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The akai ito pic every respectable ship needs. It was must. Also a good hands practice because everybody knows how hard these are.

Yeah so given the cynical view of $$$earn money$$$$$quick!!!$$$ posts that have been going around, this is probably poorly timed, BUT!

I just wanted to make a lil post and give y’all a rundown of some of the apps and websites I use to earn giftcards and cash, and I promise, only one of them is a survey site. PROMISE. I’m only posting these here because I’ve used them for a while and really, genuinely like them. Every one of them here I’ve personally redeemed prizes from, as well, and can vouch for their trustworthiness.

This is how Kat treats herself! I save up a good handful of gift cards and either treat myself to something small once in a while, or go on a little mini shopping spree. (On a related note, if you could click the referral links/use the referral codes here, that would be great. Not all of them have referral links, because, like I said, they’re only here because I actually really like them and I’m not just out here trying to $$make cash dollars$$, but the ones that do are clickable. Just puttin that out there)

Without further ado, and in no particular order:

Shopkick (App):

By far one of my favorites. Redeem points for walking into stores, scanning items, and if you link your credit card, for spending money. Redeem for gift cards! I’ve redeemed over $150 in Target gift cards so far. I love Shopkick, no joke. It’s super easy and actually pretty fun. I LOVE SHOPKICK. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it, this one’s my favorite, I think.

Bing.com Rewards:

We get it, Microsoft, you really, really want Bing to happen.

If you sign up for Bing rewards, all you have to do is search and earn points to redeem for gift cards. It’s a quick thing you can do every day and you can rack up a decent amount of points pretty quickly. There are different ‘levels’, and once you get to gold level, you get a discount on the prize redemption score, so I recommend getting to gold as quick as you can. There’s always extra things to click on every day, in addition to the searches you can do. Two searches=1 point, and usually what I do is hover over the tabs on the search page, click an option, click into the search bar, and click on as many different auto-finishes as I can. Rinse, lather repeat. So far I’ve redeemed over $60 in amazon gift cards. I’ll save em up till I get $35, and then I spend them on Amazon and get free shipping, since (most) orders over $35 on Amazon ship free. Not a penny out of pocket!


Influenster isn’t exactly all about instant gratification, but the payoff is great. You sign up and they’ll send you products to try and review. Not just samples, either; full sized products, and some of them are totally awesome. You tell them about your lifestyle and preferences and stuff and they select you for voxboxes you qualify for.

It may take a little while to get your first voxbox, but the more you do, the more boxes you get. The only thing you’re required to do is to fill out the post-testing survey. Everything else (like posting pics, vlogs, etc) is bonus points, which can get you some extra prizes/boxes.

I’ve gotten tons of makeup to try, some food, cleaning products, hair products.. all kinds of things. It’s a lot of fun, too.


I know, I know, the name is awful.

Swagbucks is basically one of those survey sites, but with a lot more tacked on. Redeem points for prizes, the usual. But you can earn points not only with surveys, but also by watching videos, shopping online, and browsing different websites. I’ll leave the video playlists running on my computer while I clean and earn points that way. No-brainer! I’ve only redeemed my points on there once, but that’s because I’m saving up to get a big chunk all at once. But I can confirm that the gift cards come through no problemo!

Receipt Hog (App)

All ya do is take pictures of your receipts and earn coins. That’s it! I have redeemed giftcards and can confirm that they work! Did I mention that you can get Paypal gift cards? So, y’know, basically cash??? HEL-lo. 

Ibotta (App)

‘Clip’ rebates before you go the store, buy participating items, scan the receipt, earn cash! That easy. And again, Paypal gift cards, so basically cash. Pretty sweet. A lot of the time they’re sponsored/name brand products, but they frequently have generic items, like a gallon of milk, carton of eggs, etc. Easy to use, well designed! Do me a solid and use my referral code if you sign up, yeah? (qoqakxp)


Online clothing consignment shop! They sell name-brand preowned clothes at good prices, in nice condition, and in all sorts of sizes. If you use my link to sign up, you get $20 to spend (up from $10) no strings attached! Like, I signed up with someone’s link and used the $10 they gave me to buy a cute leopard print cardigan and didn’t spend a penny of my own money.

You can also send them clothes that they’ll pay you for, which is cool, and they have a pretty solid return policy. (Also pretty sure they’re affiliated with amazon?? so there’s that)

Walmart Savings Catcher (App):

I feel like everybody and their brother already knows about this one, but just in case: All ya gotta do is scan your walmart receipts and earn cash back if they find a lower price at a competitor’s store. Simple as that. Takes two seconds.

Cartwheel (App): 

Coupon app for Target! They’ve got some pretty good deals on there, and sometimes they’re awesome, like an additional 30% off of clearance items. Yes, please!

mPLUS Places and PUNCHCARD (Apps):

Two apps that sort of go hand-in-hand. Your points are totaled between the two. With mPLACES, you check in at stores and restaurants etc. for coins, open prize boxes near you on a map, such and such. A more complicated version of ShopKick, basically. Punchcard is kind of like receipt hog, but again a little more complicated. You start up a ‘punchcard’ for the places you visit regularly and scan your receipts to earn coins.

I think that’s it for now! I’ll add more if I think of/find any! Anybody else, feel free to add to it!

i feel as if some of the criticism that Beyoncé is facing on here stems from nothing but pure bitterness and pettiness… The criticism I am talking about is the specific one about how black people shouldn’t “suddenly” be proud of our natural features just because this light skinned woman told us to (and honestly bringing up her skin tone when in the song she is literally calling herself a Negro is…just finding something to be mad at) and that other darker skinned artists have been embracing their features in music for a long time and it is harmful to erase them (which i agree with). But I dont see how it is a bad thing for black people to be happy and celebrate when a literal superstar of this era tells us she loves her baby’s baby hair and afro (which has gotten SO MANY antiblack comments since the child was born from black and nonblack people alike) and her own Jackson 5 nostrils… Im not saying that everything Bey does is perfect because no one is perfect, but her causing self love within the black community is something i can only appreciate, and I suggest that some of us look before reaching.

This is the ninth post I’ve tried to write. I’ve deleted every other one without posting but.

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Also apparently there is a thing called “lad lit” now that is “chick lit” for guys, which is yet another thing no one ever asked for.

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Omg the ending of Run asdfghjkl my hearts racing so fast!! Thank you for being the best writer and it's the best bts fanfic I've read it's perfect!! (P.S I need to know if Y/N is alive my heart hurts)

Jungkook sits at his desk with his arms crossed and a pencil balanced on his upper lip, feet propped up on the chair he stole from Namjoon’s corner. He’s not focusing on anything, distracted and zoning out when the door opens.

“Jungkook, get your feet of the desk and sit up straight, you have things to be doing.”

He looks up with a sigh, plopping his head in his arms but not responding.

“I know you haven’t wanted to do anything since the incident but you have to pull yourself together, you can’t dwell on it forever. It’s not going to change things if you just mope around all the time. Taehyung needs your help, and Jimin says there’s problems on the west border.”

Jungkook pushes backwards in his chair, standing.



also tysm oh my gosh that’s a high compliment aahh