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So, giving out genuine critique is being salty and expressing dislike over a group or a song is being a hater? When did that happen? You give out your opinion and you get mobbed for it? You share your disagreement and you suddenly get labeled as if you have done the unthinkable? Have people forgotten that public opinion is a hallmark of a democratic society/space?

Also, when did comparison become so wrong especially when there, in all actuality, is something to compare with. Have people forgotten that comparative thinking is one of our first and most natural forms of thought? Teachers and Educators know this because effective comparative thinking is a hallmark of critical thinking which is one of the goals of learning. Comparison/Contrast is how you were able to recognise your mom and set her apart from other people amongst other things that seems so basic. Okay. I’ve gotten off track.

Just…let the opinions flow. Let the discourse happen. But don’t label someone a hater just because they don’t have the same opinion as you do. Argue all you want, it’s both your right, it’s all our right. Just…don’t fall into that ‘youre just a hater’ trap because their opinion doesn’t agree with yours.

That’s it. It was too long. I just had to.

Thank you for reading


Eunha (GFRIEND) x Chunji (Teen Top) - Left Hand Right Hand Illustration Clip