tenipuri names from chinese wikia using google traslate

Oshitari = Forbearance enough 

Jirou = Chi Lang 

Taki = Otaki 

Oni = Ghost 

Inui = Stem

Kaidoh = Sea Church 

Krauser = Tibetan Lepus

Zaizen = Former Finance 

Kenya = Qian also

Sengoku = Chin-shek 

Hitouji = A's 

Momoshiro = Peach City 

Mizuki = View Month

Yuuta = Orange Apricot (maybe lol.. i have no idea who orange apricot is.)

Alright Sports Anime Nerds

i got the urge…

To add a mark, go to ‘additions’ and select ‘simple marker’. Use your tumblr as the title and a rough location for where you are. 

Don’t go giving out your exact address alright?? Sounds good…

let’s do it you sports anime nerds don’t you want to know if there’s anyone near you?

maybe you’ll make some friends?? i don’t know

edit: requested anime map

love sports anime but miss the bloodshed of other genres?

why not try prince of tennis.

because why be afraid of losing nationals when your opponent is capable of a serving technique that literally rips through time and space, breaks through solid concrete, messes up your internal organs and can literally send you off court on a stretcher.

“seniors graduating is the worst possible thing that could happen in sports anime”

wrong. suffering life threatening internal bleeding due to destructive tennis is.

just look at the fucking chapter titles

fckucking pirates hnnghh

fucucking lkfs series

o yea and