So last week I hung out with some cool peeps for Otafest 2015 and we got some photos taken at their photobooth service (which was super awesome, kudos to the photographer!). Finally found time to clean the backgrounds up a little bit and decided to share them here - candids coming up soon!

Bonus: I said I’d Photoshop us into Dustbowl...

BLU Spy: agent-slade​ / askbluspyguy​
RED Sniper: brade3​
RED Heavy: devoidraydar320​
RED Medic: bonegirlii​
Miss Pauling: uberchain

First of all HOLY SHIT I never would believe I got this. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! For suporrting me and work! <3 I’m very thankful of every one of you! just thank you! I’m very speechless I’m sorry about it!

That’s why I wanted to make a giveaway. It’s small but I hope it dosn’t bother you! But you heard right, two lucky users can win 2 SFM works of their choice :DDDDDD


  • Must be following me
  • No giveaway blogs please
  • likes and reblogs as much as you like!
  • Once winner gets announed, you have time to reply in the next 24 hours otherwise I randomize another number/Winner


Good luck all <3