Tanamin Twitter:

With Minami-sama😚🌹

Shiho Instagram:

1) April 8th…🌟
You’ve worked hard for 10 years, Takamina!!🎉
Happy Birthday🎂💕
#AKB48 #TakahashiMinamiGraduation

2) Takamina, take your time and rest lots✨
Really, cheers for your hard work🎉💕

Suuchan Twitter:

I went for Takamina-san’s graduation performance!
The first ever AKB show that I did was “Tadaima Renai Chu” and to be able to perform with my adored Team A was a dream I didn’t thought will come true. I am really happy to be able to be a member of this history-making group. Takamina, congratulations on your graduation❤︎

Reinyan Twitter:

Happy Birthday and congratulations on your graduation🎂🎓🌸

From now on too, you’re my respected senior!
And, I love you💗

Mariko Twitter:
(no photo)

Minami congratulations on your graduation(≧∇≦)I was able to appear via phonecall even though there’s time difference in Tokyo and Fukuoka (LOL) 
I am thankful to be able to give my congratulations together with everyone. Cheers for your hard work these 10 years!!

Akicha Twitter:
(no photo)

I was able to perform for Takamina’s graduation stage
To be able to stand on the last stage together, I am glad.
Takamina, Cheers for your hard work.

Annin Twitter:

From now on too, you’re my respected person.
Takamina-san, cheers for your hard work these 10 years

Iwata Karen Google+ January 26th, 2015

Everyone good evening ヽ(・∀・)ノ

How are you guys getting along (●´ー`●)

After five day of Request Hour, today is the day I loaf around at home

Will start working hard again tomorrowーーー

Suuchan fell asleep, so I stole a kiss 


(All member who witnessed, with serious look said [Gross]…)



すーちゃん、素敵でした✨ 私も楽しい事考えて飛ぶぞ!

“Went to watch ‘Peter Pan.’ [Musical Stage Production].

I recieved hope and courage.

Suu-chan was wonderful ✨ I’ll have fun and possibly fly!”


Akimoto Sayaka’s Heroic Tales

Saving her fellow members who fell in the sea.

I’m gonna do these series(title taken from a moment in Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku) of epic moments where we see the heroic deeds of AKB’s legendary Superwoman, Akimoto Sayaka.

This first one took place in a Nemousu TV special in Australia. Sayaka and five other girls (Mocchi, Akicha, Sasshi, Komorin and Suuchan) participated in the Darwin Beer Can Regatta on their own beer can paddle boat that they made.

In the middle of the event while out in the sea, the part of the boat that Sasshi (the captain of the team for this event; who previously couldn’t swim until she did the emergency training for the Shukan AKB swim meet way before this), Komorin, and Suuchan(who hates water) were sitting on broke loose and the three of them fell into the water.

Of course good old reliable Sayaka, who is obviously athletic and a pretty good swimmer, dives in to the rescue to help the three calm down and stay afloat as the rescue team came to their assistance.

Afterwards, Sasshi and the other two were taken out of the event and Sayaka took command in Sasshi’s place as the remaining members plus some extra help continued on.

Now how heroic is that?

(Oh and also, as mentioned by Mocchi in 2013, Sayaka also managed to save one of the cameras that was attached to the boat when it fell into the water as well.)