Oboro dealt three major injuries to Takasugi and caused him some of the worst pain he’s ever endured in his life, physically and psychologically. Takasugi owes Oboro nothing and, indeed, fulfilled his promise as one of the two that would put an end to Oboro.

Yet, despite all that, Takasugi chose to take Oboro home to Shouka Sonjuku, to his final resting place.

That, right there, is character growth. That is strength and kindness reminiscent of their teacher, Shouyou.

Truly, Takasugi’s finest moment.

It is one of my favourites, and one of the best and most memorable in Gintama, overall.

Has anyone else noticed? Idk why I feel like pointing this out but, Shiro has a scar caused by the galra
There’s also a great chance that Keith has a scar from the Blade of Marmora/galra. Both have it located on the placements of what they control on voltron. Shiro has it on his nose(face/head) Keith has it on his right shoulder I just noticed and thought it was interesting.