back.

Thank you for your support!

tactician-pirate  asked:

Maybe it's a stupid question, but I'm really cautious when it comes to this kind of things... Is your 'Tales of the Abyss'-Theme (which looks absolutely gorgeous, by the way) for free if credeit is given? o.o

Hi! It’s free, of course! The license is there mostly to protect myself from people who want to make money off it and/or use the code as a base for a theme they plan to redistribute. The credit is already part of the theme itself (the THEME button), so as long as you don’t edit out the link there, you should be fine.

Basically, just observe the Terms of Use over here and you should be fine! Glad you like the theme, in any case!