things I'm getting annoyed with:

- people who keep saying “no hotch, no watch” as if the show doesn’t have 6 other cast members who helped made the show
- people who keep saying that Luke is “Derek’s replacement” AS IF you didn’t think the writers/crew aren’t going to being another fine guy as the new “tough guy”
- people who keep complaining at how writers are “ruining the show” these people have been on that case since season 5
- people who are complaining about luke/penelope bc it’s “replacing derek/penelope” FIRST OF ALL, no one REPLACES CHOCOLATE THUNDER OR BABY GIRL. but clearly, it has always been a BFF thing (sadly) and from what I see, Luke/Penelope can actually be a thing (PLEASE)
- people who keep complaining at how much the show has changed and it’s sucky now AS IF THERE SHOULDN’T BE ANY IMPROVEMENT FOR A TV SHOW THAT IS REMARKABLY AND STRONGLY STILL LASTING FOR 12 YEARS???

anonymous asked:

I think m brother is turning into a Tonberry. What are the symptoms of this and are there any known cures?

The symptoms of the green death include facial features melting off, eyes becoming yellow and beady, skin turning green, growing a tail (if the victim does not already have one), rapid shrinking of the body, and of course an unquenchable thirst for knives and stabbing.

There are no known cures to Tonberry Sickness. The only solution that has been devised is from the Nymians, who did not even see the Mhachi attack coming and therefore are inferior. Rather than use their supposed knowledge to figure out a cure, they holed away the sick in a temple and put them to sleep for hundreds of years. But that is simply prolonging the inevitable.

There is no cure, no relief. Only release. You must either kill your brother or join him in his fate. Either way, your loyalty is now up to the test.

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