🍁🍂In honour of the Autumn Equinox, Lucien from A Court Of Thorns And Roses, A Court Of Mist And Fury & A Court Of Wings And Ruin🍂🍁

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Lucien is a precious fox pup that must be protected at all cost. He has suffered enough and he deserves better than what life has thrown at him so far. 😭

Witchy Playlist Masterpost 🎶

hey, sweet ones! this was suggested to me awhile back, and i thought i would get around to finally creating this post. :-) here are some themed “witchy” mixes i’ve made on spotify over the past year. i will add to it over time once i make more playlists! i didn’t think they’d explode like they have, and for that i am so grateful for and cheery about. spreading magic through music is very important to me, and i hope these mixes will provide you with calm and serenity! 💕✨ ~ L-PF

Songs for Air Witches

Songs for Earth Witches

Songs for Fire Witches

Songs for Moon Witches

Songs for Water Witches

Autumn Witch Songs

Spring Witch Mix

Witchy Beltane Songs