Resting in the Lord is not dependent on your external circumstances at all, but on your relationship with God Himself.
—  Oswald Chambers

im gonna make a steven universe blog i like never make sideblogs but this is the time

Abbiamo tutti le nostre macchine del tempo. Alcune ci riportano indietro, e si chiamano ricordi. Alcune ci portano avanti, e si chiamano sogni.

every halting foreign phoneme
of a language that by all rights
should be dead and gone, but lives in song
each soprano screech going ever off key
though they’re too happy showing off
to take note of it, each ill-conceived harmony
is dedicated to him, that he might
cherish the droning bass
flattened by careless, thoughtless ears
and the pained sighs of repetition and
“just one more time from the top, promise”
in this room he gathers the children
his sons and daughters in all but blood
and is proud of the shaking not-quite-vibrato
and the… flattering imitation from the tenors
his is the hand that pats the director’s back
after five hours of more chatter than chorus
it is his, clear whistles and booming chests
the happy yelp from a run finally learnt
the hiss from a note soundly smacked
the outer voices whose mottos are both
“i can hit that”, the inner voices who groan at
“more c-c-c-consonants”
it is his from the first middle c in soft unison
to the soul-tearing final crescendo
all voices crying out in harmonious paean
it is his, and as are we

-4.7.15 [to apollon of the high school choir]