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My Enemy’s Woman - Request

Requested by anon:  I would love to read your version of Moriarty becoming interested in the reader (either sexually or just typical Moriarty) and Sherlock gets upset and protective because she’s his girlfriend/fiancé/wife. Flirting, Innuendos, and everything that makes Moriarty the beautiful human that he is

Pairing: Sherlock x reader / Moriarty flirting with reader.

Word count: 1,132

Warning: Sexual innuendos.

A/N: Jim is such a complex character… Feedback is highly appreciated, guys!


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Sherlock had never run faster in his whole life. Not even the pouring rain could stop him; no matter how much he slipped, he would get up and continue to run. The people around him would either move to the side, freeing the way, or be pushed by him. He had to get back to 221B.

The fear, the anxiety, the nerves got over him, taking over the bit of control he had of himself and his own emotions. His hands, forehead and armpits were sweating and his heart was beating faster – and no, it had nothing to do with his current running marathon – without mentioning the fact that he was looking paler than usual.

He was human, after all, and knowing that the one person who could get him to feel, to embrace his humanity, could be in mortal danger was more than enough for him to forget about everything else and act like a regular person would. If it had been someone else, except for John of course, he would’ve acted as chill as possible; but it was (Y/N) and there was no time to play-pretend when it came to her.

It was just one text message, a very simple and annoyed one that made him lose all control. She had sent it, or so it seemed, because Sherlock received it from her phone. It could’ve been a trap, or worse, but that didn’t matter because Sherlock would become even more reckless when she was involved.

If he exploded, if he got murdered, or trapped or kidnapped, it didn’t matter. As long as she was safe… he would go to the end of the world and sacrifice himself to the Gods if necessary.

His fear was such that his whole body turned off the physical sensations, and so he didn’t notice the muscular exhaustion that was caused by him crossing London by foot in less than ten minutes. He also didn’t feel the scrapes on his knees and elbows, as well as that little twist in his ankle. No, all he could focus on was saving (Y/N).

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I gravitated toward the scripts, and when I met each of the female directors that I worked with — Jodi, Debra and Lori — we just kind of hit it off.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence directed by women filmography:

The Poker House dir. Lori Petty (2008)
Winter’s Bone dir. Debra Granik (2010)
The Beaver dir. Jodie Foster (2011)
Serena dir. Susanne Bier (2014)

Signs as a Board Game
  • Aries: Cards Against Humanity
  • Taurus: Monopoly
  • Gemini: Imaginiff
  • Cancer: Game of Things
  • Leo: Taboo
  • Virgo: Ticket to Ride
  • Libra: Scattergories
  • Scorpio: Arkham Horror
  • Sagittarius: Apples to Apples
  • Capricorn: Settlers of Catan
  • Aquarius: Poker
  • Pisces: Betrayal at House on the Hill

when I got time I wanna revisit an old idea that Stanley has his own journal.(here)

Ford and the twins discovering the journal and with Stan’s memory loss, not rememebering writing it. They try to help figure out the mysteries of what happened during Stan’s 30 year period in GF ( finding old friends? old enemies?! deep dark secrets? it’s a mystery).





You’re not alone | One mistake that almost got Natasha killed brings Y/N on her knees. After long weeks of struggling and fighting anxiety and depression, there is someone who can help her. | Edit #1

Phone (smut) | What happens when Y/N teaches Bucky how to use a phone? And what happens when they are far away from each other for a long time? | Edit #1 

Who is she?Part two  | Bucky and YN are hiding their relationship from the team. One night, she decides to seduce him in a bar where the rest of the team don’t recognise her. A week later, Natasha and Steve discover the truth about those two lovers. | Edit #1

AvoidancePart two | Every magic comes with a price. Even though Y/N is enhanced, there is a curse that can destroy her. No one can play with her feelings and she tries to avoid them as much as possible, even when a certain super soldier knows her feelings for him. Can he save her before it’s too late? | No edit

The Whisperman  | He tortured her in the past and he did it again. Can they stop him and save Y/N? | No edit

Red | Bucky is the one who discovers the identity of the woman in red. | No edit

The Naked Man (smut) | Inspired by HIMYM - Sam introduces the Naked Man move and Bucky takes the challenge. | No edit 

Birthday People (smut) |  (Y/N) and Bucky’s birthday is coming and they are not in a party mood. They decide to spend some time without the team. | No edit 

Vintage Jukebox Party |  Tony made (Y/N) sing at his vintage party even when she hates his parties. | No edit 

I Will Find YouPart two |  Family life is turned upside down when the animals warn Violet and her parents that something dark was coming to them. | No edit 

I Care About You | First summer weekend/vacation with the team didn’t go as pleasantly as they wanted. Who knew Bucky could be such a douche toward a girl who loved him. | No edit   

I Love Drunk Me |  (Y/N) got drunk and said her secrets to the one and only Bucky Barnes - the man she had a crush on. | No edit 

Tequila (smut) |  Once the team is gone, it’s time to celebrate the three-month-anniversary sex, drugs and rock and roll style. | No edit 

Suit and Tie (smut) |  Y/N knows how to get away from Tony’s fancy parties. | No edit 


Truth or Dare | Tony’s truth or dare games can always end with a pleasant twist. | Edit #1 

Under the table • Part two (smut) | Someone wants to be a bad boy and tease his woman in the worst time possible. Then, it’s time for revenge. | No edit

Tell me why | Tony isn’t happy when Y/N tells something to the media. | No edit

Poker Night (smut) | A game night of poker changes to a sex poker. | No edit 

Safe House (smut) |The team has to hide in the safe house and finally meet Clint’s family. Tony and Y/N learn how to save water together. | No edit 

My Old Love  | Tony meets a woman who used to be part of his past. Now, he wants her back. | No edit

Sex Talk (NSFW) | Once Y/N is back from a trip, the whole team starts to talk about sex at a party. | No edit 

The Project |  Tony decided to show (Y/N) his latest project.| No edit 


Your Highness | Steve discovers the truth about his girlfriend’s origin. | No edit 

Birthday | For Y/N’s birthday, Steve decides to give her an original present.| No edit 

Not the Wedding We Planned | The team is stressing Y/N with the wedding. Both she and Steve plan something different that shocks the whole team.| No edit 

Unexpected Surprise |  Steve is sent away for six long months. When he comes back, something unexpected happened while he was gone. | No edit 

Ring for Sex (smut) |  Bucky and Sam give Steve a small and very unique present for his birthday. | No edit 


The Living Death | Y/N’s ability is deadly and she’s afraid of more unwilling killing. Luckily, Loki’s there to show her and prove her she can’t kill him.| No edit 

Before the Dawn | What happens when the team discovers Y/N’s secret band and what would Loki’s reaction be? | No edit 


From zero to hero  (Tom Hiddleston) | A hero from school became the love of her life. | No edit

Shelter (Sebastian Stan) | A Met Gala and one song can lead into admitting hidden feelings. | No edit 


THE STORIES OF OUR LIVESThe American Identity in Musical Theatre 2016 EDITION

3 hours. 45 songs. A special 4th of July playlist that examines that various shades of the American experience in one of the few genuinely American art forms. UPDATED July 3, 2016.

Everybody’s Got the Right - Assassins / Cool, Cool, Considerate Men - 1776 / The Old Red Hills of Home - Parade / To Build a Home - The Bridges of Madison County / Lady’s Maid - Titanic / America - West Side Story / Carnaval Del Barrio - In the Heights / My Shot - Hamilton / Waitin’ For the Light to Shine - Big River / Molasses to Rum - 1776 / The Eagle and Me - Bloomer Girl (*only on 8tracks) / The Flagmaker, 1775 - Songs for a New World / Momma Look Sharp - 1776 / Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down) - Hamilton / Life Story - Closer Than Ever / Back to Before - Ragtime / Oklahoma! - Oklahoma! / Goodbye/Boom Boom - Elegies / Me and the Sky - Come from Away (*only on Spotify) / The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In) - Hair / Unlikely Lovers - Falsettoland / Will I? - Rent / Something Just Broke - Assassins / It’s In Your Hands Now - Road Show / Wheels of a Dream - Ragtime / The Saddest Song - Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson / There is a Child - Giant  / Paciencia y Fe - In the Heights / Politics and Poker - Fiorello! / The House We Live In - Grey Gardens / Our Favorite Son - The Will Rogers Follies / A Normal, Healthy, American Boy - Bye Bye Birdie / What You Own - Rent / Second Nature - Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson / Sarah - The Civil War / How Glory Goes - Floyd Collins / Gaman - Allegiance / Till We Reach That Day - Ragtime / Let It Sing - Violet / Free At Last - Big River / The Lynching Blues - Bring in ‘da Noise, Bring in ‘da Funk / Lot’s Wife - Caroline, or Change / I Know Where I’ve Been - Hairspray / Everybody Rejoice! - The Wiz / Ol’ Man River - Show Boat / Make Them Hear You - Ragtime

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I remember when I was ten somebody gave me a diary for a present. But I felt like it was too late, so I didn’t write in it. Too much had already happened. So, it wouldn’t be the whole story. I feel that way again, and I’m fourteen. Nobody’d believe it. Ain’t nobody to tell. A girl falls in the city, but nobody sees it. Did it happen?

The Poker House (2008)


Sunday Progress Update:

Welllllll…this week has not been my best.  Not even close.  It’s been much more mental exhaustion that has kept me from working out every day like I always intend to.  Between work being hectic and requiring me to be “on” even more than usual and my mother being in the worst mood ever, I’ve just done far too much sitting around watching OITNB (least favorite season so far) and reading (Before We Were Yours was awesome, and I really enjoyed Allie and Bea!).  My mother is currently on her “I have no life so I wish I could just kill myself” kick…which then leads to her “But I would never do that because God is just testing me” kick…both of which put me through the emotional wringer.  She qualifies for respite care services; however, due to a fun late-in-life-onset bout of racism, she is “too scared” to leave a stranger alone in her home because I told her that NO she is NOT allowed to request a “white caregiver only please.”  WTF?!?!?!  I seriously blame her membership in the cowboy church–I loathe that she’s become a member of that backwards cult…but that’s taking us off topic.

Long story short, it’s been a taxing week.  I’m not in the mood to beat myself up for falling short.  I should FINALLY be able to work my summer hours for the first week ever next week, and I’ll compensate for this week’s poor showing.  Annnnd, because I sometimes make brilliant decisions, I took Monday off!

Thanks for the support on yesterday’s post!  The husband is extremely patient with me, and he pretty much left me to my own devices all day and I felt so much better!  Then, we went on a early evening date, enjoyed some no-kid-in-the-house sex, and then headed over to our friends’ house for poker night!  The husband won $130!  And, that will now finance tonight’s dinner at our favorite pub! 

Poker night (Race x reader)

//I found this v old fanfic I made a while ago on my old wattpad and its pretty cringe but why not post it🤷🏻‍♀️//

Jack,Race, and all the other newsies were sitting in the Newsboy lodging house playing poker when Romeo decided to play truth or dare instead.

It was Jack’s turn first and that was never good.

“Alright hmmm” Jack said as he was scanning the room looking for people to embarrass

“Racetrack truth or dare?” Jack asked the boy sitting down, smoking.

“Truth” he replied taking out his cigar to speak.

“Okay Racetrack… who do you like?” Jack asked curious to find out the Italian’s crush.

“U-ummm… Y/N” He said looking down at his lap and fiddling with his cigar and blushing.

The newsboy lodging house fell silent before it erupted with laughter.

some newsies made comments like..

“Look at his face its so red!”

“he looks like a tomato”

“I bet you my papes for a week that he don’t got the guts to tell her” Jack said earning a glare from Race.

“I do too!” Race said slightly offended

“Fine then you will just have to show me” Jack says

“Alright fine if we win the strike then I will tell her how i feel and if I do then you owe me all of your papes for a week and if I don’t tell her then I will give you all of my papes.

~Time Skip to end of strike~

It has been one week since the strike ended and Race was pacing around the newsboys lodging house. He didn’t think they would actually win.

"Whats the matter Race? Thinking of ways to ask out Y/N? Jack asks him teasingly

"Oh shut up Jack” Race says slightly annoyed

“Well you better think fast cause here she comes” Jack says motioning towards a figure walking towards the Lodging house.

“Hey Jack and hey Race!” You said as you walked into the lodging house

“H-Hey Y/N” Race stutters a bit as Jack walks into the bathroom not wanting to ruin the moment but also wanting to watch Race blush and stutter.

“Look I need to talk to you” Race says sitting down on his bunk and patting a seat down next to his a motion for you sit down next to him

you sat down and he looked into your eyes

“Listen i’ve liked you for a while now and i was wondering if you would like to be my goil?” Race asked hoping for you to feel the same but expecting rejection.

You kissed him and he kissed back but you were pulled apart from hearing an annoyed groan come from none other then Jack Kelly.

“Why did he groan at us” you asked confused

“Oh he is just mad that i get all of his papes for a week” Race says as he smiled

//Ahhh cringe 😷😤//