La primera impresión que tuve de ti no fue del todo positiva, sin embargo,  desde ese momento, quedaste impregnada en mi mente y al fin y al cabo fue  una grata sorpresa haberte podido conocer, porque tu presencia en mi mundo hace que éste brille con mas colores y con mas esperanza.  Me has enseñado tanto en tan poco, que de verdad agradezco al universo poder haber coincidido contigo en la forma en que lo hicimos.
—  Ale.

Hi everyone! I have a new hair to share with you all. Last week, I saw and fell in love with the Ophelia Hair by @windenburgwitch, but it wasn’t quite Maxis Match so I went ahead and made it!

I would also like to dedicate this hair to the lovely @sunflower-sim! She has been so encouraging and supportive and she has patiently waited for another hair with a ribbon–so this is for you, sweetie! <3

As I was working on this hair I remembered someone asking about my Esmeralda Hair and recoloring the headbands a while ago, and I was inspired by @femmeonamissionsims to actually make a separate ribbon hat-accessory, so that you can all match hair and ribbon colors to your hearts content!

Note: I played with the weights many times and even redid the ponytail to try and make the stretching when her head turns a little less noticeable, but I apologize that the mesh still stretches oddly sometimes. Also, I did not make this mesh compatible for males because the weights were so off. If anyone would like this converted for males, please let me know and I will edit the mesh accordingly.

It comes in EA’s 18 colors
It’s for females, teen-elders
It is BGC and hat compatible! Just remember that the ribbon is a hat accessory, so you will not be able to have both.

Ashley Hair and Ribbon: [Dropbox] [SimFileShare]

Credit to EA for the meshes and textures.
Made with Sims4 Studio.
Credit to @windenburgwitch for the inspiration!

TOU: Please do not reupload my mesh and claim it as your own. Please feel free to recolor, just don’t include the mesh. And if you want to tag me if you use it I would love to see your beautiful sims!

And if you have any issues please let me know!

- Tienes demasiados pájaros en la cabeza.
- Ahora estoy volando en un pájaro.
- ¿Me cambiarías por alguien mejor?
- Te cambiaré por alguien peor.
- ¿Me cambiarías por otro?
- Te cambiaré por lo de siempre.
- ¡Me olvidarás!
- Me acordaré de mí.
- Adiós, podrías haberme tenido el resto de tu vida.
- Te quería ahora.
—  Irene X