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there is this song called 'higher love' by anthony ramos and jasmine cephas jones and i tought it would fit the cinderella au!

I could easily see the beginning-most of the bridge in place of The Sweetest Sounds, and then maybe everything after that as a reprise at the end when they’re reunited.

(This is turning into less of a R&H’s Cinderella au and more of a “how many modern songs can we fit to the plot of Cinderella?” au. …I mean, no complaints here though, challenge accepted. pLEASE SEND IN MORE SONGS FOR THIS AU GUYS, I LOVE THIS!!)

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text || toby
  • Toby: Not at the moment no- and not in the way you do. You should have known when I said I wasn’t in the right place mentally that bad shit was going to happen, make a list of benefits of the tongue piercing and I’m sure he’ll come near you.
  • Mark: I am still going to blame you for this okay.
  • Mark: I have tried that, he is really not letting me do anything and he is making it very hard for me to deal with it.

on a rather unrelated note ; Alina ( the cool gal i play ow with and goes to the same philosophy classes as me ) and i were kinda discussing hanzo’s legs for like …. two weeks straight. our first theory was ‘the muscles there got damaged badly during the fight with genji and he didn’t have the time to go through proper physical therapy before he abbandoned the clan and now he needs those to even support the weight of his own body because the muscles can’t do it on their own anymore’ because we really want to believe there are still LEGS SOMEWHERE THERE but then i played on her accound and unlike me, she uses the young master skin, while i mostly use the okami one. funny, i found out he already has those …. metal things in his younger self skins so it couldn’t have been our first theory as we assume that skin is taken from BEFORE the shimada showdown and not afterwards. so we kept talking and talking until MY AUNT popped into my mind. she has neurological muscular dystrophy which is an ‘illness’ in which the nerves which are supposed to provide the muscles with the right impulses just … don’t do their job accordingly which leads to muscular dystrophy as the muscles don’t get the activity they need to not start building down ( i actually only know first hand about it through my aunt ). so i read some stuff up about muscular dystrophy and found the myogenic type of muscular dystrophy which is the plain dying of muscle cells. all of this has something to do with genetics, it can skip generations and suddenly reappear when the repressed genes are found in both of the parents and it doesn’t have to spread to all offspring because my aunt has a sister and she’s fine. so alina and i kinda figured ?? that could be it. idk maybe i’m just being reALLY DUMB AND IT’S SOMEWHERE STATED THAT HIS LEGS JUST LOOK LIKE THAT OR THAT THEY’RE PROSTHETICS but we really wanted an explanation for the chickenlegs. and y'know … muscular dystrophy can affect hands, arms, the chest, legs and the face but it can also ONLY appear in one of those bodyparts ( my aunt only has it in her hands and arms ). so i’m ….. i’m frantically searching for an official statement about his legd but i couldn’t find smth so i just assume ?? it’s up to the players how they wanna see it. k robyn out

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What are the best self harm blogs?

These aren’t specifically self harm blogs but these are blogs that I reblog from that I would recommend:








These are just a few blogs I would recommend. I’m sure there a lot more blogs but I’m too lazy to look up more lol

For Those Who Care:

I finally got my Social Security Number, so now I can apply for jobs! That means new laptop soon, and hosting worlds more often soon too! I’m very excited :D

Now, I’m planning on getting the HP Omen, but if there’s a better gaming laptop you guys want me to consider please let me know! My price limit is gonna be..well, $1500 or less. The Omen is $1000 at Walmart right now.