If Taylor Swift is money hungry and I’m feeding a money hungry beast that’s also been the most charitable celebrity four years in a row by buying her music well then tbh take my money at least I know it’s going towards a good cause and not drugs or the mafia


| 6.05 Live Free or Twihard  |  Supernatural Rewatch |

What the hell’s wrong with you, Sam? You knew about the cure! What? No, I didn’t. That’s strange, cuz if you had known, it’d be almost like you let him get turned. Get a man on the inside? Help us find that alpha vamp we’ve been looking for? Are you serious? You think I’d do something like that, risk my own brother? What’s wrong with you?

honestly tho the main reason i’m hoping humanity’s first contact with an alien species happens in my lifetime is that i really want to befriend one of the aliens and then ask them what they think of the INTENSE INTEREST our species will IMMEDIATELY develop in producing a truly staggering number of human/alien pornos

I’d love to write more of Bucky’s breakdowns, more of his lashing out in anger or him just him being outright inconsolable but honestly he always wants to be in private when things start getting that bad so I never get a chance to write it. Dang it, Barnes, let people help you for goodness sake.

“Living with father was something like living with a king, a very peculiar, changeable, cruel and all-powerful king. You were supposed to tip-toe around his moods. You were supposed to do anything to win his favor. I never did. Even though winning his love was the ultimate goal of my childhood, I defied him. I hated his attitude. I thought I could win his love through singing, so I sang my heart out. But the better I became, the greater his demands.” – Marvin on his father


See something heavy, Lift something heavy.

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