A nadie se le ruega, porque quien quiere estar contigo lo está de corazón, sin pretextos, sin mentiras, está ahí porque te quiere. Quien se hace el importante, quien se hace "del desear" y quien solo espera que la otra persona haga todo y quien todavía se atreve a reclamar aquello, justificando el daño que te causa, ellos, son quienes no valen la pena. Por más que quieras a alguien, nadie se merece el sentimiento de no saber si lo quieren o no, nadie merece el sentir que no es suficiente para la otra persona, nadie merece hacer sentir que no vales, como mujer o como hombre. Nadie debe tratarte como si fueras su juguete, nadie merece ese trato. Porque quien lo hace, es que verdaderamente, no te quiere, y lo que es peor para aquella persona y mejor para ti, es que aquel o aquella no vale tus penas, ni tus lágrimas, no merece tus sonrisas ni tus esfuerzos. Quien te merece, va a luchar por ti, habrá un esfuerzo mutuo, pelearán las batallas de a dos, no de a uno. Todos merecemos a alguien que cada día nos haga felices, quien se esfuerce, mereces una relación donde las cosas sean justas, donde ambos sean felices y se esfuercen por el otro, solo porque lo aman. Donde tengas más alegrías que tristezas.

La sinfonía del alma.

anonymous asked:

Do you think a particular function can unhealthily result in a superiority complex? If so which and why? Also, your blog is addictive and I love it. Thanks!

Thanks. They all have equal potential to result in a superiority complex and to be obnoxious because people tend to be biased towards their own cognitive functions. Some random examples below.

  • Ne-doms (ENTP, ENFP) tend to think they’re the most creative.
    • Example: “I’m so brilliant and full of great ideas. You’re all peons put on this planet to do my bidding and to make my visions a reality. I don’t want to do any of the work, you all do the backbreaking labor for me.”
  • Ni-doms (INTJ, INFJ) tend tothink they’re the most wise.
    • Example: “Let me tell you how your plan/goal/relationship is doomed to fail for all the following reasons. I can’t believe you can’t see this coming. It’s going to happen. Trust me. Watch. See– there it is. I told you so.”
  • Te-doms (ENTJ, ESTJ) tend to think they’re the most correct*.
    • Example: “My way is the best way. I’m getting the job done so we don’t need to discuss it any further and we don’t need your input. Sit down, shut up, and follow my lead.”
    • *I’m aware this sentence is grammatically incorrect– it’s deliberate.
  • Ti-doms (INTP, ISTP) tend to think they’re the most intelligent.
    • Example: “Watch me tell you all the ways your solution is illogical then debate you in circles without contributing anything productive towards an alternate solution because everything in life is subjective and I can’t ever be sure anything is truly ‘correct’.”
  • Se-doms (ESTP, ESFP) tend to think they’re the most interesting.
    • Example: “I’m cool, you’re all boring and need to learn to live in the moment. Seize the day. Travel. Explore. Be more like me. Even if I have no idea how to pay my rent at the end of the month or how I’m going to survive until the end of the week.”
  • Si-doms (ISTJ, ISFJ) tend to think they’re the most responsible.
    • Example: “I’m always bailing people out due to their own stupidity and shit hits the fan when I’m not around. I shouldn’t have to do this but I’m too tired to teach them how to be independent so let me just complain and keep doing what I’m doing.”
  • Fe-doms (ENFJ, ESFJ) tend to think they’re the most righteous.
    • Example: “I’m always sacrificing my own happiness for other people because I’m selfless and good. I also know what’s best for everybody so it’s my responsibility to save everyone even if they’ve told me more than once to butt out of their business. And by more than once, I mean a dozen times. I’m sure they don’t mean it.”
  • Fi-doms (INFP, ISFP) tend to think they’re the most authentic.
    • Example: “Everyone is so materialistic and fake. Most of them don’t know what they want or who they are in life but I do so let me go around telling everyone that their life pursuits are empty, meaningless, and won’t make them happy.”
Io ogni tanto ci penso a te.
A come eri felice, a quel sorriso che spuntava ogni volta che mi guardavi.
Ogni tanto ci penso e mi manca tutto ciò.
—  ibattitidelcuore
Me siento tan débil por romperme cada vez que alguien me abandona, me duele saber que ellos se van completos, sin un sólo pedazo menos, sin mirar hacia atrás, y a mi me dejan aquí. Sola, triste y vacía. Me dicen que no merece la pena sentirme tan mal por personas que lastimosamente no me quieren, pero es imposible no sentirme así. Odio que me digan que me quieren, que juren adorarme cuando no es así, que pinten colores en donde sólo hay oscuridad. Odio esos te quiero que me he creído tantas veces. Y me odio a mi por ser tan estúpida.