Fic 419: Sweet Destruction

It’s a little early, but happy birthday to @baguettefeels!

Crème brûlée was unequivocally French. From its first mention in the 1691 cookbook, Cuisinier royal et bourgeois by one François Massialot, it had long been associated with fine dining, snooty waiters, and overpriced restaurants that used - of all things - cloth napkins. Properly prepared, the custard would be served in an individual ramekin, with sugar sprinkled liberally on top to be heated and turned into its distinctive caramelized crust.

The crust of the crème brûlée was the dish’s most distinctive feature, and the one that separated it from the flans, egg tarts, and the even more pedestrian puddings of the milk, rice, and tapioca varieties. With spoon in hand, the connoisseurs of the world would lightly tap that delicate shell to reach the sweet custard inside.

Yes, Spy was quite the fan of it. He had often said as much in those fleeting moments when the mercenaries of BLU let down their walls far enough to reveal those little personal secrets that they were supposed to keep close to their chests. The dish spoke to the elegance and comfort of his homeland. The refinement of that simple yet multi-faceted dessert, mirrored so much of what Spy missed on the dreary desert nights.

“Dagnabit! Where’s that hose?!” Red lights flashed and sirens wailed as Engineer, Heavy, and Demo scrambled to fight the flames that were currently licking at the roof of the base’s kitchen.

Ah, yes. The caramel.

He supposed this was to be expected, and he probably should have put a stop to it the moment that the idea had even been suggested. A moment of weakness, perhaps, a longing for a little bit of home that had been offered by the one man he actually cared much about in this backwoods hell hole. On the other hand, he very much wasn’t looking forward to the piles of paperwork that were undoubtedly going to follow in order to have the kitchen rebuilt. But it was difficult to be mad when the slightly singed silhouette of Soldier stumbled out of the flame engulfed building, carrying something in his hands.

He stumbled on past Engineer, who was still wrestling with the fire hose to douse the flames that had caught on the roof. Past Heavy and Demo, who were trying to extinguish the electrical panels that had sparked and now threatened to spread the fire to the dormitory wing, and past Pyro, who had come to watch the whole affair with glee.

Spy watched with his normal cool indifference as Soldier approached, his features softening as he saw the rescued ramekin held gingerly between blue gingham hotpads.

“Happy birthday, crouton.” Soldier muttered as he shoved the ramekin into Spy’s hands.

“Merci mon cher.” Spy tapped the spoon against the caramelized crust that had somehow managed absolute perfection amidst the chaos around him and smiled as it gave way to bright yellow custard underneath. Soldier’s own expression brightened at the sight, and Spy took the opportunity to lean over to press a discrete kiss to the man’s ash covered skin. “You always give me the sweetest things.”

l0bsterpolice  asked:

Hello there! I ADORE your art~ <3 I was wondering, could you draw your idea of what a female version of one of the mercs would look like? :) (You can choose which one you want to do, though, if you can't pick, I am very fond of Medic~)

This is actually rlly old but i’ve drawn fem medic before :0


I will never be over this whole thing…

x-greyarts-x  asked:

Your art is so beautiful and unique u3u ♥ I love your TF2 art, especially the way you draw Sniper. Such a handsome man~♥ ;3

Hey there! Sorry that it took a bit to reply, but oh my gosh, thank you so very much for your kind words! ♥ I’m really glad you like my TF2 drawings and the way I draw Sniper…ahaha, honestly, I tried to draw him handsome here, but somehow he looks like a silly dork now :’D