surreal-slimshady asked:

Noo it's fine, sometimes "real life" or whatever gets in the way of the ole internet presence. Actually, I didn't know you had an AFF until .5 seconds ago and I'm definitely about to go read that barista fic. I was talking about "You're The Onlyy Thing (I Want For Christmas)" simply because in TDOH you hinted (or maybe I read too deep into) Wonwoo having a crush on Mingyu? I assumed it was unrequited but I think I read a comment where you said Mingyu has his own issues or smth so yeah

OooOOOOooOoH I get it I get it HAHA I thought it was that at first but then I thought about it and tdoh was hs au but ytod was college/uni au so I was rlly confused and assumed it was aff because they’re both college/uni au wOOPS but no no not the same universe hahaha Mingyu does have his own problems tho and tbh I will delve into that in the future I have plans!!1!1!! but yeah they’re not intertwined or anything sorryyyy ;v;
also coffee shop au is lame don’t expect anything gr8 lmao