Fo4 male companions react to Sole telling them she’s pregnant:

Naturally, Dogmeat, Strong and Codsworth have been excluded from this reaction. 


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Old Longfellow:

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Survivor - Season 34, Game Changers
The Sixth Member of the Jury: Andrea Boehlke

I totally fell in love with Andrea this season, you guys. Like I know edgic and blah blah no chance but I still wanted to believe!! She is a ray of sunshine on crappy seasons!!

u kno the fuck what james olsen better be climbing out of that pod and be like “fuck kara i got kidnapped and shot into space and we never got to go on our date!” and the entire season 3 would be finding imposter!james and flashbacks of james escaping his Alien Kidnappers

Molly tried so hard to help settlements with Preston.

Then, they stepped into Cambridge and received a certain military radio signal. 

I like you a lot Preston, but…

*Molly can hear laser rifles right up ahead*


She quickly yanked off the hood, of course. 

“My Paladin.”