my opinions on SOME sports anime fandoms
  • haikyuu: half good, half chaotic. usually very chill. has quality fanfictions and fanarts. but people get salty over rarepairs and it's a disaster sometimes. straight ships are the main target of hate. kurotsuki and ushioi are the most controversial ships in the fandom.
  • yuri on ice: 80% chaotic. 20% good. the good ones are usually watches the anime and doesn't get too attached to it. that 80% are hella possessive towards their ships. any hate will result in getting unfriended, blocked, reported and foever banish from the internet. good fanart tho. if you have a straight ship in the show better get prepared cause people will hate you for the rest of your damn life even if you're not in the fandom.
  • knb: a neutral fandom. fans usually gush over aomine and akashi. good fanart. not really active compared to the above two.
  • all out: good fanbase, but seriously underrated.
  • days: where even are the fans.
  • free: neutral fanbase. makoharu vs rinharu war ongoing. very cute fanart. where are they.
  • tenipuri: once very chaotic, now half-dead. easily forgotten by 2000s kids. very nice and chill fandom. lovely fanart and fanfictions. very few ship wars. as a 2000s kid in this fandom, it gave me social anixety and i'm lonely as hell cause no one talks about the anime with me.

all of you people saying ‘yoi is the first sports anime to have a canon gay couple’ well i’m sorry you are DING DONG WRONG because prince of tennis got there years ago lmao

(that’s konjiki koharu and hitouji yuuki btw, bear in mind prince of tennis started in 1999 and this ova came out in 2009 lmao)

how to watch tenipuri without getting confused by the plot


1. read prince of tennis manga ch 000 “Legend of the Samurai”

2. watch from episode 1 to ep 28

3. read pot manga ch 50

  • to see tezuka play for the first time  they just mentioned this match in the anime

4. watch ep 29 to ep 75

  • note: tezuka going to germany eps 73-75
  • in manga he goes to kyushu, not germany

5. Optional: Watch josei shonan arc (anime only) ep ep 76-97

6. Watch PoT 1st movie Tale of Two Samurai

7. Watch ep 98 to ep 101


9. Read PoT manga starting ch 184 ‘Remains of  Scar

  • this chapter ties nicely with ep 101

10. Continue Reading the manga until the end of Seigaku vs. Rikkaidai kantou regionals

11.  Watch the chibipuri episodes 115, 132, 165

12. Watch Atobe’s gift

13. watch all the Nationals OVAs.

  • take note that the first episode of this OVA series is connected to the last arc from the anime (eps 170+)  …so echizen’s re-entrance was needed to patch things up with the anime.

14. Watch all Prince of Tennis Another Story OVAs I & II

15. Watch PoT movie 2: Battle of the English Castle

16. Recently announced prince of tennis movie will be somewhere here :D

17. watch the episodes you skipped (ep 102-178) 

  • Don’t miss out on half the fun and bullsht :D
  • watch A Day on Survival Mountain too


**What you’ll miss if you stop watching the anime after ep 101**

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What The Signs Want In 2017
  • Aries: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Taurus: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Gemini: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Cancer: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Leo: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Virgo: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Libra: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Scorpio: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Sagittarius: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Capricorn: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Aquarius: New Prince Of Tennis s3
  • Pisces: New Prince Of Tennis s3
love sports anime but miss the bloodshed of other genres?

why not try prince of tennis.

because why be afraid of losing nationals when your opponent is capable of a serving technique that literally rips through time and space, breaks through solid concrete, messes up your internal organs and can literally send you off court on a stretcher.

“seniors graduating is the worst possible thing that could happen in sports anime”

wrong. suffering life threatening internal bleeding due to destructive tennis is.

just look at the fucking chapter titles

fckucking pirates hnnghh

fucucking lkfs series

o yea and