Ahu: Her yerin yara bere.
Bilal: Geçirdik işte biz de bir şeyler.
Ahu: Ben hiç senin yanında olamadım değil mi?
Bilal: Ama sen ne sulu göz kız oldun öyle.
Ahu: Biraz oldum galiba, ama olamadım. Sen benim yanımdaydın ne olursa olsun, hem ben yıllarca senin omzunda ağladım.
Bilal: Ecevit diye…
Ahu: Sen beni o zaman bile bırakmadın, ben senin yanında olamadım.
Bilal: Senin bir şey yapmana gerek yok ki benim kalbimi kazanman için.
Ahu: Bir şey olursa, yani herhangi bir şey olursa, canını bir şey acıtırsa ya da yaran olursa sen bana gel tamam mı, bana gel. ben seni burada bekliyor olacağım.
Bilal: Ahu’m sen anlamadın, ben sana gelemem ki benim yaram var diye.
Ahu: Niye?
Bilal: Yaram sensin benim.

So you know how The Search For Spock has a toasting scene in Kirk’s apartment, delivered ‘to absent friends,’ in reference to those who were lost in the battle with Khan, most notably Spock?

Yeah… Take a look at who’s in that scene.

Uhura, Sulu, Kirk, and Chekov.

After 2015, these four are the only major characters from the Original Series whose actors are still alive.

And they are there, toasting to absent friends.

If I’m crying about this, I’m making sure you are too.

anonymous asked:

you know no one ever does romantic Star Trek imagines for Scotty. He's usually just seen as a parental figure or a drinking buddy.

Yeah, I knooooow. I love the guy. My favourites go like this: Bones/Scotty>Uhura>Checkov>Sulu>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>everyone else. xD

At least as far as the movies are concerned. It’s been a very long time since I’ve watched the show. I don’t really like movie Kirk :P He’s lucky he’s a pretty boy, or I would have a hard time getting through the movies.

I find Scotty very admirable. He stands up for what he believes in and isn’t afraid to hold his ground, even if it means losing his position. I also have a weakness for Scottish accents - not only are they pleasing to the ear as far as I’m concerned, but they are also closer to my own language in pronunciation and so, closer to my heart <3

I think it’s because fandoms tend to gravitate to the more conventionally attractive characters, as far as looks are concerned. And so, you have more people liking Checkov than Scotty, Prince Nuada than Hellboy, Jon Snow than Sam Tarly, Legolas than Gimli. I’m also guilty of this in many instances, so I don’t think I can judge whether it’s a right or wrong thing to do.

It is a shame, though! So many wonderful characters are being overlooked!

If there’s any character like that which you like, please let me know! I don’t care if they’re pretty on the outside- I’ll post something for you.

There are characters I might refuse to post romantic imagines for, but it’s not because of their looks but because I despise them. There’ll be no loving Killgrave on this blog, for instance :)

Scotty love coming soon!

Imagine the federation making budget cuts and considering only issuing uniforms for the gender in your medical files. The whole ship decides to protest by wearing the opposite gendered clothes they normally would. Uhura rocking some jeans. Sulu and Chekov in matching gold dresses. Scotty says its not that different from a kilt. Spock has thick woolen leggings. Jim goes all out, but looks like a mess. His makeup is smudged, and he looks like a newborn calf trying to walk in heals. Then bones comes on bridge in 6 inch black stilettos and perfect blue eye shadow to match his uniform. Everyone is staring and he takes one look at Jim and laughs. When he gets control of his breathing again he says, “Darlin’, lets get you fixed up.” When they get back Jim is in a pair of flats and no longer looks like he should be in a horror movie.

@septimore this is beautiful! thank you so much for submitting! 


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uhura/chekov/sulu tho
  • think of all the cool linguistic shenanigans they’d get up to omg. sulu and uhura chatting in japanese while chekov throws in v basic phrases!! chekov teaching uhura the nuances of russian slang!! uhura showing both of them how to write in vulcan or romulan or andorian or or !!
  • their relationship could have SUCH A COOL DYNAMIC like maybe sulu is dating chekov and uhura but chekov and uhura aren’t dating each other. maybe the three of them are qpp’s. maybe it’s all sexual or all romantic or a mix of the two! any combination works for these babes
  • DEMORA!! she could be sulu and uhura’s biological kid but a bunch of people tell chekov that she has his nose (+ bonus points it’s spock that makes this v scientific observation first)
  • there’s an emergency during their off-shift and uhura walks onto the bridge in sulu’s command golds, sulu tries to wrestle chekov’s smaller shirt over his broad shoulders, and chekov bounces around in uhura’s comms dress. after this everyone agrees that chekov should wear the skirt version of the uniform more often 
  • they’d have the most adorable domestic life. lots of spontaneous dancing and singing, minimal angst. what’s there not to love?

Mirror verse

Oh, @septimore I have so many aos mirror verse concepts! I saw a post discussing how mirrorverse equivalents are the element of yourself that you’re most ashamed of. 

So mirror Jim has no close relationships with anyone, and is willing to sacrifice anything for himself. He sleeps around like no ones business and has never developed an emotional investment in anyone. 

Spock doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks of him, and fakes emotions left, right and center to manipulate people. Amusingly he’s better at emotional repression than aos Spock. 

Bones is more invested in the grand scheme of medicine, and, like horror doctors of old, will perform experimental procedures on individual people to learn more. He prefers it when the subject comes out alive, but as ling as he learnt something it’s all good.

Scotty spent too long alone with the silent Keenser and lost his grip on reality. He only cares about his machines now, and potters around all night. No one’s really sure when he sleeps. He’s not intimidated by Bones, though, so they get along well.

Uhura considers herself well and truly above everyone else and treats the rest of the crew with complete condescension. She’s also got no compunctions about killing. 

Sulu gets deep into sentient alien plants, and freaks everyone out with his line up of vicious hand plants in his quarters, and the nasty ivy vine he carries with him. He thinks it’s hilarious.

No one has ever seen Chekov smile. He frowns a bit less when he does something difficult, but smile? Not him. He gets violently defensive if you tell him something isn’t Russian. 

Chapel doesn’t take shit from anyone, but she is a safe refuge if you really need to unload. Safer than McCoy, that’s for sure. She does, however, have a risky love for poisons. She’s built up an immunity to most. (I know Chapel isn’t in aos, but fucking whatever, I love her)

The crew.

22 of 366

Yeah so 22 days wasn’t a bad run, after a crushing bought of depression I’m afraid this is all I could muster for today.

I’m sure I’ll pull my shit together for tomorrow.


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(an alien that is onboard the Enterprise feeds off fear; in order to harm it, the crew is given strong tranquilizers)
SULU: Who ever he is, he sure talks gloomy.
KIRK: Man your post, Mister. If any of the other systems go out, switch to manual override, and above all, don’t be afraid.
SULU: With an armful of this stuff, I wouldn’t be afraid of a supernova.