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pierce morgan got his ass handed to him by sonequa martin-green ever so eloquently this morning. thank you so much for standing up against that piece of trash!

Ok guys, so here’s the deal. You don’t have to like this pairing, you don’t have to like the characters and you don’t have to like the show. But can we all please take a moment to acknowledge how important this scene is to Star Trek. Star Trek is over 50 years old. It’s always prided itself on championing great causes and the rights of everyone regardless of gender or race. It was the fandom that launched a thousand ships. It was the fandom that made it ok to ship. It is the fandom that has battled for this moment for years.

This fandom had multiple episodes scrapped because of networks being scared off by LGBTI story lines. Those networks, when it once did have a lesbian kiss, played it off as an ‘It’s ok because she used to be a man’.

This fandom where the writers and two of the actors were actually banned from having too many scenes together because their portrayals of their characters were not ‘family friendly’ according to the network heads.

And now, Star Trek has given us this. A strong relationship which is not being used as a punchline.

So please, whatever your feelings are for the characters themselves and Discovery as a series, lets just acknowledge how important this is for Star Trek.

We have hit the Final Frontier.

Starfleet Support Groups

The scary thing is that Starfleet probably needs a separate support group for “people who have accidentally lived decades/entire lifetimes in alternate realities until it turned out it was just an hour in the real world.”

What? Oh, no, you’re looking for the “I was caught in a timeloop and went insane” support group. That’s next door.

“Mirror Universe trauma”? Down the hall.

“Dealing With My Duplicate Self” meets on Thursdays.

(O’Brien just attends all of them. If it hasn’t happened, it’s probably going to.)