Everything Happens For A Reason

Luke Alvez x Reader

Requested: No. But, this is actually based on a true story, it was honestly the worst and my mind obviously went to ‘what if this situation happened with a CM character’ and so here we are!

Summary: When you come home from a long day from work and you find out your keys are not in your bag, you get help from a stranger who happens to be incredibly good looking…

Word Count: 1,064, Warnings: None.

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Goosebumps formed on your soft skin as you walked on the streets of Washington D.C. to your apartment. The cold air brushing against your body made you regret not bringing a jacket to work that morning. All you could think about was getting into a warm bath, putting on your most comfy pyjamas and binge watching ‘Friends’. You rubbed your bare arms, teeth chattering at the wind as you walked down the road to your apartment complex. Your neighbour had just entered in before you and so they held the door for you. You politely thanked them as you attempted to keep open your tired eyes as you walked up to the third floor.

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Answering the age old question.:
“What if my OCs had social media accounts?”

Daiki: Cute photos of rescued monsters and the latest info on support group meetings

Jordon: Photos of himself working out, photos of his ‘children’ (his birds)

Mike and Ranjeet: Garbage. Nothing but the dankest memes and self promotion of their crazy youtube channel.

Asher: Circulates a social activist blog and posts many rants nightly.

Everyone else in the apartment is either too young, too old, doesn’t care or is just afraid of social media in general.
Or merfolk who live in a pool.

(This was actually really fun let me know if you want to seem more in this style or their other social media platforms.)

Sticky Situation

Here’s another shit imagine, lol. This is pre-season 6 or 5, idk I forgot which season it was when the group first get to Alexandria. 

Imagine: Daryl, Glenn, and Tara saving you from a herd of walkers.

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 You had been in sticky situations before. Although, you weren’t really sure how you had gotten into this one. You stared out the glass doors as walkers pushed against the door trying to get in. You pursued your lips before smacking them with disapproval before continuing your search for anything useful in this small, hick store. The walkers moaned and banged against the glass and you knew it wouldn’t take long for them to break through the already straining glass. You hadn’t meant to trip off the damn alarm to the damn car you were picking through.

You picked through the clothing store and stuffed a few cute shirts into your backpack and even a new bra or two. You found a flashlight with working batteries and opted to take that too. “Why is it always me getting into trouble?” You mumbled as made way towards the back of the store with your machete in your hands, “I mean, how does is that alarm still working?” You asked yourself as you peeked into the back and saw the back door probably leading to the alley.

You grumbled about your bad luck and opened the door. You looked outside and saw that the cost was clear. With a relieved sigh, you pushed the door open and stepped out of the store just when you heard the glass door in front of the store breaking. You made your way to the fight and turned the corner to get back onto the main street when you came to see a large group of walkers.

One of them saw you and well, it began to hiss aggressively and make way towards you. You sighed as the other walkers took note of the commotion and made way to you. You turned around and your body gave a chilling shudder when you took note of the walkers pouring out of the damn store. “What, how did they get through the store so fast?” You muttered with agitation ignoring the sense of dread and fear in your mind.

You glanced around and saw that there was a dumpster pushed up against a wall where you saw one of those metal ladders leading up to the roof of the store. Without a second thought, you were on that dumpster and jumping to reach the end of the ladder. Your momentarily airborne and your hands grips the bar of the ladder but the rusty old thing snaps and you fall on your back on top of the dumpster.

You groaned as a hot rush of pain sweeps through your back. You barely hear the moans of hunger before a undead, gross hand is grabbing at your hair. You’re on your feet and reaching for your machete, only to realize that you dropped it. Panic was beginning to fill you as the walkers surround you, but luckily the dumpster was wide enough so that you stayed rooted in the middle and the walkers couldn’t reach you.

You were surrounded and stuck on this fucking dumpster.

You groaned, “Why did it have to be me!?” You shout with evident anger.

The walkers react to your loud voice. You felt like punching the damn brick wall next to you. You gaze around and wonder if you could somehow climb up to where the rest of the ladder is hanging. “Looks like you’re in a pickle.” A light male voice called not behind the mass of walkers with two others—a redneck man wielding a cross bow and a curvy woman with black hair. The male who spoke was Asian looking but you weren’t sure what he was exactly.

You sighed, “If you’re here to steal my shit, I can assure you the bras I got don’t fit her.” You jerk your thumb to the curvy woman who laughs. Her breasts look a lot bigger then yours.

The redneck snorts before the group of three quickly made work of the herd of walkers. The dozen or so group of undead was officially dead. You sighed with relief and counted your lucky stars as you jumped down from the dumpster, “Thanks, dudes. I swear, I thought I was done for that time.” You thanked as the woman handed you your machete.

“You alone?” She asked with a frown.

You nod, “I used to run with a group but they became wild so, I spilt and I’ve been on my own for a while.” You shrugged. You figured traveling alone beat having to deal with the problems that groups usually faced.

“I’m Tara, by the way.” The woman smiled at you kindly.

You grinned back, “I’m Y/N.” You introduced as you wiped the sweat off your brow.

“This is Daryl and I’m Glenn.” The Asian man followed the introductions. The redneck grunted in greeting before turning around to keep an eye of any wandering walkers.

“Thanks again for the save, guys. I really appreciate it.” You thanked once more, “You wouldn’t want that bra as payment, right?” You jokingly said to Tara.

Tara laughed, “I like you, hey, Glenn do you think we can bring her back to our place?” Tara asked before you shook your head.

“I think I’m good. I learned that large groups are trouble.” You said honestly while you rolled on the back of your heels. Your eyes were briefly going to eye the handsome redneck who looked bored out of his mind.

“It must suck being on your own though,” Glenn frowned surprised by your decline, “Especially since you’re a girl.”

You chuckle, “It does get lonely but I don’t know.” Your last encounter with a large group ended up with them being fucking cannibals. Luckily, you told them you were going out hunting and managed to escape from there.

“At least come with us and try it out. I mean, I don’t want to leave a girl alone. You don’t even look like you’ve been fed in a while.” Tara pointed out.

You sighed and looked down at your decreasing body. “One night.” Glenn persisted.

“I mean,” You mumbled feeling a bit unsure. You were scared to suddenly join a new group. I mean, these people did save you instead of shooting you and taking your stuff.

“Girly, you’re coming with us because you look like you’re nothing but skin and bones.” The redneck snapped, his patience running out. “You’ll be safe with us. If we wanted to fucking hurt you then we already would have done so.” He says with irritation thick in his voice.

Glenn and Tara are laughing at the shocked expression on your face.

You finally smile and nod, “One night.” You agree.

“Fucking finally.” Daryl muttered moving down the alley to get back to home.

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the walking dead

Okay can I talk about Bud and Lou in Injustice 2 for a minute

So Tara Strong voice acts Harley Quinn in Injustice 2, right

Tara Strong is also very famous for playing a certain 10 year old boy 

Who has fairies with pink and green hair 

And um

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