*About the Gas Passer content’s*
Engie: Do you know what to do if there’s a spill of the cleaner Chlorine Triflouride?

Scout: Pour water on it.

Engie: It makes water catch on fire.

Scout: Sand?

Engie: It makes sand catch on fire.

Scout: Asbestos?

Engie: It makes Asbestos catch on fire.

Scout: What if that stuff gets on me?

Pyro: You’ll be very clean!

Engie: And on fire.

_ just a character card(??)[blu version]

ivan i’ts around 30 , joseph died at 35—[around…. i still don’t decide it well- x’D]


(Oooooo, nice ask, Anon! Thanks for sending it!!)

Scout: Oooo, nice… Very nice… Mmmmhm…-wait. Guys, you didn’t draw *him* big enough! C’mon, ya can do better then that!!! Also, add a six pack. That’s something all cool guys should have.

Engineer: Can you please draw him a little taller, and- Oh… O-oh… You guys draw… that too?! O-oh my… T-that’s uh… unsettling, to say the least.

Sniper: ….Ummmmmmmmmmm…..

Soldier: NOT ENOUGH AMERICAN FLAGS OR EAGLES! B- for the lack of Pure-American symbolis- oh, is that bread? :D

Demoman: Hm, very nice, very nice… Mind if he frames that one?

Medic: Kudos to all the artists out there, very nicely done! Hm… oh! Whats this tag?…. Oh. OH. Well then… he’s flattered, really but… someone took the time to draw THAT?


Heavy: Well, if  fandom enjoys these and put in actual effort to them, he guesses its ok… Whats the HeavyMedic tag?

Spy: Hm. Interesting.