Well, guys, let me tell you.

I had A Day.

This post was going to contain a bunch of tongue-in-cheek things (like about how an ancient Chinese lady tenderly stroked my thigh on the bus as she told me my dress was beautiful) and then…

You’ve heard of Anon Hate? Well, I got some Real Life Hate. (Courtesy of my mother’s soon-to-be-ex-husband.) And while I know, rationally, that the hate isn’t really about me, it still hurt like fuck being attacked out of nowhere (all under the guise of mending? things? or what the fuck ever?).

Then, because the universe was like, “Oh, shit, my bad,” I got one of the nicest random messages EVER, from a now-grown-up little girl I used to babysit, who, after 20 years, still remembers the novel I wrote then (and was, in edited format, reading to her).

But still. Emotional rollercoaster. Cried until my eyes hurt–both happy tears and sad ones. And now? Now it is most decidedly time for bed.

Gift Fic for Kathubs: All Was Right With The World

This is a gift fic for @kathubs, who is just an amazing person and a gift to the Buffyverse Fandom. And this is, after all Kathubs appreciation day.

“I don’t see why we couldn’t have just ordered room service.” Willow complained. Tara couldn’t help but smile at the exaggerated way that Willow stuck out her lower lip as she pouted. “The bed was comfy.” Somehow, Tara didn’t think the comfyness of the bed was really Willow’s biggest priority, though it really was a comfortable bed.

Tara reached over and took Willow’s hand. She’d always been tactile with the woman she loved, but she’d found herself even more so since she’d come back… come back from the dead. After over two years with no body, unable to touch anything or anyone, let alone Willow, Tara felt like she had to check often, to make sure she still could.

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ppl are out here complaining about their petty problems and ignoring the fact that in twd the world ended in 2010 meaning that Tara Chambler never got to see Hayley Kiyoko rise!! neither Tara nor Denise got to experience the majesty of ‘Girls Like Girls’! they’ve never heard it!!! or seen the video!!!! fuck you Kirkman you lesbophobe