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dahliasdarkside  asked:

Wouldn't it be amazing if someone made a Buttons companion mod Fallout New Vegas? I think it would be, what is Button's favorite New Vegas passtime?

Ehh I never really got that much into NV myself. But I liked bighorners a lot and I think Buttons loves lil baby goats too. They’re like grass-eating, headbutting puppies! <3

I kinda wish they were in Fo4. I would make make a bighorner ranch for Meg. :D

anonymous asked:

ok but can we pls see more of your gemsona and zircon together bc lord i love them already

OMD anon you make me happy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Older, experienced officer/lawyer/technician gems are sometimes given young, recently made officer/lawyer/technician gems to babysit tutor, much like how Leggy Ruby was assigned into a bunch of older warrior Rubies. Just when Zircon’s hellish workload couldn’t become more stressing, she was ordered to be the babysit teacher for Sodalite, a law archiver gem

aka the stressed angry private teacher and ”LOL SO RANDOM XD” pupil dynamic