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Imagine you're Barba's pregnant wife and he comes home to find you awkwardly trying to paint your toes. He immediately takes over, and alt bought they aren't perfect, you appreciate the effort. Really fluffy piece. All the feels.

You try to reach them, you really do, but your belly has just gotten to the point where you can barely see your toes, let alone paint them.

When Rafi arrives home from work, you’re winded from trying to reach, a thin sheen of sweat coating your forehead as you stare down at your belly and frown.

“Want some help, Cariño?” He smiles and walks over, cupping your cheek and kissing you hello.

“I can’t reach…” You pout and Rafael swears you have got to be the cutest thing he’s ever seen.

He sits down grabbing the nail polish from you and taking your left foot in his hand. He gives it a gentle squeeze, running his thumb up and down the arch of your foot, making you moan in relaxation.

“So just on the nail,” he frowns and starts to paint, you feel it on your skin, knowing he’s probably painted more toe than nail, but it’s the thought that counts.

“How are you both today?” He smiles and leans over, kissing you and your belly before switching feet.

“She’s kicking the crap out of me. Too eager to come already,” you smile. “Impatient just like her daddy.”

“I am not impatient,” he laughs and finishes your second foot. “I’m just very dedicated to moving fast.”

You point to your pregnant belly, “yeah, I know. Six months after meeting me. Boom. Baby.”

“I had to trap you with me somehow, I know a keeper when I see one,” he kisses the heel of your foot.

“Yeah next time, try a wedding ring.”

You both laugh and he massages your feet.

“Babe can you hand me my notebook, read my my notes while I’m painting so I’m not wasting my time?”

You make a face at him about the time wasting comment but grab the notebook.

“Okay, so the notes are July 24, 2016. From the office of ADA Rafael Barba. Defendant is female, 8 months pregnant, and in a committed relationship.” You quirk an eyebrow up at him.

“Keep going,” he smiles.

“Defendant is beautiful, smart, funny and the love of the prosecutors life. The prosecution has decided to offer a one time deal, a lifetime sentence in the form of a marriage license…”

You look up at him as he pulls out a wedding ring. “You wanted me to trap you the right way,” he whispers. “This is a one time offer, approved by the DA in exchange for a lifetime of kisses, romance and love. Do we have a deal?”

“I’d be stupid not to take the deal counselor.” You smirk and kiss him, watching him slide the ring on you. “Does the prosecution rest then?”

“Indeed it does,” he crawls between your legs and kisses you hard. “Mrs. Barba.” He whispers with a big grin.


That would be the progress of my Company drawing.

I can’t wait to show you the new Barba drawing (which looks actually quite good so far!) and the sketch of Raúl in Tick Tick Boom! - Yes, that’s gonna be my next one! 😉 Stay tuned, friends. I just LOVE to draw for you! ❤️😘

A Hard Lesson in Love: Chapter 10

Authors Note: As the weekend draws to a close, @vintagemichelle91 and I thank everyone for their warm words! You have made us so very happy! Brace yourselves for Chapter Ten, people!!!

Aria:  Vissi d'arte (Tosca)


          “What do you think about the Hamptons?” Rafael asked while they grabbed a quick bite at a quaint little Italian place near the courthouse. Unfortunately, he would have to go back to the office to prepare for tomorrow’s closing statements.

           Natalia glanced at him quizzically as she drank her white wine. “I’ve only been there once with a friend during the summer. I enjoyed it. What’s with the random question?”

           “I was wondering if you would like to get away for the weekend. Just the two of us.”

           Her heart buzzed. And it had nothing to do with the wine. An entire weekend alone with him was just what she needed. Work had been incredibly stressful, especially with worrying about Melanie. Her mother said she would stay another week in New Jersey because her friend was going through a tough time with her daughter. If it wasn’t for Rafael, Natalia would be completely alone.

           After less than a second of internal debate, she smiled at him. “I would love that. Maybe you can finally take me on a yacht?” Natalia teased.

           “Sounds like a great plan.”

           “But are you sure you can get away for the weekend?” she questioned.

           He nodded after sipping his scotch. “After tomorrow it’s in the jury’s hands.”

           “Are you worried about the verdict?” Natalia noticed his demeanor since he sat down at the table; he seemed worried but he wouldn’t admit it. No matter how confident he was in the courtroom, in the end, it was always out of his control. However, he did his absolute best to prove guilt without reasonable doubt.

           Rafael shook his head. “I’m not. The squad brought me a solid case, which is a rarity for them. And the jury saw the guilt written all over that guy’s face when I cross-examined him.”

           “I’m sure they did.” Natalia flashed him another smile hopeful to lift his spirits a little. There was something he wasn’t telling her, but she wouldn’t pressure him. He wasn’t allowed to discuss the case in detail. She reached for his hand across the table. The softness of her skin sent a warm shiver up his spine. “And I would love to get away with you.”

           His lips quirked up into a matching grin. “Same here.”

           Trick-or-treaters scurried about with their plastic jack-o-lanterns that contained their sweet treats with their parents. Natalia made her way past them, walking toward Melanie Emerson’s house. She wrapped her black pea coat tighter around herself as the chilly breeze swept around her. Her boots pounded on the pavement as she hurried down the street. Melanie had not shown up to class, which was odd because she had been looking forward to wearing her costume to school and participating in the day’s festivities that Natalia had planned. No matter how much she tried to enjoy the day with her students, Natalia could not stop worrying about her missing student. During lunch time she called Rafael in a panic and he managed to calm her down for a bit. However, the dread returned later in the afternoon when her students went home.

           As she approached the house, she noticed that the porch light was the only one on. She rang the doorbell but there was no answer. Natalia waited for a couple of seconds and then rang it again before knocking. Still nothing. Maybe the Emersons had unexpectedly gone out of town? That was highly unlikely walked around to the side of the house. Everything seemed to be completely abandoned.

           So much for trick or treat.

           With a sigh, Natalia glanced at her watch and realized it was getting late. She needed to get back home. Just as she was coming down the porch steps, a car screeched as it pulled up alongside the curb

           Robert Emerson, Melanie’s father, slammed the door to the SUV and made his way towards Natalia. She backed up as he ripped open the gate and charged forward

           “You! This is all your fault!” he barked.

           “Excuse me?” Natalia asked, trying to stay strong even as her legs trembled beneath her.

           “And you have the audacity to show up on my property!?” He was raging and his breath reeked of alcohol.

           Natalia backed away from him almost tripping over the three little steps. “Mr. Emerson, what are you talking about? I just came to see if Melanie is alright. She—”

           Emerson took hold of Natalia by her delicate arm and dragged her into his dark house. She attempted to scream in the hope of alerting someone to her plight as the man’s rough hand clamped over her mouth. Slamming the door with his foot, he threw Natalia down to the floor.

           Pain coursed through her body, and tears began to stream down her cheeks as she willed herself to get and run from the house. As she tried to crawl away from him, Emerson kicked her in her lower abdomen seizing her by her hair and holding her close to him.

           “My wife took Melanie to the cops! The cops!” he sneered in her ear as his grip on her hair tightened. “Everything was fine before we went to your stupid conference.” Emerson pushed her down toward the couch. His huge body pressed her face down into the cushion. “I have every mind to teach a lesson for not minding your own business, you bitch.” Natalia struggled underneath him as she tried to fight him off. She needed to get herself out of here. But the heaviness weighing down on her was too overpowering.

           “Help… please don’t!” Natalia screamed with all her might, but it was hopeless. Emerson grabbed her again and flipped her over. His hand came down to slap her cheek hard.

           “Shut up!” he screamed at her. “The least you can do is pay me back for all the trouble you’ve caused.”

           The crazy look in his eyes terrified her and she remained stunned. His dark eyes roamed over her body as his hands made their way up her skirt. Natalia whimpered as his hands groped her thighs and he harshly squeezed her flesh. Emerson leaned down and as he licked her face, Natalia felt the bile rise up in her throat. At the horror of his hands, she wanted to die. Anything to avoid the pain, the touch, and the terror any longer.

           “Now you better be a good girl for me,” he hissed. Emerson pushed past her panties and inserted one finger inside her. The brutal invasion caused her heart to pound furiously in her chest, and her efforts to break only heightened his cruel pursuit

           “You warmed up for me, honey?” The madman tore at her coat and pulled on her sweater as Natalia weakly shook her head from side to side. The sight of him lowering his fly made her wince, and she tried to escape when he slammed deeper in the couch and kissed her damp face.

           “Let’s have some fun.”

           Just as she was about to give up, there was a sudden loud knock at the door and Emerson stopped touching her. His eyes were wild as he pressed his fingers to her lips and silently warned her to stay silent. Natalia was still as he shifted away from her.

           It was now or never, Natalia spotted the crystal vase on the end of the table. The will to live flashed before her eyes along with Rafael’s face. Gathering what little strength she had left, Natalia lunged forward and grabbed the vase. Just as Emerson turned around, Natalia smashed the crystal against his head. He stumbled back and fell to the floor. She ran out of the house through the back entrance and hurried across the street to get away before anyone could see her.

           Once she was home, Natalia ripped off all of her clothes and rushed into the shower. She wanted to scrape the feel of him off of her. If she had to bleed, so be it. Her ribs were tender, but it didn’t seem that they were broken. Natalia couldn’t even close her eyes because if she did, she saw his dark eyes staring wildly at her. Her hands trembled as she continued to scrub and scrub away at her body.

           She became so overwhelmed with anxiety as she realized that she was scraping away any sort of DNA evidence that might prove her story of the night. Natalia threw down the sponge and let a wretched sob escape her as she sunk down to the shower floor. She brought her knees close to her chest and rocked back and forth. The terror was still there, and it wouldn’t let go of her.

           Oh god… what if he comes after me?

           Another sob escaped Natalia’s lips as she thought about her mother and Rafael arriving and getting caught in the crossfire. The danger was overwhelming, and in that moment she felt completely alone.

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requested by anonymous: Hello hello you fantastic human bean <3 could I possibly pls request a Sonny x reader where they work in SVU together and have been secretly dating for months but only Amanda knows (Sonny can’t keep anything from her let’s be real)? And the rest of the squad finds out when Sonnshine is shot/in a dangerous situation so she’s inconsolable & Rollins explains to the rest of squad (who aren’t rly surprised tbh) & fluff?Sorry this is so specific & totally fine if you don’t want to write it <3 love ya!

word count: 883

warnings: none

masterlist - request

Amanda was the one to come get you, because she was your partner.

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Can you do another part of mikes daughter dating the bad boy? I high key ship TJ and Harlow?

“You have no idea what you’re doing!” Harlow smiles moves closer to TJ as she slides her hands over his to help him with his math homework.

“Because it’s fucking pointless,” he scowls down at the page.

“Here, you divide X, by the negative integer, like this…” she’s quick to show him what to do, leaning in a pressing a few kisses along his jaw as she continues. He can’t help but tense a bit, sliding a hand to her upper leg.

“Keep teasing and see what happens,” he smirks and kisses her.

“Grope my daughter one more time and see what happens,” Mike glared, walking into the room and plopping himself down right between them, turning on the TV.

“Dad. We were studying,” Harlow frowns at him.

“Really? Because his eyes definitely weren’t on his textbook. So I think you can both take a break, or better yet, call it a night. TJ don’t your parents want you home?”

TJ laughed, “to be perfectly honest Mike,” the fact that TJ hadn’t been strangled for using Mike’s first name actually impressed you at your husband’s willpower. “I’m not sure they notice I’m even gone.”

He stands up, “but I should get going. Harlow, wanna walk me out?”

She’s quick to stand and take his hand, grinning at him. “Later Mrs. Dodds, and Mike. Thanks for having me over.” He offers a casual wave with his free hand and walks out.

“I can make it look like an accident,” Mike glares at the door.

“Honey,” you sit beside him and take his hand. “You cannot murder a teenager. The neighbors will never let us live it down.”

This gets him to crack a smile as he turns and gives you a warm kiss on the mouth. “I love you, Mrs. Dodds.”

“Right back at ya, Mike.