While browsing through niconico I found something interesting  ♪

In 2004, tenipuri anime staff is one of the participant in summer comiket, selling doujinshi in form of artbook from various (tenipuri official’s) animator drawing

The girls are so cute ♪

However Konomi-sensei noticed this and force the staffs to distribute the doujinshi for free (Sensei’s so cool!)

This is considered to be one of the biggest anime staff mistake in history, based on 2ch

You can see the artboook content here: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm888099

I also found a TezuFuji doujin drawn by one of the staff! Or more like……..I already knew you ship them, uh, those 3 episode, uh

so if 

Tezuka –> Germany

Echizen –> USA

Atobe –> England/UK (the english team is seeking him out now i think)

sooo  maybe..

Fuji S. –> uuuh Portugal?

Yukimura –> France?

Sanada –> China

Jackal –> Brazil


Tip Off!

So apparently i have nothing to do and then there i went lol with Shiraishi, i can’t edit him well jeez asdfhgk!


Shiraishi x Akashi

Midorima x Tezuka

Aomine x Kite

Kurokochii x Ryoma

Kise x Atobe

Murasakibara x Yukimura

tenipuri asked:

For the character thing: Tooyama Kintaro

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  koshimae?????

general opinions: a child of tarzan sOOOO stupid it should be illegal but hella cute he could be my bodyguard bc he looks innocent but could kill a man

ff-coco96 asked:

Can I have a matchup? I'm asian, long black hair, 5'3". I'm super shy when I first meet people. But when I get to know people, I let them know everything about me. However, I'm always worried that they'll hurt me. I love affectionate people. Thanks ❤

Here you go, love! <3

I can see you with Kikumaru!

You would meet somewhere in town. Kikumaru would suddenly bump into you, making you drop your shopping bags. He would immediately apologize and help to pick up your things again. 

After apologizing again, he would invite you to get some ice-cream with him and from this day on Kikumaru would always yell your name when he spots you somewhere.

Your shyness wouldn’t be a problem since Kikumaru is such a social person, it’s easy for him to start a conversation. Actually he thinks your shyness is adorable and he would always glomp you when you are shy about something.
Kikumaru would constantly try to make you laugh since he feels sad whenever you are sad. Your happiness is probably the most important thing for him. 

You love affectionate people? That’s good. Kikumaru is very affectionate. He’s always hugging you or at least holding your hand. He is not afraid of PDA as well.

Kikumaru is much more perceptive than most people think he is. He notices that you worry about getting hurt, but he promises himself to take that fear from you.
Kikumaru constantly supports you and not judges you no matter what you tell him. He always listens to you and he is very serious when you have some kind of problem.
Kikumaru shows you through his actions that he would never hurt you and over the time Kikumaru actually manages to take your worry of getting hurt by him away.

Kikumaru loves “cuddle dates”. Sometimes he would just randomly run up to you, exclaiming with big eyes “Cuddle date?!”. You would end up cuddling on the couch, wrapped in blankets and eat tons of sweets while watching Disney movies. Kikumaru would sing along to all the songs and nuzzle his face in your neck or steal tiny kisses.

Others: Ryoma, Oshitari Y.


I got a package all the way from France today!!! It’s quite an experience to see my art in the same space as other great pieces, and I’m glad I was able to take part in a collaborative project for one of my fandoms! Big thanks to mofochika and tenimyuart for organizing and printing ^_^ Honestly, it’s so weird to see my art printed onto something that I could hold with my own two hands lol… I’ll probably post better pics of my submissions later on!

Orders for the book are temporarily closed, but if you’re interested you can check the tictail / tenimyuart page for updates!

arysthaeniru asked:

Oh, for the 150 followers option, you have to write a haiku honouring the best traits of each of the Hyotei Regulars? (and two for Kabaji, because he deserves it)

Good idea! Here, as a teaser, let me post something about myself:

atobe keigo
the most pulchritudinous
handsome as all hell

(Kabaji deserves a thousand more than what I can give him)

atobe 150 mark tag (please do take a look at this, dear reader, I promise you, you will have every chance to mock me and my existence if you look at this)

Alright Sports Anime Nerds

i got the urge…

To add a mark, go to ‘additions’ and select ‘simple marker’. Use your tumblr as the title and a rough location for where you are. 

Don’t go giving out your exact address alright?? Sounds good…

let’s do it you sports anime nerds don’t you want to know if there’s anyone near you?

maybe you’ll make some friends?? i don’t know

edit: requested anime map

I'm back & 400/500 followers special!

I’m back! Starting today I’m going to post regularly again. I’m planning to post 2 times a day like I did before.

400/500 followers special!

I planned to do a 400 followers special but We are already more than 450 so we are going to do a 400/500 followers special. <3


  • 1 Prize: Personalized one-shot
  • 2. Prize: A personal letter from a PoT-character of your choice

You decide the character, the plot and tell me a bit about yourself so I can write something personal for you


  • You have to follow this blog.
  • You can like this post or reblog it to take part.
  • Open to take part until July 31th. Winner chosen the same day.
  • 3 people will be chosen by a random number generator for the one-shot
  • 4 people will be chosen by a random number generator for the letters
  • I’m going to write the winners a message to talk about the details (plot, character, some information about yourself) so make sure that your ask box is open
  • You have 5 days time to respond to my message if you don’t reply I’ll choose another winner