They have a wet dream about you and when they wake up you’re smirking at them (Infinite)

Sunggyu: -he had no idea you knew until you asked him if his boxers were ruined or not. He then figured out why you were smirking this morning- “you knew? That’s why you were grinning so much?”

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Dongwoo: -seeing you smirk was his downfall at least to him. You didn’t care that he had a dream like that about you but he wanted to hide himself when you said he woke you up- “You have no idea how embarrassed I am right now”

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Woohyun: -he hide himself when he saw you were up and smirking at him. He knew you knew about what he was dreaming about. He was so embarrassed that you caught him- “leave me alone please”

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Hoya: -he didn’t really care that you caught him. He was more worried you would tell the other boys about him having one with you right there- “you won’t tell anyone right? They boys will tease me fore days if you do”

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Sungyeol: -he was clueless you knew until you mimicked what he remember moaning in his dream. He blushed as he turned to you- “you were awake? Is that why you were smiling so much when I woke up?” 

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L: -he took it as the perfect time to comment to you about his sex life. Well the nonexistent one he’s had for the pasted few weeks- “I mean it’s the most pleasure I’ve been getting from you that way so smile away babe”

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Sungjong: -seeing you smirk was enough to embarrass him to next week. He looked at you before you started laughing- “it’s not funny. I’ve been needy recently I’m sorry!”

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How do you feel about Sunggyu's enlistment coming up? I've been tearing up every now and then while thinking it. And soon, one by one, the members will come and go. I feel so sad. TT^TT - M.K.

Hi M. K anon!

I think, for anyone who is a kpop fan, we all know that enlistment is inevitable. And as Sunggyu gets older, it gets more and more likely he will go soon. It is kinda sad, I guess, because we won’t get to see him for two years. Also, I’m not sure what Infinite will do - whether more than one will enlist at the same time, or if they will promote sub units/solos while Sunggyu (and maybe other members) are doing military service. But! They have to do it, and it’s important that they do. We all just need to support them and not forget them while they are gone :) 


As promised, here’s jpg versions of my Hogwarts series!
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Well I must not be a loyal person because if Sunggyu ask me out and I was with Woohyun, I'll break up with Woohyun the next day or no maybe that second...or maybe a one night stand with Sunggyu and I just won't tell Woohyun😂Just call me UnLoyal Anon😅

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I guess I couldn’t really blame you. Not gonna judge, anon ;P

But personally, I just couldn’t betray the person I am with ‘cause I owe them that much. 


Sunggyu ignored the smile from the boy who walked passed him; he was too preoccupied wondering into which house he’d be placed. He was getting impatient, it seemed he might be the last to get sorted. “Kim Sunggyu!” his name was finally called and Sunggyu nervously sat on the stool. As the Sorting Hat fell over his eyes, he heard as it deliberated; “Ravenclaw would fit you well, you certainly have the talent for it. But your ambition is strong… Slytherin could make you great. Hmmm, where to put you?” Sunggyu was getting anxious, it felt as though he’d been sitting on the stool for ages. Finally the hat exclaimed “Slytherin!” and as Sunggyu headed to his table, he found himself quite pleased with the Hat’s decision. As the last of the first years were sorted, the headmaster stood up to give his beginning-of-the-year speech…

The End! Phew, I did it! This took so much planning and painting, and most of it had to be done before I even released the first one ^^ Hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed making them :3

See all Infinite at Hogwarts paintings here!

I will upload the full set as jpgs and add these to my store soon, and also spoiler, I’ve got a couple Gyu Slytherin sketches I’ll post soon as well :)