Dana Villas - Santorini, Greece

Nestled on the caldera’s cliffside in Firostefani, Santorini, Dana Villas offers gracious accommodation in chic rooms and suites complete with beautiful sea views. Restored with respect to the island’s traditional architecture, all units come equipped with modern bathrooms, private kitchenettes, and 21st century technology. Elegantly decorated, the suites boast wonderful balconies/terraces and some of them have soothing Jacuzzi bathtubs. Facing the glistening 70 sqm swimming pool is a wonderful open-air restaurant serving Greek and international cuisines accompanied by breathtaking vistas of the caldera.


No Gangsta. this week!

Due to a Swim Programm (World Swimming) that’s being shown, this week’s episode won’t be aired tonight but instead next Wednesday. 

As far as my research goes - 29.07. Break Episode 5 for World Swimming

05.08. - Episode 5 9 to 10 minutes in delay due to Swimming
12.08. - Episode 6 ca. 30 minutes in delay due to Swimming
19.08 - Episode 7 ca. 30 minutes in delay due to Swimming

my favorite part of each unique month here
  • January:the feeling on the first well below zero day when the hot air gets snatched out of your lungs the second you step outside.
  • February:the deafening quiet of blizzards and that simultaneously scary-cozy feeling of knowing you just can't leave, the snow's too deep for anything
  • March:when the snow starts to melt and everything has this very subtle yellowish tint, like all the colors of summer are being choked back ready to finally snap back
  • April:you remember how rain sounds. you remember how rain smells. rain <3
  • May:warmth. you go outside and literally cannot stop smiling because it's warm again and how is that even possible.
  • June:everything is alive again and how does the world smell so good?
  • July:the scent of rivers and the feeling of swimming in water that's just cool enough to be a relief from the air
  • August:already dreaming of winter again
  • September:the leaves all catch fire and the air dries out. fall smell of dead things seeps in
  • October:the best. dry leaves blowing in cool hard winds across roads at night.
  • November:only silver and pale purple left. all other colors have gone to sleep.
  • December:first snows. the smell of fires and snow settles in again.
Which Pokemon character are you? (Bold what applies)

You have a clear life goal in mind.
You wear a lot of hats.
Your pet is very special to you.
You have a lot of friends.
You can easily name your mortal enemies.
You don’t change much.
You are very determined.
You tend to be romantically oblivious.
Your parents are embarrassing.
You like to travel.

You have a quick temper.
You’re a redhead.
You love swimming.
Your siblings are annoying.
You tend to hold grudges.
You are very maternal.
You have a huge phobia.
You really hate bugs.
You have a soft side.
You want to master a skill.

You are the voice of reason in your group of friends.
You have bad eyesight.
You don’t talk about your personal life much.
You like to cook.
You’re very flirtatious.
You have a LOT of siblings.
You desperately want to be in a relationship.
You are quite wise.
You love nature.
Your friends are all younger than you.

You like to draw.
You are very observant.
You idolise someone.
You like people-watching.
You’re a bit of a matchmaker.
You’re quite tall.
You like peace and quiet.
You are creative.
You don’t like to stay in one place for too long.
You are passive about conflict.

You want to see the world.
You are kind of clumsy.
You can be overconfident at times.
You have a friendly feud with someone.
You’re a bit ditzy.
You have a younger sibling.
You love beautiful things.
You are a sore loser.
You look to your friends for guidance and support.
You really love food.

You wear glasses.
You’re very short.
You are a bit of a know-it-all.
You have an older sibling.
You can be kind of childish at times.
You want to be one of the greats one day.
You look up to many people.
You like solving problems.
People call you cute all the time.
You don’t like to do things alone.

You love fashion.
You have huge dreams.
You doubt yourself a lot.
You high five your friends.
Your parents are very important to you.
You have a lucky charm.
You hate arrogance.
You get into arguments with close friends often.
You care about your appearance a lot.
You are a perfectionist

You are often described as ‘wild’.
You tend to grudges.
You lovingly insult your friends.
You want to master a skill.
You grew up in a small village.
You are very athletic.
You believe you can do anything you set your mind to.
You don’t have much in common with your friends.
When you get mad, you really get mad.
You feel like you have to prove yourself.

You like to educate people
People tell you you look just like your siblings.
You look pretty good in a suit.
You have a lot of obsessions.
You are fairly cool headed.
Your favourite colour is green.
You are quite extravagant.
You’re full of facts.
You believe there’s a rational explanation for everything.
You don’t like cats.

You keep up with fashion trends.
You treasure gifts from friends.
You have a crush on someone.
You’re very indecisive.
Your parents don’t always agree with your life choices.
You love baking.
You’re scared of ghosts.
You have totally changed your appearance before.
You hate getting dirty.
You get nervous or flustered easily.

You are full of ideas.
Your friends consider you nerdy.
You love science.
You dress practically rather than fashionably.
You are awkward in conversations.
You wear glasses.
You persevere when you feel like you’re onto something.
You are very unfit.
You dress strangely.
Your remember the small things.

You are very outgoing.
You can get frustrated easily.
You just want everyone to get along.
Everyone calls you cute.
You want your friends to be happy.
You are easily entertained.
You hate feeling left out.
You throw tantrums when you don’t get your way.
You’re very naive.
You can be pretentious.



I am ___

To give yourself over to another body
That’s all you want really
But to be owned and consumed by another
To swim inside the skin of your lover
Not have to breathe, not have to think
But you can’t live on love, and salt water’s no drink
You’re dying of thirst so we feast on each other
The sea is still our violent mother
The blood round here pours down the water
Each wave a lamb lead to the slaughter
And like children that she just can’t teach
We break, and break, and break, and break ourselves upon the beach
—  Poem by Florence Welch, written for the “Queen of Peace/Long & Lost” music video.
Character Questions #020: Would You Rather #001

Would your character rather:

  1. live under the sea or on the moon?
  2. kiss a frog or turn into frog?
  3. succeed in everything and have everyone hate them or fail at everything but have everyone love them?
  4. be rich through hard work or marry someone rich?
  5. swim with sharks or dance with snakes?
  6. kiss a cactus or a spider?
  7. step on a pin or a Lego?
  8. be a nurse or a fireman?
  9. enter a book or a movie?
  10. travel in time or be able to teleport?
  11. meet a fairy or an alien?
  12. win lottery or a Nobel prize?
  13. grow horns or a tail?
  14. live in a jungle or a desert?
  15. have their car stolen or get in a car crash?


“Y/N! Y/N, I’m so sorry,” Sam said, pulling you out of the water. “Are you ok?”
“Of course I’m not ok, you stupid moose. You almost drowned me!”
“I didn’t almost drown– ok, I sort of did. But I saved you. That’s gotta be worth something, right?”
“Just get me a towel, you idiot.”

It takes all she has in her not to kiss Beca again, properly this time; really kiss her. To pin her against the railing and place soft, tender kisses on her lips; kisses down her jawline, down her neck, across her collarbone. To wrap her arms around her neck and kiss her until she can’t feel her lips.

chloe’s just as bad babe you’re so thirsty


To give yourself over to another body
that’s all you want really
But to be owned and consumed by another
to swim inside the skin of your lover
not have to breathe, not have to think
but you can’t live on love, and salt water’s no drink
You’re dying of thirst so we feast on each other
the sea is a still and violent mother
the blood round here pours down the water
each wave a lamb lead to the slaughter
and like children that she just can’t teach
we break, and break, and break, and break
ourselves upon the beach.

— Poem by Florence Welch, written for the Queen of Peace/Long & Lost music video.

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