Okay but lets imagine a SouMako AU where Sousuke and Makoto take the same bus everyday. They don’t know one another but they always sit next to eachother. They never talk, always listening to their own music. At first it was on accident, there were simply no more seats besides the one next to Sousuke for an entire week. But after that, even if there was an empty seat next to someone else, Makoto would sit next to Sousuke because he didn’t want to be rude and NOT sit next to him after a whole week of being silent bus buddies. Makoto always takes his seat with a small smile directed at Sousuke who gives him a silent nod. Meanwhile Makoto is freaking out internally cause my GOSH that man is so cool and handsome. Sousuke in the meantime is wondering how the fuck such a gorgeous guy was chosen to be next to him. Like FUCK.